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Maintenance Engineer

New York, New York, United States
January 31, 2018

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Prisco Cornejo

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Merrick NY *****


Professional Experience:

Herald Square Realty Property/RIU Hotel 01/13 – Present

Watch Engineer/Director of Engineering/FSD

Manage building equipment and operation of HVAC, electrical and plumbing equipments, as well as maintain stationary engines plus mechanical equipment, air compressors, generators, motors, turbines, and also steam boilers, to provide utilities, light, and heat. Handled tenant service requests and coached building maintenance technicians

Responsible for MEP construction and HVAC and hi Pressure cogeneration plant.

Responsible for conformity with City Agencies and permits

Conduct periodic general preventative maintenance. Handle tenant complaints. Formulated maintenance logs and records as well as work order details. Coordinated with contractor for approvals. Executed assigned work for the safety of the tenants.

Responsible for work order system, operating purchases for all departments

Review Contract Documents, making suggestions/modifications as they relate to the MEP trades

Manage and lead MEP subcontractors throughout duration of the project (from Groundbreaking through Commissioning and Turnover to Owner)

Assist Scheduling department with developing detailed CPM schedules for all MEP installation activities, including cost and resource loading

Work with Superintendent on project logistics and temporary facility plans

Review and approve material and equipment for MEP systems prior to installation

Monitor the installation and start-up of MEP systems and commissioning of project with Engineer & Owner

Coordinate activities, materials procurement and other related activities with Project Manager and Field Staff

Communicate progress and prepare appropriate reports as needed

Represent RIU hotel in regard to the MEP process at weekly Owners and contractors meetings

Take overall responsibility for the performance of all MEP trades

Supervise review and coordination of submittals and shop drawings

Perrigo Pharmaceutical 9/10 – 8/12

Facility Manager

Managed maintenance, Janitorial & ground operations for all Perrigo Bronx properties

Provided strong leadership and technical expertise to maintain existing procedures and continuously improvement.

Resolved maintenance problems. Recommended measures to improve conditions and operations of machines and equipment. Recommended different methods of improvement and expansion in current facilities.

Maintained records and tracked work orders, spare parts and maintenance history of equipment and more through computerized system. Designed and documented manuals to simplify work for future maintenance issues.

Repaired/replaced equipment to ensure proper functioning. Mentored and guided maintenance and repair work performance scheduled periodic preventive maintenance and safety inspections on all building equipment

Supervised maintenance management staff and conducted performance reviews of workers

Used different techniques and guidelines to ensure a safe environment around plant and premises. Ensured all maintenance workers are following prescribed safety policies and guidelines.

Oversaw the requisition and utilization of various equipment and supplies for cleaning and maintenance duties. Facilitated the process of investigating staff complaints with regard to maintenance and janitorial services.

Managed and maintained relationships with all vendors and contractors while overseeing multiple capital improvement projects the design and the installation of new Edwards Fire System.

New York City of New York

Chief Medical Examiners Office

Director of Facilities, FSD/Provisional 6/09 – 6/10

Responsible for all facility functions for the five boroughs; engineering, maintenance, safety, janitorial. Conducted formal and informal inspections, evaluated physical condition of facilities and completed weekly inspection reports to Dept of Health Commissioner. Submitted recommendations to the Deputy Commissioner for painting, repairs, relocation of equipment, and reallocation of space and purchases of new equipment.

Managed all facility vendors and contractors for capital improvement projects and for preventive maintenance.

Responsible for managing all NY City employees and numerous contractors for the day to day scheduling of maintenance and operations of each borough. Responsibilities included managing budgets worked with the City of New York accounting department to come up with a budget and spending. Assigning and delegating work to team members, scheduling work with the Hospital Managers, and following up on all work assigned to ensure satisfaction

Bided on all contracts and approved all payroll and contracts for the City of New York with the OCME facility department. Approved all ordered materials for the five boroughs of all janitorial and facility departments. Implemented the Fire Safety Plan and the New Emergency Evacuation Plan for all five boroughs.

Aramark K-12 Paterson School District 5/08 – 6/09

Director of Maintenance

Managed custodial, maintenance & ground operations for all Paterson K-12 School district schools which included recruiting, mentoring performance management, schedules, payroll and ensured all department met and exceeded goals and objectives. Prepared and maintained general operating and capital budgets for all schools.

Maintained working relations with school principles to ensure proper support is maintained for buildings infrastructure and operations within all space. Planned and coordinated construction, renovation, builds outs and projects. to ensure top quality work is being performed in a timely and efficient manner to Aramark standards.

Collaborated with contractors and engineers to formulate plans, estimates, construction schedules and timelines. Implemented preventative maintenance programs to ensure that service is performed on regular basis. Prepared and assign space allocation plans to accommodate various department needs, supervised all office and data center moves.

