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Manager Engineer

Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, 16066, United States
April 26, 2018

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Angelo Di Placido

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A Software Development professional with experience in product management, software development and quality assurance. Have more than 20 years of experience in the development and testing of software for web e-sourcing, defense, telecommunications, and networking industries. Led the effort to develop and deploy an agile development process for multiple teams at UPMC. Technology Development Center achieved CMMI certification under my leadership and direction. As a development manager led teams that delivered products that helped customers manage their supply chain. Experienced using different types of software development models to plan, develop, test, and deploy products. Have extensive experience leading software development and quality assurance teams. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:


Director, Quality Assurance

Managed test automation and QA teams.

Coordinated the testing activities for QA team that was geographically distributed between Pittsburgh and India. Guiding efforts to build Regression Test Case repository and leading resources to meet project goals.

Provided estimates, schedules, resources, and oversight for all projects to ensure quality deliverables.

Worked with CTO and Engineering manager to establish vision for Quality Assurance team and drive quality initiatives across QA teams.

Promoted overall quality goals across the company. Was responsible for improving QA processes used by team to test new products and features.

Worked with test automation engineers to develop tools and test scripts to verify the performance and functionality of products.

Worked with Engineering and Customer Support teams to understand requirements and customer use cases to ensure testing is focused on ensuring customer requirements are met. UPMC TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CENTER (FEBRUARY 2012 – AUGUST 2014) Director, Product Delivery

Managed quality assurance and project management teams.

Led process improvement team resulting in Technology Development Center being appraised at CMMI Maturity Level 2 for Development version 1.3.

Led implementation and standardization of the Agile Scrum process to all product development teams at the Technology Development Center.

Defined and implemented QA processes used by quality assurance engineers to test. Expanded the use of test management and test execution tools to improve tester efficiency, reliability, and repeatability. Created templates for test strategies, test plans, and test result documents. Established standards for defects and test scripts for how the artifacts are represented in HP ALM.

Defined how HP PPM, HP ALM, and Rally tools are used to support the product development process. VOCOLLECT (JUNE 2010 – FEBRUARY 2012)

Senior Manager, Software Quality Manger and Software Test Automation Team

Managed team of software quality engineers validating mobile platforms products.

Managed team of software development engineers producing test automation tools used internally to automate testing of Vocollect Enterprise Applications and mobile devices. The developers are distributed between 2 sites (Pittsburgh and Gurgaon, India)

Worked with team developed tools to automate the smoke tests performed by the SQA teams.

Worked with SQA engineers to gather requirements of test automation tools.

Act as Scrum Master and Product Owner on team. As scrum master manage product backlog, co-ordinate all scrum activities and generate release schedules. As product owner manager user stories for test automation tools.

Communicate status of development to senior management and SQA teams. Angelo Di Placido Page 2 of 4


Director, Product Management of Enterprise Products

Responsible for all Product Management Activities for 3 products being delivered by CombineNet

Meet with customers to discuss, define, and capture product requirements

Create release schedules in conjunction with development and QA managers

Coordinate and track all development and testing activities for products

Communicate status of development and testing activities to senior management and customers

Perform demonstrations of products to customers

Review software design documents and test plans

Generate mockups of reports as an aide to requirement solicitation from customers and providing clarifications to development and testing teams

Partner with Marketing and Product Development teams to set the direction of the application development Director, Product Development

Lead team of 9 developers responsible for delivering 6 products.

Initiated changes to development processes to improve quality of products developed by organization. Lead strong push within organization for improved developer testing in order to improve quality of products. Major areas of focus are automated unit and functional testing.

Interface to product management to ensure development team develops products that meet needs and priorities of company and our end users.

Interfaced with Project Managers to define product features, their priorities and development schedules.

Interacted with QA Managers to define product testing and deployment schedules.

Act as the product manager for Tender Tool developed and used by IKEA to source their transportation needs. In this role I interacted with the end users of the tool gathering requirements, conducting reviews, plan development and testing activities to deliver new features. Co-ordinate with other departments within CombineNet to ensure smooth delivery of product. TALKSHOE (MAY 2007 – JAN 2008)

Director, Quality Assurance

Managed QA Engineers contracted from outsourcing firm in India.

