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Assistant Professor

January 31, 2018

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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information:

Name: Mohamed Zidan Mohamed Abdel Razik

Gender: Male

Last degree: MD

Date and place of birth: October 1st,1974, Qena, Egypt

Citizenship: Egyptian

Current home address: Al-Nemees Street, In front of Y-Club, Assuit, Egypt

Work address: Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Faculty of Medicine, Assuit University, Assuit, Egypt


oHome: 002-088-2314010

oCellular: 002***********

oWork: 002-088-2413140


Marital Status: married

Languages spoken:

oArabic (native).

oEnglish (fluent).

oFrench: 3-years study in the high school, level I in DELF


MBBCH Sep/1998, very good, Assuit University, Assuit, Egypt [1]

3/1999-2/2000: House-officer, Assuit University Hospital, Assuit, Egypt

3/2000-3/20004: Resident, Diagnostic Radiology Dept., Assuit University Hospital, Assuit, Egypt

Master of Science (M.Sc.) [Diagnostic Radiology]: Faculty of Medicine, Assuit University, Assuit, Egypt, June, 2004; (very Good) [2]

MD in Diagnostic Radiology: Faculty of Medicine, Assuit University, Assuit, Egypt, January 2010

Professional Licensure:

Egyptian ministry of health full registration, 4/3/2000

Full license to do in x-rays field, Aug-2004

Faculty Academic Appointments:

1/6/2004-5/1/2005: Demonstrator, Diagnostic Radiology Dept., Assuit Univ. Hospital, Assiut, Egypt.

25/2/205-28/2/2010: Assistant lecturer, Diagnostic Radiology Dept., Assuit Univ. Hospital, Assiut, Egypt.

28/2/2010-25/12/2016: Lecturer, Diagnostic Radiology Dept., Assuit Univ. Hospital, Assuit, Egypt.

26/12/2016- till now: Assistant professor, Diagnostic Radiology Dept., Assuit Univ. Hospital, Assuit, Egypt.

Research Activities:

2000-2003: “Role of magnetic resonance angiography in diagnosis of renovascular disease” MSc thessis: supervised by Prof. Dr. Osama Haris, Dr. Ahmed Fathy.

2006-2010: " Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty and stent implantation for the lower limb arterial occlusive disease". MD thesis: supervised by Prof.Dr. Afaf Abd El-Kader, Prof.Dr. Abd El-Karem Hasan and Prof.Dr. Bahgat Abd El-Hameed.

Conferences attended:

-Attended of Annual Scientific Conference of Faculty of Medicine Assuit University from 1999 till 2014.

-Attended First Congress of Radiology (Head &Neck Imaging Refreshing Course) by Scientific Society of Radiology Egypt 18th, 19th January 2007.

-Attended in the 38th Annual Scientific Meeting of ESRNM (Vascular Imaging) Egypt 23-24 October 2008.

-Attended the 9th Sheffield International Conference on Diagnostic Imaging in liaison with The 9th Annual Radiology Conference Cairo University 17-18 January 2009 with certificate of 12 credit hours CPD from Royal College of Radiologist in the UK.

-Attended the 2nd Arab Radiology Congress 21-24 April 2009 Alexandria Egypt.

-The 40th Annual conference for the Egyptian Society of Radiology & nuclear medicine 18-20/05/2010, Egypt.

-Attended the 1st Pan African Radiology Congress 03-05 April 2012 Alexandria Egypt.

-Pan African Radiology Congress 03-05 April 2012 Alexandria Egypt.

-Attendant of DTI course in Cairo University 30-31 January, 2013

-Attended the 44th Annual Scientific Meeting of ESRNM, Cairo 13-15 April 2013.

-ESR 2016 European Society of Radiology, Vienna 2-6 March, 2016

-Attended the 51st Annual Scientific Meeting of ESRNM, Hurghada 11-14 October 2017.

-MEET Symbosia, Cairo, Egypt 9-12 January, 2018

Teaching Activities:

Supervising house officers since March, 2000.

Supervising the work of residents and involved in undergraduate student teaching since June, 2004.

Supervising the work of assistant lecturer since June, 2010.

Computer Sciences:-

Windows : Very Good.

Power Point: Very Good.

Excel: Very Good.

Word: Excellent

Internet Use: Very Good.

