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Dallas, Texas, United States
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February 01, 2018

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Secure Contractor April 2017 to December 2017

Field Engineer

Provided Installation and repair of the following types of Equipment, Retail Point of Sale (POS)

Low Voltage Cabling (Data, Phone, Media Players/Televisions and Kiosk, Site Surveys

Desktop Support, Project Management. CVS project for new make up network interface.

NCR November 2015 to March 2017

Customer Engineer

Serving all models of ATM Machines with upgrades of window’s 7, providing POS Retail break fix service and

SPS upgrades, first line service calls. Networking issues on Cisco equipment, Also Core software upgrades

Field Solutions October 2012 - November 2015

Contracting Consultant

Field installs of networking and deployment contracts, Home depot Installations PM8300 Scan Guns ver.1100i Magellan

Installed, Walmart NCR 7878 ver.7.0Scanners and scales, Imaged desktop HPLE1901wm, imaged Toshiba L505D

Installed Servers HP 2900-1950, Installed .Cisco IP Phones 7961

Frontier Communications/ TekMark Global Solutions November 2011 - October 2012

Layer 2/ FTTP Previsioner-

Implementation and Utilizing various tool applications to provide Gateway access for Business and residential clients,

(FTTP) Fiber to the Premises, Taking Gateway Router Submission forms and building Router Configurations

Slots/Sub slots and ports with a specific CLLI code Building Note pads with all Gateway information

Legacy Retail September 2010 - October 2011

Contracting Consultant

Field installs of networking and deployment contracts, Home depot Installations PM8300 Scan Guns ver.1100i Magellan

Installed Walmart NCR 7878 ver.7.0Scanners and scales, Imaged desktop HPLE1901wm, imaged Toshiba L505D

Installed Servers HP 2900….1950, Installed Phones.CiscoIP Phones 7961

T-Mobile/TekSystems Feburary 2010- August 2010

Layer 2 Provisioner

Responsibilities included the Deployment steps of a HOT Network, using OSPF, BGP,

Applications used Homer, NAS, Putty, Granite, ICCB Communicator, Email Time-stamp, VPN-T-Mobile.

Homer was used for the W/O Ticketing information.

NAS was use to access snapshots of Configuration and IOS of router before change.

Putty was our Council access to SSH or Telnet access to router.

Granite gave you access to Council ports and dial in numbers for Routers.

ICCB Communicator was a Bridge used by all engineers.

Email Time-stamp Informed all engineers associated with W/O how the upgrade went.

VPN T-mobile gave you connection access to the Network.

Worked at the NOC location in Frisco,Tx

Verizon/TEKSYSTEM October 2007 – October 2009

Built new age overhead cable trays for the running of Eth. Cat6 /Fiber Single/Multimode. Terminated cables Level Routing/Switching

To Cisco 6500 switches. Built wireless system for scanners connectivity ran at 12 MG with Single mode/multimode fiber also Loading IOS upgrades and Configuration for Cisco/Nortel Switches and Routers all Models From 800-7200 Series Routers, Switches Cisco IOS (Ver. 12.2) 3750/3560/2960, Nokia 390 series, General Data Com 554A, Adtran Routers 908e/3200/3430/4305/608’s,US Robotics Modems V.92 Aruba AP’s 60 AP 40, Juniper DL3100 Multiplexer DL3800,Nortel Tasman 1004/1000 series. CiscoWorks ver. 4.2 Had direct contact with design engineer of IOS/Configuration and customer on contract.


Network Specialist-1 October 2000 - February 2006

Win 2003, Fujitsu OC3/OC48 - Protocols LAN/WAN,BGP,EIGRP,OSPF, dispatched Techs Applied X-connects for test turn-up

with LEC’S at T-1-T-3,DSO-DS1, config. modems for interface. Test equipment utilized Fireberd, Fiber DTX 1800 Smart/Remote

550, Sonet tester, Loop back plugs, Cisco Switches/Routers 2960, 6500,4500, 5500.,7500 Setup Tie down positions at

AT&T CO/LOTook Fujitsu FLM 150/600 Certification Class. Installed wireless system using IDF and Nema boxes also Omni Antennas,

1200 flukes for testing Fiber single/Multimode as well as Cat6e/5e other wireless systems installed Cisco Ata 186 and Cisco 1130 AG

1200 series VOIP utilizied also. Cisco IOS (Ver. 12.2) Cisco Works ver. 4.2 worked also with CDMA wireless and GSM carriers.

