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Engineering Technician Lab Manager

Mountain View, California, United States
January 31, 2018

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Mike Palmer


Engineering Technician and Lab Manager

Exceptional Prototyper able to turn schematics into working circuits quickly.


For Atari Coin-Op: Set up pilot hardware for early-stage focus groups conducted by Nichols Research: sat behind a 2-way mirror along with Hardware and Software Engineering to note positive suggestions to be implemented, and negative features to be removed. Field tested pilot hardware in beta-site arcades, ran feedback to Project Management and Software Engineering on controls, game-play, and stray bugs uncovered by consumer use, and provided firmware upgrades at the beta site. Wrote detailed instructions for Contract Manufacturer to implement system clock upgrades to avoid game crashes in the field.

For Medianix Semi: Built a comparison board that was switch-selectable between the original OEM circuit and Hardware Engineering suggestions to correct pole and zero errors which removed dropouts across the audio spectrum.

For Silicon Graphics: Upgraded the parts supply in the Engineering Lab by stocking every component used project-wide, including current rev ASICs, such that any engineer could work on any board at any time and not run into component shortages. This was recognized by Engineering management, along with running pilot boards through production without any downtime for either Operations or Engineering.


Prototyping and Troubleshooting down to component level

Rework: PTH, SMT, 0201, 0402, Fine Pitch, NL Packages, Tight Geometries

Schematic Capture: OrCAD, ExpressPCB

Design Layout: PADS, ExpressPCB

Lab Equipment: DMMs, Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators, Logic Analyzers

Cable Assembly and Test Box Design and Build

Marketing Support

Contract Manufacturing Liason

Compliance Testing: UL, TUV, CE

Hardware Lab Management, Configuration

Able to work with minimal oversight

Strong communication skills


Proof-of-Concept Board Schematic Capture and Layout in ExpressPCB. 2017

This is for a new consumer product that I am developing on my own; it involves a display that is not available off-the –shelf, and I have to mock up a simple test display to confirm that I am approaching the display issue correctly. After that comes a more advanced version of the final product to aid in searching for development funding, and IP protection. I will not be divulging details of the product at this time. The hard board level work has taken place throughout 2017, prior to that was work on component selection, and business development.

Mike Palmer Engineering Technician/Lab Manager pg 2


I have reworked boards since 1979 in the through-hole technology of the day, then moved onto surface mount in the late 80’s while at Silicon Graphics, and have continued to work with smaller sized components since then: at Maxim it was 0402 SMD and no-lead devices, all under microscopes.

After reworking the boards, I brought them up to verify the rework, and that it solved the problem the boards were reworked for. This was from 1979 up to the present day as I’m developing my POC as mentioned above.


Maxim Integrated Products Sunnyvale, CA 2008

Data Acquisition Group of a CMOS company

Built custom evaluation boards for engineering needs, modified as needed.

Conducted oil-bath temperature tests for prototype silicon, captured data.

Provided general lab support.

JDSU Milpitas, CA 2006 - 2007

Commercial Lasers Division

Built prototype laser head assemblies.

Built/reworked prototype SMT boards.

Built first article of a new laser design product.

Utilized Oracle for parts procurement.

Modified production power supplies for new higher current draw.

Themis Computer Fremont, CA 2006

Manufacturer of ruggedized PCs for military/commercial needs.

Characterized internally developed power supply using precision loads.

Leapfrog Inc. Los Gatos, Ca 2004

Content Creation of educational toys.

Prototype verification of China contract manufacturing samples.

Previous Engineering Experience

Accordion Networks Fremont, Ca

Startup developer of campus DSLAM solution.

Set up Hardware Lab from the ground up.

Verified all ASIC pinouts prior to silicon to reduce second spin errors.

Debugged and reworked first articles.

Supported Test Engineering with a mile-long ‘test bed’ cable.

Programmed Xilinx devices from Engineering’s code

Mike Palmer Engineering Technician/Lab Manager pg 3


Medianix Semiconductor, Inc. Mountain View, Ca

Developer of digital audio ASICs.

Brought up and debugged digital audio ASIC eval boards.

Characterized Dolby Pro-Logic audio DSPs

Characterized crystal oscillators for Engineering

Integrated Medianix eval boards into existing customer product for CES.

Silicon Graphics, Inc. Mountain View, Ca.

OEM developer of real-time 3-D workstations.

Built all 9U first article boards ( CPU, Graphics Drivers, Math Processors)

Implemented all hardware rework requests from Engineering

Supported all Software Engineering’s hardware needs

Managed Hardware Development Lab – fully stocked so no stoppage of development


Loyola Marymount Los Angeles, CA Business Development

Copper Connection Santa Clara, CA PCB Design

TCI New York, NY AOS Electrical Engineering Technology

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