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Manager Management

Lone Oak, Texas, 75453, United States
January 31, 2018

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DONALD PALMER *** RS County Road **** • Lone Oak, TX 75453 • 214-***-**** •

Seasoned engagement design developing key Areas business Leadership Executive Talent Service of and Expertise Development Management alliances Business release Communications initiatives. management, include: management with and organization Technology program/who project knows leaders Leader Cloud Digital Continuous Release how management, and Adoption IT with Management to motivating Strategy drive Delivery, over and large digital 20 them DevOps Governance complex years to strategy, and align of transformational broad-with, cloud Risk Budgeting Program/Management support range Management adoption, Project and experiences and programs Finance implement portfolio by in CORE ACCOMPLISHMENTS

• • solution Engagement Created workloads decommissioning Velcro 99.98% Architecture a on cloud as Microsoft Director defined adoption and (SaaS/across and Azure rationalization and PMO IaaS) platform a migration $leader 211M that executes with with (addressable joint strategy on-a venture) 5-demand over year on baseline 475,NPV Azure to IS 000 develop on scalability and conservative of transactions 3497 AWS and and (applications delivery IaaS/a scenarios per loosely Paas/week of a SaaS) targeted coupled 100% with equal for a cloud to success 20 tightly for $87M discrete enabled integrated rate - $102M cloud of PROFESSIONAL TATA EXPERIENCE CONSULTANCY SERVICES, LTD (TCS) • Edison, NJ • 2013 - 2017 SENIOR Design companies KEY included Develop technology models • • • • • • ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Programs Development, Relationship Clients Bank $Cloud reduction. Created SAFe (and Leveraged consultants design, ENGAGEMENT and get CI/12M trusted Cloud CD)release that implemented model manage principals of in Adoption included: implementation . Montreal; Service Adoption, new focus Strategy advisor include: global frameworks, processes. and DIRECTOR large, Management; professional DevOps on for strategy and created Ardent status delivery driving projected and Bank Strategic ERP, complex, financial Release the (and GLOBAL eCommerce of with and a but Mills for revenue holistic organization model services America; Release Organization a Cloud 100% earned by multi-Management institutions executive 20-(joint CONSULTANCY working 30% of set through Adoption year cloud bookings Management more value Lamb venture and of cost clients behavior transformational well-directly CRM. as enabled Design; than metrics strategy Weston; savings implementation a for between PRACTICE) for defined catalyst by 30 ERP ongoing with Strategies; and is not solutions offshore (through EVM) for Western changed. and best Service only for them ConAgra implementation DevOps eCommerce transformational for programs practices providing delivery that the and of Account Union; transformation Management customer-and implementation their result and Cargill)personnel Target; to for strategies Management; organizations transformation; Continuous conduct in Fortune and focused double projects. Strategies ; Mattel; governance DOW; programs. and analysis, and 500 of digit programs Development DuPont; 20 development American Executive business to B2B (OPEX onshore Continuous ensure ITIL)utilizing planning, that UPS; . / Girl the D

INFOSYS LIMITED• Plano, TX • 2012-2013

SENIOR Developed C-KEY level • • • ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Practice Interactive Agile development Clients MANAGER clients engagement, Practice included: for lead (INFORMATION, decision-TV, to programs. lead eCommerce. oversee T-release for Mobile; making the COMMUNICATION transformational and implementation Level and delivery facilitating 3; Time management AND Warner and of buy-ENTERTAINMENT agile digital in Cable processes of strategies solutions. strategy PRACTICE) for programs and delivery maintained including of application relationships IPTV, OSS/with BSS,

• • • • • Increased release Developed prototype Established Technicians Created product Created to acquisition. management rating customer purchases program of an new that new architectural and social grew capabilities order balancing to margins activities. be company’s media SELF-management deployed. and by capabilities EMPLOYED• for team 8 hybrid points web web including functionality system presence cloud through to Dallas, conduct (Content to AWS) and transform cross-TX and technology vendor global Developers, • functional eCommerce 2009-and brand assessments 2012 migrate blueprint training awareness SEO (IBM Specialists, multiple and WebSphere with activities by support associated 34%service and and . 7.future Media 0)Lean assets . due SENIOR Assigned management, KEY • • • ACCOMPLISHMENTS: and Implementation eCommerce. Program organizations Clients Cable; PROGRAM to deployment various Comcast define included: manager MANAGER consulting deliverable for Cable. of to Speed all / to ATG customers MANAGEMENT phases lead FC 10 positions structure cross-(Web Metro of such the functional Commerce CONSULTANT to product PCS and as lead ESPN, and content, program project development US with CNN, Navy manage Endeca QVC, teams engagements Exchange)HSN, facilitated life-program that cycle and included ; Hewlett for The for budgets navigation consulting, interactive Weather vendor Packard; and platform and Channel. risk deliver television(Time partner management. and Warner for release iTV)

