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Director Of Finance and Administration

Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
April 27, 2018

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A job opportunity in the finance, accounting, budgeting, costing, treasury and auditor field where my training, work experience and communication skills can be applied and further enhanced. AREAS OF EXPERTISE

- Twenty-five years in financial management, analysis, accounting, budgeting, cost control, auditing and treasury.

- Setting up systems, policies, procedures and cycles for the financial division to cope with the company’s targets and goals.

- Guiding, supervising, training and managing all my subordinates to assure the fulfillment of their tasks.

- Committed to success of the business assigned through the regular and effective coordination with other department’s directors.

- Personality eager to partner with upper management to organize, plan and achieve company financial goals

- Exceptional time management and ability to problem solve under pressure.

- Supervises: Controller, Tax Manager, Human Resources Manager, Investor Relations Officer SCOPE OF WORK

1) Key Accountabilities & Achievement:

1. Team leader for re-engineering and change the internal accounting system related from IAS to USGAAP.

2. Team Leader in ERP software selection process / Project Leader in ERP implementation. 3. Team Leader for the implementation of Cost control application software. 4. Team Leader for the design and development report, procedure of review, control and follow up for large projects.

5. Project Manager responsible for ABC project (Activity Based Cost). 6. Project Manager for the implementation of Cost control application software. Ashraf Ahmed Hussein

2 9

7. Ensure timely and accurate reporting of monthly financial and operational analysis to leadership and to global leadership.

2) Planning:

1. Assist the company team for preparation long term planning, annual target setting (Budget) and latest forecasts process and supporting tactical initiatives. 2. Ensure accuracy and monitor the implementation of Plans vs. Actual results and ensure that planning exercises are based on latest operational business assumptions. 3. Determine risks and opportunities beyond plans. 4. Manage the capital request and budgeting processes. 3) Operations

1. Participate in key decisions as a member of the executive management team 2. Maintain in-depth relations with all members of the management team 3. Manage the accounting, human resources, investor relations, legal, tax, and treasury departments 4. Oversee the financial operations of subsidiary companies and foreign operations 5. Manage any third parties to which accounting or finance functions have been outsourced 6. Oversee the company's transaction processing systems 7. Oversee employee benefit plans, with particular emphasis on maximizing a cost-effective benefits package

4) Investments:

1. Provide guidance to all business units in the creation of operation and preparation of Capital Appropriation Requests and make sure are reflect best current financial and operational solution to the market.

2. Ensure Capital Appropriation Requests are compliant with local and global accounting guidelines/policies and reflect all required key-figures and evaluate different scenarios. 3. Monitor all projects progress in respect of spending, timeline adherence and the proper closing process.

4. Monitoring and interpreting cash flows and predicting future trends. 5) Reporting and Financial information:

1. Ensure accurate financial reports to specific deadlines and provide recommendations to help in the decision-making process.

2. Report financial results to the board of directors. 3. Variances from targets are known and root causes communicated accurately to leadership. 4. Ensure KPIs follow global definitions where applicable. 6) Risk Management

1. Understand and mitigate key elements of the company's risk profile 2. Monitor all open legal issues involving the company, and legal issues affecting the industry 3. Construct and monitor reliable control systems

4. Maintain appropriate insurance coverage

5. Ensure that the company complies with all legal and regulatory requirements 6. Ensure that record keeping meets the requirements of auditors and government agencies 3 9

7. Report risk issues to the audit committee of the board of directors 7) Solid base in Accounting & Standard Costing.

1. Development of procedures and policies for the accounting department. 2. Strong experience in financial planning & controlling of expenses and capital projects. 3. Very good understanding of economics, management and leadership concepts. 4. Thorough analysis of variances and all other COGM & COGS elements. 5. Set internal controls and prepare and maintain an effective and efficient document cycle. 6. Good knowledge of US GAAP.

7. Maintain relations with external auditors and investigate their findings and recommendation. 8) Funding - Cash Management

1. Treasury Management through setting and or managing a cash flow policy that helps optimizing the cash flow management and hence the entire business cycle management. 2. Monitor cash balances and cash forecasts

3. Developing financial management mechanisms that minimize financial risk. 4. Arranging new sources of finance for a company's debt facilities. 5. Maintain banking relationships.

6. Represent the company with investment bankers and investors 9) Technology

1. Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Power Point). 2. Strong knowledge of Oracle Financials/ ERP background and supporting the implementation of new ERP systems.

