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Engineer Engineering

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
April 26, 2018

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Professional Petroleum Engineer


Professional engineer with expertise for drilling and completion design and operation, extensive experience in well testing operation, well optimization operation and formation damage evaluation, hand on experience of study of formation rock properties and formation fluids. Petroleum Engineer hand with extensive experiences in petroleum engineering design and operations. Areas of expertise include Drilling & Completions design/operation; Production optimization and stimulation and perforating; Artificial lift design in sucker rod/gas lift/plunger/hydraulic lifting; Well test design and pressure transmit analysis. Detail-oriented petroleum engineer with strong educational background in petroleum engineering and supported by field research and professional work experience in oil and gas industry.


Technology study/development, Engineering operation

Production Optimization/ Stimulation/Perforating,

Well test design and pressure transmit analysis

Well control specialist


Artificial Lift design in sucker rod/gas lift/plunger/hydraulic lifting.

Drilling & Completions design/operation

Risk assessment (HAZOP) and studies

Project Management

Strong learning and troubleshooting ability

Borehole stability


Project Engineer

Core Laboratories Canada Ltd, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Feb 2007

Dec 2015

Project scope, organization, scheduling; Results evaluation/report finalization.

Expertise and conduct advanced rock and fluids (include oil/gas/water) analysis. Contribute revenue 10% increased annually.

Conducted study for gas and oil and water and oil relative permeability with gas flood and water flood to evaluate water and gas displacement efficiency; Conducted study for formation rock electrical properties and capillary pressure to evaluate formation rock mineral components and structure.

Conducted study for EOR technologies in CO2, polymer and surfactant flooding with specially designated formation rock to evaluate displacement efficiency of EOR technology.

Perform study for oil, water and acid compatibility and sensitivity with formation rock to identify best way of formation optimization and stimulation; Conducted formation damage evaluation for drilling, fracturing and acidizing fluids to evaluate formation damage with fluids and improvement possibility.

Applied ultimate principle of interface and colloidal chemistry to developed new technology for heavy oil-water from SAGD separation without using solvent, light oil or heating.

Senior Petroleum Engineer

Tuha Oil Field Petro-China China

July 1993

Dec 2005

Defined strategy and business plan for drilling and production engineering. Complete project with effective application of engineering and technical and maintenance procedure. Investigated and resolved problems in production and process engineering.

Economics and technology feasibility study for technology research and development projects; Made plan and schedule and cost estimation for research and development projects.

Economic analysis and cost control for technical service projects; Monitor and approved SOP formulation of

company and supervised execute and implement; Oversee the Technical Services team.

Optimized/improved drilling and completion program technology/design and execution 1000wells; Saved 25 % costs of drilling/completion engineering operation.

Supervised study and develop new technical program for small size (150 mm) directional drilling/completion for high water cut production well infill/design and execution 100wells. This technology made ¥65 million annually revenue to my organization.

Identify stimulation opportunity; Studied and developed advantage technology of formation fracturing and acidizing to service client 1000 wells; Increased 30 % of production and get ¥35 million annual revenue to my organization.

Supervised to improve operation procedure of produced water treatment battery and made a contract to client and duty to operate it. This project increased 10 % cost of operation in this battery and made ¥10 million annually revenue to my organization.

Carry on pressure transmit measurement/well testing operation and adjusting Chokes flow test of light oil and gas well, IPR curve made and reserve evaluation. Completion 50 wells.

Supervised and conducted measurement of produced oil and gas and water. Completed design storage and separation system for Oil and gas and water Oversaw and approved the design of PID and PFD of produced oil and gas separation and process system for two 50 million projects.

Supervised and executed the operation of produced oil and gas and water separation and process in larger battery (close to 300 wells). Analyzed and optimized production oil and gas and water storage and treatment system. Ensured treated water to suit the qualification of re-injection of water flooding in oil field.

Expertise for new technology of production and process studies which led to improvement production and process engineering operation. Hand on new chemical products and technology to flocculation and disinfect and anticorrosion and soften for produced waste water and viscosity reducer from CHOPS. Reduce viscosity of heavy crude oil more 95%.

Conducted study for EOR technologies in CO2, polymer and surfactant flooding with specially designated formation rock to evaluate displacement efficiency of EOR technology.

EDUCATION Chemical Engineering, (identified by IQAS)

Southwestern Petroleum University


Master Degree in Petroleum Engineering

Southwestern Petroleum University



Membership of APEGA (The Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta)


Membership of Society of Petroleum Engineers


AWWOA Membership


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