Organizing and tracking projects including ability to prioritize, schedule, and route crews efficiently; and overseeing daily activities of foreman and janitors to maximize scheduling and utilization of resources; analyze and recommend part-time, flexible and full-time employee mix for each school.

Analyze and solve problems; execute contingency plans as needed; direct, identify potential problems, troubleshoot, report issues to School Superintendent and participate in analysis of problems providing input for future operations improvements. Perform follow up on various work orders and assisted the Safety Compliance Officer with correcting all fire violations.

Fashion Institute of Technology 5/04 – 9/08 Operating Engineer/Engineering Manage/FSD

I managed a team of Union Engineers and Janitorial staff. I was responsible for the overall planning, execution of all projects. I managed and oversaw the maintenance staff that install, service, test, diagnose and repair mechanical/electrical plant and equipment.

Scheduled the duties of all janitors and regulated the appropriate designation of tasks which include

cleaning of rugs and floors; removing trash; replacing supplies in bathrooms; and cleaning bathrooms.

Oversaw the requisition and utilization of various equipment and supplies for cleaning and maintenance duties. Facilitated the process of investigating customer complaints with regard to maintenance, janitorial or any issues in dorm rooms, and throughout the school campus. Instituted major changes in spare parts and inventory management.

Completed inventories of cleaning equipment and supplies such as mops, vacuum cleaners, cleaning solutions and floor buffers to assure the effectiveness of janitors documented all cleaning expenses and composed detailed reports on expenditures to include payroll.

Schedule and track service requests Managed Work Order Life cycle via CMMS, Managed PM Process across several properties in the Manhattan campus and prepare for any inspections.

Maintain the exterior grounds, buildings, vacant rooms, fire alarms, of the campus and conduct seasonal duties such as snow removal conduct walk-through of the entire property to ensure everything is in working order; if not, take the appropriate steps for correction

Developed detailed renovation scopes of work Established detailed budgets for complete renovations and capital improvement projects. Created comprehensive due diligence property condition reports utilized for contract price negotiations, creation of capital improvement project lists, and cost-benefit reporting

Maintenance Technology Group P.A.O1 JFK International Airport 8/01 – 6/05

Plant Superintendent JFK Airport/Fire Safety Director

I am responsible for the day to day operations which includes renovations, alterations to buildings, grounds, safety, fire equipment, Watch Engineers, Mechanics, Electrician, Fire Techs, Managers, Supervisors, Cleaners, and Clerks

I am personally involved in getting vendors/contractors to provide quotes for work that needs to be accomplished, if work cannot be performed with in-house personnel. I communicate with the Port Authority of contract requirements and to fellow colleagues on matters concerning the facility, anything from repair to major construction to ensure safety and finished product is adhered to

I supervised the preventive maintenance on HVAC, sprinkler systems, security systems, landscaping, masonry, ground maintenance, lighting, and building equipment. I have operated projects within budget and on several occasions came in less than what was projected to save on overall costs.

Designated as the Port Authority Issuing Officer, I am responsible for dumpster hauling and also hazmat waste hauling;. In charge of building services, including signs, safety issues, set up and disassemble for ceremonies.

I am responsible to maintain the work order systems for the control and assignment of all routine and non-routine maintenance work responsibilities were allocated properly among staff by developing and implementing manpower schedules, work methods, and procedures designed to obtain low cost and efficient operations.

The Helmsley St Morits Hotel/The Helmsley Windsor Hotel 05/93 - 1/97 - 8/02

Assistant Chief Engineer / Chief Engineer/FSD

Develop, recommend to General Manager, the Engineering department’s budget capital expenditure plan, forecasts and objectives consistent with maintaining a first class management’s expectations.

Perform special projects and other responsibilities as assigned. Participated in committees as requested. Develop and direct all Emergency Programs; conduct inspections and drills, ensure compliance with all codes and regulations, train all employees and maintain accurate records to ensure a safe environment which protects the asset, guests and employees. Ensure compliance with corporate policies, international standards, local regulations

Responsible for developing, implementing and supervising maintenance programs in guest rooms, mechanical, electrical, HVAC systems, and related equipment Developed and maintained an up-to-date inventory of all equipment, tools and supplies. Coordinate renovation bidding define the cost and scope of the project.

Develop, implement and manage energy conservation program oversee the general contractor and subcontractors to ensure quality work is performed for minimal cost.

Ensure the upkeep of guest and service areas to maintain them in proper working order and appearance. Develop, implement, and maintain preventive maintenance and energy conservation programs for guest rooms, public areas, back-of-house, building systems, etc. according to Corporate and hotel standards.

United States Marines 11/82 - 12/92

Platoon Sergeant - 1st. Platoon - Honorable Discharge

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