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Engineer Manager

San Francisco, California, 94133, United States
January 31, 2018

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Professional Profile

Vivek Bhandari

Email: v

Cell No – 408-***-****


● More than 14 years of experience in software development in J ava and Python for distributed, client-server, multi tier and GUI applications on Solaris, Linux and Windows platforms.

● Extensive programming experience using JFC technologies like Collection framework, Threads,, Swing, Concurrency package

● Experience with Microservices architecture, Docker, virtualenv, TOSCA, yang, jinja templates.

● Experience with twisted, JSON, REST, Django, Jersey

● Experience with J2EE, JBOSS, Hibernate, JDBM, Quartz, XML & SAX/StAX parser

● Experience with Agile development process as a product owner, team lead and engineer.

● Proficient in algorithms, data structures, OOAD and design patterns.

● Experience with RDBMS like Oracle, MySql, ZeoDb.

● Used 3rd Party Tools like Ant, Make, InstallAnywhere, InstallShield, ArgoUML, Devtrack, Glazedlist, DDTS, GNATS, SVN, Clearcase, Peforce, cygwin, mercurial, GIT, JIRA, Slack etc

● Extensively used IDE/Programming Tools like I ntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, Wing, Jbuilder, Vim, JProfiler, MAT, FindBug, Codestriker, Coverty, XCode etc

● Some exposure to hadoop (hdfs, map-reduce, avro, pig), android, php, scala, ios, swift, stripe, ethereum, solidity

Professional Experience:

1) Ciena Inc. 03 Aug’15 - Till date

Cyan got acquired by Ciena in Aug 2015. I was promoted to S enior Manager. My role also involve technical architect responsibilities and I am pretty hands on with development work. I pride myself for taking on new projects and take full responsibility of the complete lifecycle starting from requirements analysis to design & architecture to development & integration to test automation to finally presenting it to customers. I am part of the Blue Planet Orchestration. It is a generic SDN/NFV engine based on microservices architecture that uses Docker framework. I have lead some complex projects spanning multiple teams:

● Generic PCE/Topology/Network components

Recently started leading new team for generic network automation components

Generic micro services with standard model and well defines Rest APIs

● L2 service automation

TOSCA resource modelling for L2 MEF services, nodes, termination points.

Resource adapters for Cisco ASR series, Juniper MX, Accedians, Ciena/Cyan transport nodes.

Routing using generic path computation engine.

Fragmentation of services across multiple devices over multiple resource adapters

Discovery of resource configuration and stitching together as a service

Data driven GUI

● L0/L1 service automation

TPE/FRE models for services

Modelling resources and APIs for OTN services spanning across Infinera DTNx, Ciena 6500 & Cyan zseries

Resource adapters all 3 domains and integration with NMSs

REST based integration with Cisco DV system for Circuit Layout Record Professional Profile

Service fragmentation and timeslot calculations for interserver links

Frost based Data driven UI

2) Cyan Inc. 17th Dec’12 - 02 Aug’15

Started out as team lead and was promoted to M anager soon. Worked with Planet Operate team which is the Network management software for the Cyan’s metro ethernet switches. Cyan supports both PBB-TE and MPLS-TP ethernet standards. Apart from managing Cyan devices it's capable of managing third party devices by just adding a device specific element adapter. I lead the team that handles different management aspects such as provisioning, routing, discovery, topology etc for the Cyan network elements using Rest API driven architecture. Different feature & projects delivered:

● ABCD/Manual routing for TESIs

Worked with windstream and came up with a solution

Hop by hop selection of the entire route

Validating different bandwidth parameters

Evaluating all routing and protection constraints at each hop

Creating and allocating required network resources from the hops

Web based UI with JSON based APIs for client-server communication

● MPLS-TP NMS development

Worked with embedded team and did requirements analysis

Worked with PLM and came up with design and use case documents

Worked usability expert to define the work flows and operations etc

Trained development and test engineers

Implemented different areas like routing, provisioning and discovery

● Pseudowire NMS development

Worked with embedded team and did requirements analysis

Worked with PLM and came up with design and use case documents

Implemented provisioning for:

■ Simple EPL and EVPL PW network services

■ TESI-LSP interop EPL and EVPL network services

● Multidomain TESIs

Designed the entire solution for fragmentation of services over multiple domains

REST APIs and modelling support

Implemented Data convertor framework

Trail segment provisioning and discovery support Planet Operate

Integration and Test automation

● Subrings

Ethernet Ring protection for PBB-TE

NNI subring discovery and provisioning

UNI subring discovery and provisioning

Multiple channelized subrings with Accedian nodes support


Cut-In and Cut-Out operation to add and remove client nodes from the subrings

Worked with COLT to evaluate the use cases

Evaluating ring status and taking care protection switching

Deprovisoning and provisioning required network resources

Fixing all affected subrings and leave them in normal working state Professional Profile

3) J uniper Networks 18th Apr’11 - 14th Dec 2012

Worked in DCBG as S oftware Engineer level IV. I was part of Stratus fabric controller team that forms an important component for the QFabric data center solution. It takes care of validating, transforming and scattering the configuration to different devices and interpreting and consolidating the results. This enables user to configure the system with the same easy to understand JUNOS CLI that runs on all juniper network elements. It also provides some additional functions such as state management and persistence etc. Features worked on so far:

● Virtual-node

It enables user to intergrate MX series routers with QFabric.

