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Salesforce Solution Architect

Arlington, Virginia, United States
February 01, 2018

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MEENA MEHTA **** N. Troy Street, Unit ***

Arlington, VA 22201

Cell: 404-***-****


Meena Mehta 1/7


To influence organizational self-assessment, visionary thinking and market-share growth associated with information system technology via CRM, data warehousing, intranet and e- commerce strategies and implementation


Many years of hands-on experience in Information Systems covering CRM, ERP, SFA, Business Intelligence, OLTP and OLAP Databases, A2A and B2B integration, stand-alone, client/server, n- tiered, and enterprise-level web application development. The primary concentration is to be a Subject Matter Expert in Data Migration and Data Management, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, CRM, SFA, ERP implementation and system integrations.

Recent Technologies: Siebel CRM,, Business Intelligence, SQL Server Integration Services.

• Extensive practical experience in full life cycle development of computer software, from requirements definition, analysis, design, programming, documentation through installation, testing, training, and end-user support.

• Proven ability to solve complex business problems by applying comprehensive, top-down analysis techniques with emphasis on team understanding and design.

• Respected individual with hands-on management style and strong technical background. Effectively communicates with all levels of individuals involved in the development process using excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal skills.

• Experienced in design and implementation of relational database applications, prototyping and coding graphical user interfaces, and coordination of large-scale software projects. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:

Infocom Solutions, LLC. Arlington, VA

Salesforce Solution/Technical Architect Feb 2016 – Present As a Salesforce Solution Architect, I provided architectural assessments, strategies, and roadmaps for new and existing Salesforce implementations. Worked with business stakeholders to understand functional requirements and interact with other cross-functional teams to architect, design, develop, test, and release features. Developed Proof-of-Concept projects to validate new architectures and solutions.

Selected Accomplishments:

Spectrum Reach

The Spectrum Reach is implementing Lightning Salesforce Sales Cloud on Salesforce Performance Edition to support their newly integrated advertising division. The implementation involves streamlining and automating complex business process from three different flavors of CRM systems, one from each legacy advertising division. The consolidation effort is fronted by Salesforce CRM system with many different integrations wired into backend systems and other MEENA MEHTA 1301 N. Troy Street, Unit 508

Arlington, VA 22201

Cell: 404-***-****


Meena Mehta 2/7

cross cutting systems through the Dell BoomiTM iPaaS. I’m responsible for requirements gathering, design and development of Lightning components. Leading very collaborative Agile on-shore and off-shore development and devops teams.

American College of Cardiology

Evaluation and assessment of existing Salesforce Service Cloud implementation. Reviewed the current business processes, provided high level solutions for process automation to improve user productivity, data integration quality between Salesforce and multiple on-premise system and transform departmentalized Salesforce into enterprise-wide Salesforce to support multiple business lines. Implemented enterprise-wide Sales Cloud to support multiple business lines.

Department of Homeland Security

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is responsible for overseeing lawful immigration to the United States. USCIS chose Salesforce Service Cloud to provide services to immigrants and the organization that serve them in a timely, accurate and consistent manner. I was responsible for integration and implementation of Aria’s telephony system with Salesforce call center using Salesforce Open CTI.

Enterprise Identity Management Office (EIMO) wants to provide their service support representatives with a scalable application to capture customer inquiries, incidents and service requests that will allow them to better serve their customers in a timely manner. Salesforce Service cloud was implemented to adhere to a standard support process which will increase the efficiencies and value provided to DHS internal customers. Salesforce Case Management with knowledge management functionalities were utilized. I played developer role for custom development using Apex and Visualforce.


ForecastEra built a native Salesforce app called Forecast Navigator that enables real time translation of pipeline into revenue, automates calculation of financial backlog providing an indicator of firm business, help in identifying new business needs and sales capacity required to meet plan. With ForecastEra Navigator’s KPI forecasting, business is able to forecast and track custom KPIs like headcount, investments, Capex outflow or utilization from the CRM. I was responsible for architecting and publishing the app on Salesforce AppExchange. The app is built using Visualforce pages, AngularJS and Salesforce lightning design system. Managed on-shore and off-shore developers for the app development.