3. Ability to work and succeed within tight deadlines and closing peaks 4 9

1. Chief Financial Officer


New Hover for Meta & Plastics Industries, Egypt 2013 - Present ACTIVITY: Manufacturing of metal and plastic for collapsible aluminum tubes and plastic tubes products. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES:

1. Annually, preparation of detailed financial budgets and cash flows working closely with budget holders and line managers.

2. Direct and coordinate company financial planning and budget management functions. 3. Recommend benchmarks for measuring the financial and operating performance of divisions and departments.

4. Preparing monthly management accounts including narrative report on budget Variances against monthly operating results.

5. Provision of regular cash flow information to assist Company plan payments. 6. Provide Directors with answers to their requests for financial analysis. 7. Ensure any surplus funds are invested to best return. 8. Review and arrange insurances, including assets, professional indemnity, travel and events. 9. Development, implementation and operation of systems and procedures to ensure integrity of accounting information and safe custody of assets, including procedures to eliminate and detect fraud or theft of company assets.

10. Day to day managing of accounts department staff including annual appraisal and recruitment as necessary.

11. Attendance at Finance Committee meetings and responsibility for minutes. 12. Maintain a central register of all sponsorship contracts and ensure funds due are collected in a timely fashion, and all contract conditions are met.

13. Recommend benchmarks for measuring the financial and operating performance of divisions and departments.

14. Oversee daily operations of the finance department. 15. Manage the preparation of the official annual report of actual revenues, transfers, and expenses. 16. Prepare financial analysis for contract negotiations and product investment decisions. 17. Design, establish, and maintain an organizational structure and staffing to effectively accomplish the department's goals and objectives.

18. Direct financial audits and provide recommendations for procedural improvements. 19. Other duties as assigned.

5 9

2. Chief Financial Officer

Moon Stone International, Egypt 2005 - 2013

ACTIVITY: Providers of integrated systems and small home appliances. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES:

1. Oversee the production of monthly reports including reconciliations with funders and pension plan requirements, as well as financial statements and cash flow projections for use by Executive management, as well as the Audit/Finance Committee and Board of Directors. 2. Monitors financial performance by measuring and analyzing results; initiating corrective actions; minimizing the impact of variances.

3. Optimize the handling of bank and deposit relationships and initiate appropriate strategies to enhance cash position.

4. Issue periodic reports to Chairman and management summarizing results of audit activities. 5. Establishes finance operational strategies by evaluating trends; establishing critical measurements; determining production, productivity, quality, and customer-service strategies; designing systems; accumulating resources; resolving problems; implementing change. 6. Reports financial status by developing forecasts; reporting results; analyzing variances; developing improvements.

7. Analyze and communicate the impact of all significant operational and strategic decisions on profits highlighting growth in the longer term vs. short-term gains. 8. Analyze the competitors in Egypt and make active use of this information to help define Egypt strategy. 9. Develop and maintain reporting capabilities for all reporting entities. This includes development of appropriate systems and capabilities that support business-reporting requirements. 10. Monitor, track, assess and advise management of key spending and business trends. 11. Responsible for consolidating the annual operating plans, re-forecasts and period end financial reporting requirements.

12. Forecast quarterly and annual profits.

13. Review accounting transactions for data accuracy. 14. Establish financial policies

15. Maintain confidentiality of financial information and investment decisions. 16. Ensure that sufficient funds are available to meet ongoing operational and capital investment requirements.

17. Assist in the determination of product pricing in relation to features offered and competitor pricing 6 9

3. Chief Financial Officer

Drake & Scull International, Egypt 2002-2005

ACTIVITY: Company offers a unique mix of services, providing electromechanically solutions to construction companies; International; KEY RESPONSIBILITIES:

1. Participating with the Managing Director for the Reformation process of the company. 2. Establish and follow up all necessary financial and budget reporting systems to allow better view on the company's financial position i.e.:

i. *) Monthly reporting the company's running projects. ii. *) Monthly, quarterly financial reporting to UK & Abu Dhabi(UAE) 3. Preparing yearly, cash management, managing payable & receivable. 4. Hiring the employees and officers for the finance and administration department. 5. Budget and planning procedures for the company's project and different company business units, complying with Drake & Scull -UK planning guidelines and rules. 6. Improve the Company’s liquidity by advising the board of directors to change some financial policies. 7. Initiate and setting up the accounting system for the company. 8. Lead and / or provide support on special projects, which will form the basis for varied and wide learning / interaction with multiple functions and all business entities. 9. Create and assess financial statements and budget documents. 10. Ensure adequate cash flow to meet the organization's needs. 11. Create additional analyses and reports as requested by management. 12. Create long-term finance department strategic plans which align with company's strategic plan and business plan.

