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Electrical Engineer

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
January 31, 2018

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Yuchen Wu

B.A. Electrical Engineering (Electronics, Co-op, January 2018 New Grad),University of Ottawa 502-125 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, ON, Canada, K2P 0H7 1-613-***-****


• Proficient in PCB and power electronics schematic and layout designs using Eagle PCB and ADS CAD Tool; Proficient in related hands-on soldering and mounting

• Proficient in Simulink, Multism, and Quartus & Altera tool chain and digital signal processing using MATLAB;

• Rich experience in Arduino embedded programming scripts for microcontrollers

• Working knowledge of VHDL and FPGA design

• Passionate self-starter, talkative but also a good listener, quick learner, good team member


Embedded C, C++, Python, Arduino, Register level debugging, Computer architecture

Hardware PCB schematic and layout designs, Hands-on Electronic design, Oscilloscope, Solid Electrical Engineering fundamentals, Microwave Amplifier schematic and layout design

Tools Eagle PCB, ADS, Multism, Eclipse, Simulink, MATLAB, Visual Works, Quartus II Altera, Electric, Microsoft Office Programming HTML, PHP, Java, Smalltalk, MySQL, JavaScript WORK EXPERIENCE (All Co-op Work Terms)

Engineering Services Inc. (May 15th, 2017 - Aug 31th, 2017) Title: Electronics Designer

Job Description: Completed PCB soldering and power-on testing tasks, robotic wiring, and other various electronics hands-on tasks, PCB schematic and layout diagrams modifications, basic embedded programming for motors and microcontrollers (32-pin Pololu A-star microcontroller) using C, Arduino scripting testing for DC motors, relays and infrared sensors. Also completed multiple BOMs and documentations for the company’s products.

Technical Details: Used soldering stations and other related electrical-design tools; Used multimeters, oscilloscopes and DC power supplies for power-on testing;

Used Eagle PCB, Arduino and for electrical designs and embedded programming.

SageTea Inc (Sep 6th, 2016 - Dec 22th, 2016)

Title: Software Developer

Job Description: Completed various functions for company’s project customized for Manitoba 4-H Organization such as “Ticketing” and “Project Management”.

Technical Details: Used “Smalltalk” and “Seaside” programming languages, accompanied with PostgreSQL and JavaScript.

Mitel Networks (Jan 6th, 2016 - April 27th, 2016)

Title: Business Function - Web Application Developer Job Description: Completed a software migration project for Mitel Head-quarters R&D team including database manipulations and

reports generators.

Technical Details: Used PHP, MySQL, Apache Server HTML, JavaScript and JQuery. RELEVANT SCHOOL PROJECT

Robotic Electronics Design

• Responsible for all hands-on electronic design and scripting for the final project (a “Robotic Auto-following Shopping Cart”) such as cable soldering, breadboard and PCB mounting and testing, robot wiring and motor encoder, ultrasonic sensor, motion control Arduino programming. Microwave Amplifier Design

• Designed and successfully simulated a 2.5GHz-operated microwave amplifier from schematic design, layout design to hands-on amplifier designing such as soldering and testing using an oscilloscope.


• Part-time DJ: Starting DJ for 2017 Montreal Freak Show Asian Party (~2400 attendees)

• CSSA: V.P. Social of University of Ottawa Chinese Student’s Association (2016-2017)

• Basketball: Played 2-years of provincial high school basketball as starting PF; Raptors Fan

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