American Coating Association

American Coating Association is utilizing Salesforce for Membership Relationship Management to support their corporate and science & technology professionals members. As a Salesforce consultant, I provide ongoing Salesforce support for Salesforce community, third party applications, design and development for their current business needs. HumanTouch, LLC Arlington, VA

Product Manager/Sr. Architect May 2013 – Feb 2016

As a Sr. Architect, I’m responsible for multiple enterprise-level product development on platform. These products are published on Salesforce AppExchange. Extensive experience and expertise in the architecture, development, packaging and launch of a product on AppExchange. MEENA MEHTA 1301 N. Troy Street, Unit 508

Arlington, VA 22201

Cell: 404-***-****


Meena Mehta 3/7

Managed product roadmap and product releases. Lead very collaborative Agile on-shore and off-shore development team. Involved in product pre-sales and implementations. Ensured seamless data migration and integration of products with existing Salesforce CRM and external legacy systems. The products are developed using Apex, Visualforce, Javascript, jQuery, HTML5 and REST API Web Services.

Fonteva, Inc. Arlington, VA Solution/Technical Architect Sept 2011 – April 2013 As a Solution/Technical Architect, I played instrumental role in business process engineering, development, data management, application integrations, testing, training, deployment and support. Worked across various CRM business areas including Customer service, Sales and Marketing and IT. Planned and managed custom development applications to enhance SFDC and integrate SFDC with external system. Technologies utilized included:,, Apex, Visualforce, Apex Data Loader, SQL, HTML5 and Customer Portal.

Selected Accomplishments:

Enterprise Community Partner

Enterprise Community Partner intended to use (“SFDC”) to manage the Mortgage Resolution Fund (MRF) to help distressed homeowners to stay in their homes. I was responsible for full life cycle development of the project. The implementation included custom development using Apex and Visualforce, integration with 6 different external systems, complex reporting, and content management system.


We developed an AppExchange product called MemberNation. MemberNation is the first Association Management Software(AMS) firt cloud based system built on platform. The system utilized HTML5, Apex and Visualforce to build back end/staff view and front end

/customer portal view. I am responsible for development and implementation of the product for various clients.

Alexander Proudfoot, Inc. Atlanta, GA Technical Architect/Administrator/Developer Sept 2009 – Sept 2011,

As a Technical Architect/Administrator/Developer, I’m responsible Administration, development of system with 150 global users. Additional responsibilities included data management, application integration and end user training. Technologies utilized included:, (Apex, Visualforce), Crystal Reports, Cast Iron, Apex Data Loader, SQL, HTML/XML, Apex Explorer, Eclipse, Demand Tools and DBAMP/Pro. Astadia, Inc. Atlanta, GA Technical Architect Aug 2008 – Sept-2009 MEENA MEHTA 1301 N. Troy Street, Unit 508

Arlington, VA 22201

Cell: 404-***-****


Meena Mehta 4/7

As a Technical Architect and consultant, I implemented various projects as indicated below:

Selected Accomplishments:


During the analysis phase of the deployment project, Omneon intended to use (“SFDC”) to manage Sales activities such as Leads, Quoting, Opportunity and Microsoft Navision (“Navision”) to manage financial activities such as Product/Resource Sales Orders, Invoices and Shipments. As a result, Omneon identified the need to support their Sales team by integrating legacy data within Prepared the Technical Design document for detail design of 12 integration points. There were 8 integration points which were unidirectional and rest were bidirectional. I was responsible for design, development, testing and deployment of integration between the systems using Cast Iron.

Alcan Products Corporation

Alcan used (“SFDC”) for Sales activities such as Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunity and Firepond Quoting System (“Firepond”) to manage Quotes. Their legacy system PRMS was system of record for Customers, Shipments and Products. As a result, Alcan identified the need to support their Sales team by integrating legacy data within and Firepond. I was responsible for design, development, testing and deployment of integration between the systems using Cast Iron.

