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as a Geologist in X-Ceramics Ltd.

February 01, 2018

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Mobile no: +880**********, +880**********


Mailing address

C/O-X CERAMICS LTD, New Bazar, Baherar Chala, Keuwa, Gilaberaid,

Mawna, Sreepur, Gazipur.

Career objective

I want to build a career in a creative and competitive environment where strong sense of creativity, responsibility and commitment required, to enjoy the challenge of a new situation and expect to dedicate myself with efficiency for the organization and work up to top level management, where dignity of my work provides job satisfaction.


1. Geologist (Executive)

Company name : X-ceramics

Location : New Bazar, Gelaberaid,Baherarchala,Newbazar,Sreepur,Gazipur,Dhaka.

Job Duration : From May 2014 to till now.


Visiting Geological and Raw materials sites.

Monitoring geological sites & materials best practice

Checking quality of raw materials.

Examining the quality of ceramic body.

Making body composition.

Observing of ceramic body section.

Conducting research, analysis and body development of ceramic body.

Preparing individual report of which materials is good for ceramic body & best practice of materials.

Assisting selection of raw materials for best benefit of Company.

Communicating with other stakeholders to find out raw materials.

Cooperating with other agencies, private companies.

Supervising of geological drilling for taking new sample for betterment of ceramic body.

Inquiring new source of raw materials for improving of ceramic body as per as market demand & better quality compare with others company’s ceramics body.

Testing Physical & Chemical properties (Color, Size, Shrinkage, Green MOR, Dry MOR, Fire MOR, Water absorption Etc.) of incoming raw materials.

2. Peat Exploration and Resource Assessment Project

Designation : Field Geologist.

Location : Dhanmondi, Dhaka

Company name : Padma Mining & Energy Corporation Limited.

Job Duration : From May 2011 to December 2012


Assisted in exploration drilling site selection.

Supervision of geological drilling (open hole Auger drilling and logging).

Peat sampling.

Measurement of density peat.

analysis and base development of peat.

prepare individual report, find out best practices, lesson learned .

Assist in selection of project beneficiaries.

Design lesson plan and facilitate training/coaching/orientation.

Prepared individual report, documents best practice, lesson learns data collection and entry.

Research project

Title- Local fan selection of Khalaspir Coal Field

Date-January 2007-April 2008.

Department of Geology and Mining, University of Rajshahi.

Supervised by

Dr. Chowdhury Quamruzzaman

Associate Professor,

Department of Geology & Mining, Dhaka University

Educational Qualification:

Msc. In Geology and Mining

University of Rajshahi

Faculty of Life and Earth Science

Major group- Environmental Geochemistry

M.Sc Syllabus (Environmental Geochemistry)

Introduction : Scope of environmental Geochemistry, Geochemistry of Atmosphere,

Hydrosphere, Biosphere & Lithosphere.

Air : Global Carbon Cycle, Green house gases, Ozone Layer,Classification of Air

Pollution, Effect on Human and Ecosystem, Pollution control, Acid Rain.

Water : Composition of Water Pollution, Source and Consequence of Water Pollution.

Soil : Composition, Mineralogy and Chemistry of Soil, Soil Pollutant, Soil Fertility,

Consequence of use of Chemical Fertilizer, Pesticides, Insecticides and


Causes of Studies : BMDA Groundwater Project, Bangladesh Multipurpose Bridge, Tista Barrage,

Kaptai Dam, etc.

Year of Exam : 2007

Result : Second class (published on-2010)

Marks Obtained : 58 %

Bsc. (Honors) -Geology and Mining

University of Rajshahi

Faculty of Life and Earth Science

Environmental course (1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year)

Year of Exam : 2006

Result : Second class (published on-2008)

Marks Obtained : 57%


Name of Institute : Kushtia Govt. College, Board of Jessore

Year of Exam : 2002

Group : Science

Board : Jessore

Result : First Division (65%)


Name of Institute : Bohalbaria High School

Year of Exam : 1999

Group : Science

Board : Jessore

Result : First Division (78%)

Personal Details

Full Name : Md. Abu Ahsan

Father’s name : Md. Abdul Karim

Mother’s name : Mst. Farida Khatun

Date of Birth : 21st November 1983

Marital status : Married

Nationality : Bangladeshi (by birth)

Religion : Islam

Passport No : BC0149831

National ID NO : 19835019421267894

Alternative phone no : +880**********

Permanent Address

Vill- Shahebnagor, P.O- Bohalbaria (7030), P.S- Mirpur, Dist- Kushtia.

Language competency

Bangle- Mother Language

English- Fluent both in reading, writing and speaking

Computer skills

Microsoft word

Microsoft excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

E-mail and Internet browsing



Name : A. Saravanan

Organization name : X Ceramics Ltd.

Designation : AVP

Address : New Bazar, Gelaberaid,Baherarchala,Newbazar,Sreepur,Gazipur,Dhaka.

Mobile : +880**********


Name : Md. Chowdhury Quamruzzaman

Organization name : Dhaka University

Designation : Professors of Geology & Mining

Address : Dhaka University, Dhaka

Mobile : +880****-******


Md. Abu Ahsan

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