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Engineer Product Development

Oswego, Illinois, United States
January 31, 2018

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MARSHALL L. PELTZ Cell : 331-***-****



Specializing in: Real time finite state machinery, primarily in diverse telecom and data communications systems; Individual & Team play

Intimate familiarity EIA-RS-464 LSSGR IEEE 802.1-11 ; POTS SIP + SS7 ; Part 68/15 ;NEC

High availability Program controlled systems ; Hardwired Custom CPU COTS CPU

Comfortable with use of meters, emulators, analyzers; Whatever the task requires

Full software life cycle experience in Agile and SEI level 5 rated shops

Real time embedded programming in: C / C++, and machine languages

Familiarity with various scripting languages / VHDL

Passion for performance; Achieving results, given the adverse

Problem solver: Electrical/Electronic Systems Analysis, Requirements, Project planning Execution Code instrumentation

Specific communication bus protocols used includes:

TCP/IP UDP, SIP SS7 NLI Protocol, HDLC, RS-485, RS-232, RS-422, RS-464, G.703

ISDN, Q.921, Q.931; Diameter, RFC 3261

Partial list of Embedded Product Targets includes:

MPC 8280, MC68000-360, MC68302, MC68008 and TMS320C25 /C52 X86

Partial list of tools used includes:

Software Tools Wireshark ; DBX ; Proprietary

IDE’s: Eclipse, TI Code Composer, Windows Visual Studio 8-13

Compilers: OS/9, Whitesmith, GNU, TI-TMS320, Code Composer (RationalSystems)

Emulators: HP-64000 system

Test Interfaces: JTAG RS-232, RS-485, Ether

Instruments: Scopes, Meters, Thermocouples, counters, protocol analyzers, test sets

OS: Custom RTOS, AOS, RDOS,, DEC VMS/IAS,, System V, 4.2 BSD, Linux 2.6 SCCS, ClearCase, “SourceSafe”, SVN, Git

Work Experience:

Tekno Telecom LLC (10/31/08 to 9/21/17)

Hardware Engineer

Hardware Engineer & Lab director for company producing non-intrusive, multimedia, network probe devices which observe & correlate data & telecom transport protocols on various platforms. Signaling System #7 (SS7) . TDM Based G.703 and AAL5 ATM. STM-1 IEEE 802.3 SIP, M2PA/M3UA, Diameter. Responsibilities: Interface with software manager & developers ; COTS Platform selections; hardware evaluation, PCI/PCIe; C/C++ DMA device driver for Windows and Linux OS, Laboratory infrastructure, NEBS -48V DC Power system, test signal source; NetGear/LinkSys CISCO switch config; Product development, Systems analysis; Mfg./ InHouse Tech & Field support. Mentored tech support and software contractors, OS Image development. Windows XP->Windows 8.1 Embedded Pro ; VS 2008-2010; Linux 2.6 Kernels; Routers + Helped out with Sophos firewall in enterprise network. X11/RDP Remote Windows XP/8.1/Embedded Pro; VS2008-2010+VSS->Git

Rockwell Switching Systems/Concerto Systems/Concerto Software/Aspect (1981 - 2007 )

Technical Staff Member /Principal Engineer

Design implementation, test and support of RTOS switching system components

Participated in multiple phases of multiple major product development projects: From requirements, design and scalability concerns, to engineering support of help desk & field. Developed embedded code for multi-subsystem multi-board/shelf/cabinet augmented high availability telecommunications switching products (Spectrum™, Galaxy™, SCX™, 580 DSS™) for CRM, PBX, and toll market segments. And, Full life-cycle expereince + Technology Transfer

Developed common OS code & signal applications, for booted platform components, employing strictest system design principles. Verification, traceability, re-usability; In era when components necessarily overdesigned, employing duplex datalink control paths for those handling over 1Mb/S; High MTBF system protection/recovery. Recovery driven designs. C/Assembly Programming.

- Common bootstrap loaders for M68K - T1.403/CEPT - Boot ROMS/Flash S-record/Intellec

- TI TMS320C25 DSP Signal qualifier - 48 Port G.711 media - MPC8280 RFC 3261 SIP

- Q.921/Q.931 Basic & Primary rate ISDN - FFT/Goetzel - FCC /Part 68/15 (anechoic tests)

- RS-232/422 & Proprietary ASIC: Device Driver & Protocols

Attended Hardware & Software Field trials; Customer visits

Team & Individual projects ; Technical team leadership

General Dynamics Communications Company (1979-1981)

Sr. Communications Technician

Spec, Install, maintain, troubleshoot time and space division PBX/ACD communications equipment, power systems from Stromberg-Carlson/ATI/NEC/Fujitsu. TTL/DTL diode plugs & wire wrap – Stored program controlled systems. Customer facing; Solving many tough inscrutable problems

Self Employed (1975-1979)

Mentored Entrepreneur / Student

Install, Various sundry projects: Telecommunications, Television, sound systems, VHF radio various interesting projects for owners of hotel/motel enterprises. Learned SC-CrossReed system from SD/CD set found in cardboard box on floor of mentor's PBX room. Bought/Sold/Serviced Coin-op amusement devices.

Advance Distributing Company (1978)


Shop technician, discrete logic and micro-controller, relay, coin operated amusement devices. TTL/CMOS TI M6800 Processor

Parkway School District (1975-1978)


Pedagogue of the quadrivium: Teaching electronics, physics, BASIC computer programming to ADD/ADHD (nee gifted/talented) grade school children, in high school environments. Kids soldered!

Awards and Certificates

U.S. Patent Office: 6,510,810 B1; 6,546,097 B1; 6,970,559 B2; Others pending.


Illinois Institute of Technology (1982 - 1994, 2007)

2nd Semester Sr. Student Electrical Engineering, working completing BSEE degree

University of Missouri- Rolla (1976 – 1979)

BSEE Program

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