Alexander Proudfoot

The global implementation of was done for the Alexander Proudfoot

(“Proudfoot”) sales team across the world. The scope of the implementation covered preparing complex reporting for the Proudfoot’s global management team. The’s native reporting functionality could not satisfy complex reporting requirements. As a result, Crystal Reports was used to prepare reports based on the data. Led the team of Crystal Developers to complete the project. Played instrumental role in project management of implementation of for Europe, South Africa and Brazil. End to end user training session was conduction for making the users comfortable with the new processes.

The First Church of Christ, Scientist

The First Church of Christ, Scientist (TFCCS) identified the need to share portions of data currently held in Enterprise/CS (ECS) with (SFDC) to allow for collaboration amongst various groups within the organization. The ECS database is system of records for Accounts (Business and Person) and Relationships and will be pushed into SFDC. I was responsible for development, testing and deployment of integration between the systems using Cast Iron.

Citrix Systems, Inc. Fort Lauderdale, FL

Software Consultant May 2004 – Aug 2008

Selected Accomplishments:

Siebel CRM

Currently working on Siebel CRM project implementation as a Data Migration/Integration Consultant responsible for:

Data Loading Strategy: Documenting all required data sources and formulate a strategy for loading legacy data in the Siebel application

Data Mapping: The data mapping between the legacy system and Siebel CRM using Siebel EIM tool.

MEENA MEHTA 1301 N. Troy Street, Unit 508

Arlington, VA 22201

Cell: 404-***-****


Meena Mehta 5/7

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL): Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) using SQL Server Integration Services (SQL Server 2005 SSIS)

Data Analysis: Assist business in determining which data should be migrated by analyzing the data.

Salesforce Automation

As a member of SFA Implementation team, I was responsible for:

Data Mapping: The data mapping between the legacy system and Salesforce. Documenting any mapping issues.

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL): Developed Extract routines using SQL Server 2000 stored procedures to extract the data from legacy system (PeopleSoft Vantive CRM) Wrote a Visual Basic program to transform the data in the format that was acceptable by loader. The Apex Data Loader 9.0 was used for initial data migration. Ensuring the Documenting any data transformation anomalies and de-duplication concerns.

Data Validation: Data Validation to provide assurance to business that all data is properly loaded from legacy system to Salesforce.

Salesforce Configuration: Create custom fields, custom page layouts, custom links.

Crystal Reports Integration: Created custom links to schedule published Crystal reports on Crystal Enterprise and then view it in Saleforce. ASP.NET was used to implement this functionality.

Production Support: Supporting the day to day issues that may arise in the production system and carry out any required data fixes.

Enterprise Analytics and Integration Services

As a member of Business Intelligence team, I was responsible for a Data Warehouse Crystal Reports upgrade from 8.5 to Crystal Enterprise 10.0. The Data Warehouse encompasses SQL Server 2000, Vantive CRM and SAP using DTS (data transformation services). Infocom Solutions, Inc. Atlanta, GA

Software Consultant Apr 1999 - Apr 2004

Lead the analysis, architecture, design, and development of the following projects. Responsible for full project life cycle from requirements gathering and design through QA and deployment. Develop project plans, project schedules, documentation, system architecture, and source code while performing code reviews, developer management, and design documents for developers. Selected Accomplishments:

Affirmative Action Control System

AACS is a web based application solution for the needs of monitoring, tracking and reporting Minority and Women Business Enterprise participation in the organizational procurement process. Technologies utilized included: Visual Studio.NET 2002/2003 (VB), ASP.NET, HTML, ADO.NET, VBScript, JavaScript, SQL Server 2000, Oracle, IIS, Crystal Reports 9.0-10.0, and Visual SourceSafe.

Medical Accounting and Scheduling System

The application is developed to operate as client/server application. It makes extensive use of Visual Basic 6 to implement the user interfaces, and uses COM/ActiveX, ADO, and Visual Basic to implement the business logic, database independent logic and validation. Five COM classes were written to encapsulate the business and database logic. The system currently uses MS Access 2000 and SQL Server 2000 as a database. Crystal Reports 8 is used to create various kinds of reports with different formulas, sub reports, cross-tab reports, temporary tables, charts etc.