Planned, coordinated, and led deployments of new versions of the TalkShoe application into production environment.

Planned, coordinated, and led reconfiguration of test and production environments.

Developed a strategy for executing performance testing of TalkShoe application.

Wrote and executed JMeter scripts to perform scalability testing on TalkShoe web site.

Wrote PERL scripts to automate different tasks to aid in the performance testing of the TalkShoe application

Using sipp program along with PERL scripts to simulate users placing calls into the TalkShoe application COMBINENET (DECEMBER 2003 – APRIL 2007)

Director, Quality Assurance

Led the transition to using off shore QA activities to outsourcing company in India.

Initiated changes to development and test processes to improve quality of products developed by organization. Was responsible for constantly monitoring the effectiveness of the software development and quality assurance processes in order to identify to management and coworkers areas of improvement. Established metrics and measurements to evaluate deliverables and developing strategies for improving productivity, time to market, and quality.

Interfaced with sales, program management, and software development departments to ensure QA resources correctly deployed in order to meet needs and priorities of company and to ensure high quality deliverables.

Grew, developed, and led the Quality Assurance team ensuring methodologies and quality practices are being followed. Expanded the QA team from 2 to 6 people to ensure that sufficient resources available to meet needs of organization. Responsible for executing performance evaluations for all QA resources.

Coordinated the automated testing efforts of products using Quick Test Professional tool from Mercury Interactive. Defined the automation framework and directing the automation efforts of all members of team.

Wrote PERL scripts to automate the testing of a job queuing system. The test scripts minimized the amount of manual testing that needed to be performed. Built test infrastructure that can be used as a basis for writing scripts to automate testing of other products.

Performed verification and validation activities for ClearSuite product. Wrote test plans and procedures used to verify product functionality.

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Senior Software Test Engineer

Maintained the integrity of the project software by closely monitoring and controlling all submissions into the repository. Duties included integrating all software changes into the main software repository and maintaining the night build process. Configuration Management performed using Perforce Configuration Management System.

Monitored and maintained nightly build process. Nightly build process was controlled by a PERL script that builds and then ran system tests on multiple versions of the software.

Wrote PERL scripts to automate product verification. Test scripts used to reduce the amount of manual testing that needs to be performed and ensures that testing is repeatable. All system tests are performed in an automated manner using PERL scripts and modules. Built PERL libraries used to make scripts easier to write and maintain.

Collaborated with software development engineers during the design, implementation and testing phases of the software development process.

Performed all Validation and Verification activities for Adaptive Route product. Ensured features of product satisfy all design requirements. Wrote Test Plans and Procedures to document the steps taken to verify product conformance.

Documented software defects and failures in problem reporting database. Produced test reports to document the verification and validation activities performed.

Established QA policy used to validate products produced meet all design criteria. The QA procedures established ensure that new features or products meet all design requirements.

Wrote PERL scripts to send tcp and udp traffic on between servers located in remote locations across the U.S. and Europe. The scripts would monitor network and record throughput and loss measurements. Data gathered was used to produce plots of throughput and loss in order to characterize the performance of the Internet. This data was then used as an aid when determining product requirements.

MARCONI COMMUNICATIONS (JUNE 1996 TO FEBRUARY 2002) Manager Switch Test Automation and Tools (1998 – 2002)

Maintained and monitored the build process for internally developed test automation tools using the Perforce Configuration Management System. Nightly build process used PERL script which built and ran system tests to ensure correct operation of the tools.

Wrote TCL scripts to test various Marconi products. Wrote TCL libraries to be used by other development and test engineers to aid in their TCL scripting.

Led team of engineers that produced test automation tools used internally to automate testing of Marconi products. Team was also responsible for using those tools to produce scripts to test various features of the Marconi product line. Responsible for building and growing team to meet objectives. The team automated about 75% of the testing for the OSPF, RSVP, IS-IS, and BGP protocols that were part of Marconi’s first MPLS release.

