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Data Science

Atlanta, GA
February 01, 2018

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Danny Ayoubi

**** ****** ****

Powder Springs, GA 30127



Data scientist with over 5 years of experience building advanced analytical tools and quantitative methodologies, leveraging both traditional and modern statistical modeling techniques. Currently seeking to further pioneer fresh data-driven solutions within the ever-expanding data science frontier.



Master of Science in Applied Statistics, July 2012, GPA 4.0

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, July 2010, GPA 3.53


Applied Categorical Data Analysis

Advanced SAS Programming

Applied Experimental Design

Time Series Forecasting

Data Mining

Applied Regression Analysis

Quality Control

Multivariate Data Analysis


Leader of new initiatives and game-changing projects using highly engaging interpersonal and technical skills through the following software packages and languages: Python, SQL, STATA, R, Minitab, Base SAS, SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS Enterprise Guide, Tableau, Business Objects, MATLAB, AUTOCAD, JMP, SPSS, and Excel.


SPEDX, Atlanta, GA, August 2017-Present

Data Scientist, Data Science

Came onboard among the first two employees, and operationalized the process of data ingestion and analytics for the startup moving forward.

Built analytic reports providing never-before seen insights into the world of special education, utilizing special education students’ Individual Education Plan (IEP), written goals, assessment scores, and transition data.

Leveraged Google Cloud Platform’s Natural Language to generate sentiment scores on goals written for students served with special education.

Performed additional text analytics, utilizing Bloom’s taxonomy and Depth of Knowledge levels to analyze complexity on written goals for students, using R.

Designed business intelligence reporting system, containing insights through data visualizations created in Tableau for 50+ independent school districts.

Developed predictive models in R investigating the relationship between different student disabilities and goals to academic outcomes.

Generated student peer groups, leveraging principal component analysis alongside cluster analysis in R.

Set the stage for the startup in its early days in spotlighting best practices in data management.

COX AUTOMOTIVE, Atlanta, GA, June 2015-August 2017

Senior Analyst, Data Science

Collaborates with fellow data scientists and other analytics personnel across the company to provide advanced analytics and solutions to a wide array of data science projects.

Championed and built the Cox Automotive vehicle recommendation engine leveraging propensity scoring, based on both marketplace and customer behavior attributes, for a number of Cox Automotive business units.

Designed Cox Automotive Customer Health Index that identifies suspicious customer behavior, through leveraging factor analysis among 20+ suspicion-based behavior indicators.

Developed event sales decision tree model and recommendation engine to assist internal digital sales user groups in recommending event sales for a given inventory.

Played a key role within the transition between moving away from an old internal data universe to the launch of a new one that significantly affected the landscape company-wide.

Hosted a monthly 3-hour class for the entire company concerning the fields and usage of a new data universe.

Provided predictive models to identify vehicle attributes that significantly contribute towards the probability of a sale.

Learned and acquired a proficient level of understanding of the various data universes and fields to rewrite a litany of SAS programs using fields from the new universe database, within months of being hired.

Presents complex results in a way easily understandable by the rest of the company.

GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, Atlanta, GA, November 2012-May 2015

Statistics Analyst, Policy

Spearheaded the development of a new Georgia Public Schools accountability measure, in the form of the School Climate Star Rating.

Communicated and collaborated, upon GaDOE’s behalf, with outside parties, such as developing a site selection algorithm for the Get Georgia Reading campaign.

Generated data files, data reports, descriptive- and predictive-analyses upon request from staff from across the agency, such as the Georgia Charter Schools Annual Report.

Led GaDOE’s policy research agenda through quantitative methods for evaluating educational policies and improving academic performance.

Utilized a variety of software packages in the development of charts, graphs, data files, spreadsheets, reports, and analyses (i.e., SPSS, Excel, Toad, R, and STATA).

Cooperated in the completion of special activities of a non-statistical and -data driven nature with GaDOE staff from across, and outside, of the agency.

Communicated and summarizes practicalities, findings, and results, with respect to data analyses and reports.

Worked with colleagues from within, and outside, of the agency in the development of a better understanding of the present GaDOE data and statistical landscape.

KENNESAW STATE UNIVERSITY, Kennesaw, GA, August 2011-May 2012

Graduate Research Assistant

Provided statistical consulting to the Bagwell College of Education.

Established datasets and statistical experiments.

Assisted in researching scholarly papers for the Bagwell College of Education.

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