MX-SFC Id allocation protocol

virtual-node to chassis configuration transformation

shared vlan and routing-instance configuration

Inventory update

● User configured vlan-domains

By introducing local and global vlan domain concept, it becomes possible to overcome 12 bit L2 domain id restriction of PFE up to certain extent.

dynamic resource pools

resource pool defragmentation

commit time domain validations

software upgrade and data migration

● Node-group filtering for operational commands

● User commit result details and RPC time stamp logs 4) F ujitsu Network Communications 3rd Mar’08 - 15th Apr’11 Worked in FNC as a S oftware Engineer level III. I was part of Connection Management development team. My responsibilities included designing & implementing new hardware features and customer requests in our Network Management and Planning softwares.

● Netsmart 1500

Netsmart 1500 is the FNC's network management software for their SONET & DWDM network elements. Connection management team takes care of route calculation, provisioning cross connects and eshtablishing a network connection between the source and a destination. Different features implemented across v5, v6 & v7 releases:

DWDM Broadcast discovery

Force Based algorithm for connection layout - Based on Hooke's law for edges and Coulumb's law for nodes with enhancement done using swapping technique and localized disposition of nodes

Capacity Planning - Link bandwidth calculations for SONET & DWDM

Enhancing Dijkstra based routing algorithm for split routing scenario

Connection Layering model for Sub Network Connections - for ATT & Verizon to support dynamic connection modification

Time slot modification for cross connections to support de-fragmentation of bandwidth

Bandwidth Management enhancement and support for new 88 channel 9500 NE

● Netsmart 2000

Netsmart 2000 is a designing software used to plan a DWDM networks for the clients. Professional Profile

Marketing team uses it to provide an optimum solution with the minimum cost to the new customers and optimize the existing client networks. Some features implemented in v4 & v4.1:

Enhanced demand routing algorithm to support an asymmetric hub

Anywhere to anywhere reachable paths Matrix for ATT using K-shortest algorithms

● Netsmart 3500

Netsmart 3500 is the network management software developed by FNC for Fujitsu Japan's 4G or Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless network elements. It was a challenge to understand the wireless domain and ramp up on J2EE architecture and still meet the aggressive time lines. Different features implemented:

Software download/upgrade & RMBU operation on 4G network element (eNodeB).

Task Scheduler and Timer service using Quartz

5) I nfinera 12th Jan’06 - 4th Jan’08

Worked in Infinera as a Software Engineer. I was part of Network Management (NM) development team. My work involved providing support for the new hardware and enhancing the existing functionality of the software.

● NPS 3.0

Network Planning Suite (NPS) is Infinera's network designing software. Different features implemented:

EMS Import - It allowed the existing customers to import data directly from EMS server. This way customer can model their whole network on NPS and optimize it & plan for the future demands. It also supported conflict detection, Circuit tracing and demand creation: single trails as well as multicast.

Run scenario and FSM states

License generation & validation

● OSS 1.0 Release

Operational Support System (OSS) is north bound interface between the vendor specific EMS and the NMS. It provides TMF defined standard APIs thru which NMS can access EMS information and manage the entire multi-vendor network. Some of the important feature under taken:

Framework for Equipment and facility name conversion

Notification framework and event Handling for Object Creation, Deletion, Attribute Value Change & State Change event

All ManagedElementManager APIs

6) I nfosys 11th Aug’03 – 11th Jan’06

Worked in Infosys at the Cisco Offshore Development Center as a Senior Software Engineer. I was part of the CISCO Equipment provisioning team working on the Cisco Transport Manager (CTM). The Cisco Transport Manager is the element management system for Cisco’s 15000 series optical networking products. I was basically responsible for providing provisioning support for new equipment types (optical & electrical cards and Network Elements). Some of the key features implemented over three different releases:

15310 Metro Access Network Element support. Acted as Module lead for the same.

CTX_2500, DS1_84_DS3_EC1_3, DS1_28_DS3_EC1 card support

Port state coloring

Pluggable Optical card OC192_XFP support

64K Timing on 15454 Sonet

Educational Qualifications:

● Bachelor of Technology in I nformation Technology Engineering, Bharati Vidyapeeth, GGSIP University, New Delhi, June 2003

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