• • base Texas, Hawaii Created successfully hours. Program split Kansas and Lean Manager across New eliminate initiatives City, York 6 for regions Cleveland, MOTOROLA, product City. over in support and 400,Columbus, launch more 000 of INC. hours than post-activities • Cincinnati, 30 Somerset, annually acquisition divisions through of Syracuse, NJ consultative efforts in MVNO • a 2006-footprint and Rochester, agreements 2009 global and that contingent automation included Los to Angeles, a national Carolinas, personnel to San customer Diego, SENIOR Manage platform. leadership • • Oversee Develop acceptance, and PROGRAM and Maintain and industry lead coordination system Market MANAGER the including relationship technology deployment software Requirements (DIGITAL of a cross-all trends, with product of program CONTENT Motorola’s section executive Document and development activities. MANAGEMENT) leading of customer Service leadership to competitive capture from Delivery input, of requirements inception both system benchmarking Platform AT&through T evolution and for deemed AT&Motorola deployment. and requirements, T’s critical analysis. U-for Verse for direction, IPTV market market KEY • ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Oversee including staff. a 8 geographically project managers, and global 5 system dispersed engineers staff and across 26 development North America, engineers Ukraine and and support India

• • Created to with outcomes. Mahindra Managed annually manage internal a including a 20-and overall Vendors detailed person customers IBM program a budget included: 4% Program and average WINDON, of initiatives, third $Microsoft, Management 6.5M SG&parties INC. annually A drive reduction. • Amdocs, to Dallas, Office manage strategic in which Alcatel-TX (PMO) conflicts • partnerships 2002-costs comprised Lucent, were 2006 and Accenture, ascertain reduced and primarily manage by desired Cognizant, an of external AT&average program T personnel Tech vendors of 15% PARTNER Managed advisory leadership of KEY the • • • ACCOMPLISHMENTS: client Create activities. Create spending find Clients International, / and a PRINCIPAL to professional best team. program/provide strategy Strategic included: possible information (Zale’s, MANAGEMENT strategic and project Sourcing services Sprint/values launch Neiman is management and gathered Nextel, in approach practice activities the CONSULTING) operational Marcus market. Embarq, and comprised for for to used telecommunications various Program consulting, Redbull in of order 30 Fortune NA, Management management and to Amdocs, leverage drive 500 management firms. results Cingular, Offices consolidated consultants Served by for Verizon working to product client formalize providing purchasing Wireless, as executive launch an the extension strategic power Playboy way to

• • • Created clients Designed sales Created business efficiencies to a Product and negotiate a comprehensive custom technical Marketing by DELOITTE mobile telecommunications 23%entities . telecommunications eCommerce PMO CONSULTING, and office the strategy launch solution savings LLP of strategic to architecture of products. • increase an Dallas, average sourcing development TX for of • field 2000-43%strategy sales . 2002 efficiencies and automation employed between to with increase SENIOR Engagement manages and manages KEY • • • • ACCOMPLISHMENTS: pursuit Manage Proposal, Created Clients Communications, MANAGER engagement C-level team Senior included: solution program (client business BUSINESS activities, Manager teams, relationship architecture Kohlberg, / Verizon, development project AND manages defines for TECHNOLOGY Communications, GTE, budgets Kravis for and deliverable engagement day-Ameritech, and strategy and in CONSULTING) to-net excess Roberts day sales structure for economics expectations BellSouth, Media of the exceeded (an KKR)firms and average and, and Sony, Walt Entertainment content, OSS/$and 135M risk, $Disney, DirecTV 5M. satisfaction. BSS quality over oversees practice. Birch tenure. practice, of work Communications, proposal mobilizes products, development and and ionex

• • Created investments Created reduce customer product due comprehensive experience diligence in Competitive time to and strategy market, PMO continuous Local Strategy to create accelerate Exchange improvement & higher Governance Carriers equity project investor through (model efficiencies, CLECS)with decision defined . a assurance proven project to undertake value success of quality proposition major metrics. and to UNITED STATES NAVY • Honolulu, HI • 1983-1995

Technical communications RADIOMAN • • • Top Completed telecommunications Iterative Senior Integration Communications. Control (TECHNICAL Secret Technical Application systems and / advanced of Special facility CONTROL communications Control (including 1993-Background theories, Development, communications Naval SUPERVISOR 1995) Supervisor Central communication strategies facilities Investigation Project FOR Command, to schools program INFORMATION and supervisor Management security systems; for clearance Manama manage electricity AND for equipment. Morse Bahrain both and COMMUNICATION physical held. and Code; Earned onshore for electronics; construction Total terrestrial Value and SYSTEM Quality shipboard Management advanced and and MANAGEMENT) Management; satellite system

• Senior communications Station Technical Pacific (NCTAMS stations Control EASTPAC)Supervisor while Serving, Wahiawa, to program at Naval HI. Computer manage (1989 – automation 1993) and Telecommunications and digitize Eastern Area Pacific Master

• White Supervisor House for Communications communications Agency and support and Defense to President Information and his Systems staff. (1987-Senior 1989) Technical Control KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS:

EDUCATION • • Honorable Multiple Medal; Good awards Discharge Conduct and commendations including: Navy Commendation Medal; Navy Achievement Master of Business UNIVERSITY Administration, OF MICHIGAN Management Ann Arbor, MI Information GPA 3.8 Systems CERTIFICATIONS PMP (Architecting, PMI – Agile Security, Certified Cloud Practitioner Bachelor UNIVERSITY Concepts, of (Core OF ACP) Science, MARYLAND Services, ITILv3 Business College Pricing Foundation Administration Park, & Support) MD AWS GPA Cloud 3.6 Practitioner Essentials

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