13. Oversee business financial management and ascertain areas which need improvement. 14. Create and execute the business investment strategy, monitoring and adjusting for risk when necessary.

15. Identify patterns in company spending and revenue; create and propose solutions to any problem areas.

16. Oversee all financial operations and direct corporate financial planning and structure. 7 9

4. Business Area Financial Controller

ABB Automation, Egypt 1998-2002

ACTIVITY: Constructions, Trading and Services and Maintenance, Products, systems and services for industrial processes and building systems.

ABB Turbochargers, Egypt.

ACTIVITY: Eefficient power generation systems for utilities, industries and Independent Power Product. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES:

1. Monitor and direct strategic business plans.

2. Provide strategic recommendations to enhance financial performance and new business opportunities 3. Internal finance and budget and cost control procedures. 4. Ensure effective internal controls are in place and compliance with GAAP and applicable regulatory legislation for financial and tax reporting

5. Establish and follow up all necessary financial and budget reporting systems to allow better view on the company's financial position i.e.:

i. *) Monthly reporting the company's running projects. ii. *) Monthly, quarterly financial reporting to Zurich. 6. Leadership of banking, insurance, outside accounting & regulatory authority relationships. 7. Internal allocation procedures to fair distribution of the company’s overheads to the company business areas and units.

8. Budget and planning procedures for the company's project and different company business units, complying with ABB planning guidelines and rules.

9. Managing L/C’s & L/G’s and communicating with the banks and the foreign suppliers. 10. Ongoing advice for the management concerning the financial results of the company. 11. Develop, implement and maintain accounting and administrative policies and procedures for a wide- ranging set of activities including financial accounting and reporting, employee relations

(hiring/terminating policies) and other corporate policies. 12. Create additional analyses and reports as requested by management. 13. Maintaining Cost Accounting System.

14. Analyzing audits of costs and preparing reports. 15. Analyzing data collected and recording results. 8 9

5. Finance Manager

6. Finance Manager

Al Madaen Star Group, Saudi Arabia 1995-1998

Joint stock, established in 1995 venturing the field of real estate development and marketing. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES:

1. Review existing accounting and financial controls and other legal compliance processes. 2. Cost analysis reports for the projects

3. Month-year end financial reporting

4. Track the company's financial status and performance to identify areas for potential improvement Handling and Monitoring projects’ revenues and cost elements 5. Tested and implemented the new software package. 6. Ongoing advice for the management concerning the financial results of the company. 7. Formalizing budgeting process.

8. Conduct reviews and evaluations company project for cost-reduction opportunities. 9. Lead, Manage, Create & Implement all aspects related to financial analysis, accounting operations, budget planning & annual consolidation.

10. Control all the Profit & Loss statement, create & manage cost centers structure. Delmon Food Factories, Bahrain 1990-1994

Joint venture, providing snack food industry representing snack manufacturers and suppliers. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES:

1. Financial & Cash flow reporting

2. Cost analysis reports for production lines

3. Month-year end financial reporting.

4. Annual audit file.

5. Monthly report of Financial analysis for Business planning & actual operation. 6. Manage financial relationships (e.g. select and monitor relationship with banks). 7. Establish and maintain financial policies and procedures for the company. 8. Monitor the day-to-day financial operations within the company, such as payroll, invoicing, and other transactions.

9. Update policy manuals and other documentation.

9 9


SAP Financial Solutions Training Courses in Finance.

SAP Financial Solutions Training Courses in Controlling & Planning.

Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains ERP Implementations.

Strong and advantage skills software proficiency (MS Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Access, Visio).

ABC (Activity Based Cost) Project.

Oracle, Enterprise Resource Planning Software.

Professional E-mail writing skills.


Achieved Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Accounting/Finance from Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt 1989.


Local language, professional English.


I have traveled to almost Arab countries

Lived and worked in Gulf Countries, Bahrain 4 years and Saudi Arabia 4 years. REFERENCES

References are available upon request.

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