Led the development team which produced a database application to store the results of manual and automated tests. The development of this application involved re-engineering the process used by the testing organization to store and trace test results. Project goal is to reduce the effort required for each QA engineer in reporting test status and to provide to management tools that generate reports detailing current test status in an accurate and timelier manner.

Worked with the QA management team to define a process that integrated the Test Automation Engineer into the test cycle in order to produce scripts that automated the testing of Marconi product features. The integration provided the automation engineer better visibility into the product development process and resulted in automation scripts being available much earlier in the test cycle.

Led effort to produce GUI based tools to make execution of tests easier for the Test Engineer. The tools provided an application that allowed the Test Engineer to execute tests in a repeatable manner and in many different variations.

Developed a denial of service test suite to expose security weaknesses in Marconi ATM switch products. Test suite was executed against various software releases and problems were exposed and reported to the development team.

Performed testing of the CEM, Frame+, CDR, PDR, and ATM switch fabric. Ran tests to ensure compliance with specifications. Ensured the functionality of the features for each new software version.

Part of a team that performed a CMM Based Appraisal on the software and hardware development processes within the Pittsburgh division of Marconi. This appraisal was a major step in the company’s initiative to improve the processes used within Marconi to develop and maintain products.

Lead Software Development Engineer (1996-1998)

Part of swat team formed to correct problems with Ethernet product produced by another division of Marconi. Problems identified were corrected and the platform was stabilized.

Led group of engineers to produce a configuration library to be used to expand test coverage to Ethernet set of products. This library was developed so that the test scripts could be executed against ATM and Ethernet products to increase script reuse. Angelo Di Placido Page 4 of 4

Responsible for the porting of Unix automation tools to the Windows NT platform. Tools developed provided a way to automate the execution of tests for Window’s network interface cards.

Automated ATM LANE tests for network interface cards for both Unix and Windows platforms. Responsible for reporting problems and working with development engineers to find solutions. CONSULTRONICS LIMITED, CONCORD, ONTARIO (JANUARY 1993- JUNE 1996) Software Manager

Architect for system software for a protocol analyzer used for testing the ISDN protocol stack. First version of the product was released after only 9 months.

Software design lead for IBM-PC based system used to test analogue characteristics of telephones lines. Product was successfully marketed in a PC to telecom vendors.

Wrote and implemented software coding standards for ISO 9001 registration. Company successfully attained the ISO 9001 certification when audit performed.

ADP SYSTEMS CONSULTING, RICHMOND HILL, ONTARIO (OCT. 1992 – DEC. 1992) Consultant within Garrett Canada 3 month contract

Customized runtime kernel for Tartan 1750A ADA compiler allowing company to successfully run their ADA code on a custom CPU board.


Acted as team leader and system architect for two systems of the RAST MK III helicopter landing system. System was delivered on time allowing sea trials to go forth as planned. Participated in sea trials that successfully demonstrated the capabilities of the system to operate in all sea states.

Redesigned, implemented and tested the Pilot Cues Controller system of the RAST MK III System. Pilot Cues Controller controlled man machine interface and interfaced to helicopter and ship position systems to control operation of entire landing system.

Designed, implemented, and tested the Ship Motion Prediction system. The system was successful in charting the motion of the vessel and providing landing cues to the helicopter pilot. LITTON SYSTEM CANADA LTD, REXDALE, ONTARIO (OCT 1984 - MAR 1990) Software Engineer

Upgrading software on a naval display system to incorporate floating-point processor and utilize a new version of the Pascal compiler. Resulting system demonstrated improved performance and extended the life of the naval display system

Designed and implemented firmware for a radar data distribution system. System was integrated successfully into the TRUMP command and control system for the Canadian Navy destroyers. EDUCATION:

Certificate of Software Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh (2001)

Bachelor of Applied Science Degree for Electrical Engineering, University of Toronto, Toronto (1984)

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