Data Warehouse/ Datamart/Reporting System ( Performed the “Data Acquisition” role in effort in creating a Data Warehouse. This role consist of writing SQL store procedures and scripts to transform data from operational systems into the Data Warehouse, and to set up scheduled load sessions to automatically refresh data at regular intervals.

(Daily, Weekly, Monthly or One time).

MEENA MEHTA 1301 N. Troy Street, Unit 508

Arlington, VA 22201

Cell: 404-***-****


Meena Mehta 6/7

Performed the “Data Reporting” role in effort to help Top level management in building business strategies and make good business decisions. The role consist of generating reports from data mart using Data Mining, OLAP, Query, Visual Basic and Crystal Reports and Oracle.

Insurance Premium Finance System ( Used Crystal Report 7/8 to generate various kinds of reports such as Preprinted forms for laser and dot matrix printers. Pie Chart, Mailing Labels etc.

Web Based Document Management System ( Cloud Document Management system was developed using SQL Server 7, Visual Interdev, ASP, VB Script and Crystal Report 8.

Oracle Corporation, Inc. Atlanta, GA

Staff Consultant Jan 1998 – Mar 1999

As a technical lead for enhancements to CPG 2.4 integration for Support of Catch Measure Functionality for Land O’Lakes project. This include analysis, design, development and testing of CPG integration for OPM

(formerly GEMMS), System ESS and Manugistics DSM. This project involves design and development in Developer 2000, PL/SQL and C.

I was responsible for requirement collection, functional design and technical design of the CPG 2.2/2.3 System ESS Order Management Extension for Kellogg’s. This project involved design and development in PL/SQL and TRIM.

As a member of the Tri-Valley Growers project, I was responsible for design and development of screens for CPG GEMMS Central Labels and Customer Assured Quality extensions. This projects involved design and development in JAM5 and C.

GTECH Corporation Atlanta, GA

Senior Software Engineer Feb 1994 – Dec1997

Worked on Automated Instant Ticket Management System (INSTANT PRO:SYS) for GTECH Corporation. Work was done primarily on DEC/Open VMS Alpha series platform using Embedded real time C, JYACC's JAM 7W32 GUI SYBASE, SQL server and Open server. As a member of the INSTANT PRO:SYS team I was involved in the re-architect and re-design of the legacy instant ticket software into a more generic application. Previous versions of this product line have dealt specifically with the control and distribution of instant ticket style games all within one application The traditional instant ticket application in this manner the legacy application has now become fully integrated on-line system within the OLTP architecture. I worked extensively on Client side of the system which involved screen design, development using JAM7 GUI, C, SYBASE. I was also responsible client software configuration, builds and release to QA team, system integration testing. I was also involved in design, development, installation and support for Instant Ticket legacy system. The system was developed on DEC/VAX using COBOL, C, DECforms, DECmessageQ, CMS, MMS, CDD. EDUCATION:

B.S. Commerce, Bombay University, Bombay, India, 1986 M.S. Commerce, Bombay University, Bombay, India, 1988 TRAINING & CERTIFICATION:

Salesforce Administration Essential (ADM 201 EE/UE) Building Applications with and Visualforce (DEV-401) Cert # 1268223 Cast Iron Application Integration and Administration (Version 4.01 and higher) Oracle Purchasing (Oracle Corporation)

MEENA MEHTA 1301 N. Troy Street, Unit 508

Arlington, VA 22201

Cell: 404-***-****


Meena Mehta 7/7

CPG Technical TRIM/APP, TRIM/REP (Industri Matematik International, Inc. (IMI)) CPG System ESS/EDI Overview, Message Definition/Mapping, Configuration (Industri Matematik International, Inc. (IMI))

JAM 7 for Beginners (JYACC, Inc.) and Advanced JAM7 (Prolifics, Inc.) Sybase System 10 for Programmers and Sybase System 10 Server Administration Programming in C (Digital Education and Training)

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