Clinical Experience :

During my work as a house officer and a resident, I gained experience in the following activities:

Out-patient clinical management,

In-patient clinical management,

Since I had been an assistant lecturer till now, I gained experience as working by myself in the following activity:

Emergency radiological interventional procedures;

oManagement of traumatized or post-operative patients to control active bleeding.

oControl upper and lower GIT bleeding.

oTrans-arterial embolization in treatment of gross hematuria.

oUltrasound-guided Hydrostatic Reduction of Childhood Intussusception

Elective interventional procedures, including:

oChemo-embolization, percutaneous alcohol injection or RF ablation for HCCs or hepatic metastatic deposits.

oPercutaneous transhepatic cholangiography and biliary drainage.

oTIPs procedure.

oTherapeutic bronchial artery embolization to control hemoptysis.

oPreoperative embolization of juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibromas.

oPreoperative embolization of the splenic artery.

oRenal Artery Angioplasty and Stenting.

oDiagnostic angiogram in peripheral arteries diseases.

oPeripheral Arterial Angioplasty and Stenting.

oDiagnostic & Therapeutic Cerebral Angiography "intra cerebral aneurysm coiling and embolization of cerebral AVMs", and Extra Cranial Interventional procedure like carotid stenting and AVMs.

oUltrasound-guided percutaneous drainage of abdominal abscess.

oUltrasound or CT-guided biopsy.

Post doctorate scientific mission for 6 month (Oct.2015-April,2016) in Reims university-France in neurointerventional procedures.


Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty and stenting in treatment of lower limb arterial occlusive disease. The Egyptian Journal of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine, 2009: 40 (3), 697-708

One-Stage Percutaneous Triple Procedure for Treatment of Endoscopically Unmanageable Patients with Malignant Biliary Obstruction and Marked Ascites. Arab Journal of Gastroentrology, 2013;14(4): 148-153

Percutaneous transcatheter vascular embolization for life threatening hemoptysis. Egyptian Journal of Chest Disease and Tuberculosis, 2013; 62 (4): 755-759

Diffusion-Weighted Whole-Body Imaging with Background Body Signal Suppression (DWIBS): MRI Sequence for Metastatic Workup. The Medical Journal of Cairo University, 2013; 81 (2): 71-80

Inferior vena cava filter for prevention of pulmonary embolism in recurrent venous thrombosis; initial experience in Assuit university Hospital. The Medical Journal of Cairo University, 2013; 81 (1): 7-10

Subclinical cardiovascular changes in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients: Doppler ultrasound evaluation. The Egyptian Journal of Bronchology, 2015: 9 (2); 140-145

Human Fascioliasis: A Re-emerging Disease in Upper Egypt. Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg.2015: 93(1); 76-79

Role of Multi-detector Computed Tomographyin Medicolegal evaluation of Non-fatal Firearm Injuries in the Head in Assuit University Hospital. Ain Shams Journal of Forensic Medicine and Clinical Toxicology 2015: 25; 31-47

Does septoplasty affect the size of compensatory hypertrophy of inferior nasal turbinate in deviated nasal septum? Assuit Medical Journal, 2016: 40 (2); 143-150

Chronic viral hepatitis C in pediatric age group; assessment of viral activity and hepatic fibrosis by H1 magnetic resonance spectroscopy and diffusion weighted imaging in asymptomatic patient. Egyptian journal of radiology and nuclear medicine, 2016:47 (3);739-748

Endovascular treatment of intracranial aneurysms with Barricade coils: feasibility, procedural safety, and immediate post-operative anatomical results. Journal of neuroradiology, 2016: 47 (5);353-357

Referees and References:

[1] Assiut University was inaugurated in 1957 to encourage research, education and community services in Upper Egypt. It is located in Assiut City which is 375 Km south of Cairo, the capital. The university comprises sixteen faculties and two higher institutions. PO Code No. 71515, Egypt.

[2] Assiut University Hospital is one of the biggest University Hospitals in Egypt. It is the core referral center for the whole Upper Egypt that serves about twenty million people. The hospital contains 2027 beds, including 94 ICU beds, and 46 operative theaters in which 240 operations are performed daily. 1478 medical and 6428 paramedical staff serve in this hospital. 3000 patients visit the outpatient clinics and 1000 are received in the emergency departments daily.

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