Traveled to New York for 911 disaster to redesign Networks, Network Life Cycle Management and Refresh experience (LCMR)


Sonet Engineer June 2000 - September 2000

Sonet support of OC-48, OC192 with test access at DS3-LVL. Monitored by INM System Mapping, opening and closing tkt’s in Remedy Application. Working with remote testers, MCI, SBC, US/WEST, Dispatching FST’s to Remote sites ordering new cards for Sonet Equipment. Lan Topologies Linear/Ring. VPN networking with various vendors .NetMotion wireless used through our network


Data Support Engineer October 1999 - June 2000

Analyzed Digital Circuits at DSO/DS1, T-1 levels. Also Analog Circuits at 9.6 Opening trouble tkt's with Lecs, Working with Remote Terminals Support Groups, Vendors and Customers. Also Utilizing Various Test Tools to Complete Jobs. DXC Operations Maintenance Training, Physical Frame Relay Training, Logical Layer Training, Acatel 31(SMC) O&M Training.


WAN Analyst September 1997 - September1999

Built Connection Profiles for Southland Ascend/Motorola Router’s on OSI layer 3/TNT Server, and Profiles for Frame-Relay and ISDN, D-Channel. Trouble shooting BRI/PRI’s on Router Connectivity. Opening and closing AT&T TKT’s Guiding NCR TECH’s in Installation of Pipeline 75 Ascend/ Motorola Router’s, updating Radius files, Turner over log, Morning Reports, implementation of QMS Viewer, HP Open view Acting Shift Lead.


Data Communication Installation Technician January 1992 - August 1997

Digital and analog Circuitry, Modem’s, Multiplexers, Matrix Switches, DCU’s Channel Interface Unit’s, Front End Processor’s, RS232, IBM, Amdahl, Tandem, Omni Mux 8000 Defender Access, 286 Window’s including Textra, CSR’s Cross Connects, CMS 400, Testing Equipment NAVTEL, Ohm Meter, Butt Set, Break Out Box, Strapping DCU’s, Modem’s Adding New lines to CMS 400.


Network Analyst/Installer April 1990 - March 1991

Responsibilities included being knowledgeable of Analog and Digital Data flow, Equipment Multiplexers, Modems, Matrix Switches, Concentrators, Channel Interface Unit, Front End Processor's, CCI, CR,MFE, RS232, V.35 Cross points. Ability to utilize testing Equipment Breakout Boxes, Encore Data Scope, Oscilloscope's CMS 2000, AADN, Galaxy Data switch, Control net 250.Possess knowledge of Protocols Sabr, SDLC BISYNC. Update LMR's in a timely manner. Assisted in Dallas CPV HDQ Move as Technical Specialist with Installation of Mau's 8224, 8228, MVX's, RJ11 and RJ45 Connections. Gateway Set-up, setting straps on Proton token ring cards and Artic Cards for Configuration to HP. Set-up of land file servers, checked node addresses

on Telex 278's.Installed Balun's and Coaxial Cables on Telex Controllers, set Jumpers on Ethernet Cards.


Network Control Analyst November 1980 - September 1989

Responsibilities included monitoring, maintaining, and troubleshooting a nationwide voice and data network. Reconfiguring Westinghouse Programs, Para dyne, T.I. Printers, O.K. Data, Tally, Bluemax Ticket Printers. Network consists of T-1 Carrier, Digital leased analog and Dial-up lines in p/p, multidrop and multiplexed configurations. Logging all telecommunication

performance. Log software problems located in system. Providing Technical assistance for terminal and Telco support personnel. Protocols utilized: SNA/SDLC, BISYNC, ASYNC, and Polled ASYNC.



July 2006 - August 2007

Tech skills is recognized as an innovator in education delivery, specializing in Information Technology Certification training. In just five years, Tech kills has grown to become one of the nation's leading IT training providers, with over 30 Learning Centers nationwide.

Western Iowa Tech Community College

August 1980 - August 1981

Electronic Communications program: a 1440 hours,86 quarter credits program with emphasis on digital logics circuit tracing, troubleshooting of solid-state devices as applied to electronics, electronic drafting, test instruments, special vacuum tubes, formal labs shop, FCC courses human relations communication skills, safety machine language, microwave theory, and communication circuits and systems.

PERSONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS: First Class Radiotelephone License (FCC), An Associate-Level Certified, Network+ Certified, CCNA, CSCO11174547, Electronic Tech, Honor Roll at Western Iowa Tech C.C. Region 9, and Midwestern Golden Glove Champion.

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