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CCNA (R&S), CCNA Security, MS in Telecommunications

College Park, Maryland, United States
April 28, 2018

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Vanya Dasari

240-***-****, 4324, Rowalt Drive, #201, College Park, MD 20740


University of Maryland, GPA=3.5/4.0 College Park, MD

Master of Science, Telecommunications Engineering Expected May 2018

Scholarly Research Paper: DDoS Attacks in SDN-Based Cloud Networks, 2018

SRM University, GPA=3.7/4.0 Chennai, TN, India

Bachelor of Technology, Information and Telecommunication Engineering June 2016

Technical Review Paper: Node Misbehaviour Detection using Overhearing and Autonomous Agent in Wireless Ad-hoc networks, 2016




license number: CSCO13153706


Project: Monitoring DNS Traffic – Blocking prohibited Sites using SDN functionality on traditionally routed network Dec 2017-Jan2018

Created an OSPF network on GNS3.

Used Dockers in GNS3 to mimic the architecture of Mininet.

Configured and used OpenVswitch and RYU controller (installed on an Ubuntu16 VM) to block DNS Traffic to a specific DNS Server in the network.

Used and modules of RYU to monitor and block desired traffic

Project: SNORT as an Intrusion Prevention System Nov-Dec 2017

Created virtual machines (hosts) on VMWare and established a network with 2 subnets.

Ensured internet connectivity between the hosts, with one host as the default gateway for the 2 subnets created.

Configured Snort on the gateway host and performed brute force attack on a host from another host on a different subnet.

Detected and prevented unlimited logins from any host (HTTP brute force).

Project: Deployment of Scalable Cloud with Amazon Web Services Dec 2017-Jan 2018

Launched a Virtual Private Cloud and deployed Amazon EC2 instances with varying specifications.

Analyzed the operation and performance of AWS Features like Auto-Scaling, Load Balancer, Cloud Watch, S3, etc.

Delineated third party applications like OpenVPN and VYoS to demonstrate daily applications of cloud services

Corporate technical Intern at Paradyme Management, Greenbelt, MD Sept 2017-Present

Role: Testing and Quality Assurance (Team Lead since Jan,2018)

Gained knowledge about implementation of Django App Development.

Performed Django Testing and Manual Testing of created web applications for error identification and improvement of user experience.

RF Intern at TeleWorld Solutions, Chantilly, VA June-Aug 2017

Project: DISH NB-IoT Design Project 2017

Participated in Nationwide network design and deployment for DISH in AWS-4 and E-block to provide 70% network coverage by population

Performed Site Design and Optimization for 30 BEAs for 4 different vendors

Generated LTE-FDD and NB-IoT Network Analysis for Optimized sites using Mentum Planet 6.2

Analysed coverage and signal strength for various antenna models in 700 MHz and 2100 MHz (Single, Dual and Triband antennae)

Project: Gomoku- Winning Strategy - C programming Mar-Apr 2017

Wrote and implemented code for a winning strategy in the game of Gomoku, a 15X15 board game like Tic-Tac-Toe where the winner who places

5 of his pieces in a consecutive order wins.

Project: UDP protocol implementation in JAVA Nov-Dec 2016

• Implemented a networking Java application consisting of a transmitter and a receiver using User Datagram Protocol sockets

• Ensured the reliability of data transfer using timers, retransmission policies and integrity check algorithm.


Proficient with network simulation software: GNS3, Cisco IOS, Cisco Packet tracer, Riverbed Modeller

Familiar with network routing and switching protocols: VLAN, VTP, PVST, MST, RSTP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, VRRP, HSRP, L2TP, Port Security, DAI

Knowledge of various WAN technologies and Authentication schemes: MPLS, NAT, Frame Relay, VPN, ACL, AAA, 802.1x Authentication

Familiar with virtualization software and Operating Systems: VMware, VirtualBox, Windows 10, Linux (Ubuntu)

Familiar with programming languages & documentation software: Python, C, MS Office Suite, Visio 2016

Familiar with Software Defined Networking, testing & security tools: Mininet, RYU, POX, OpenVswitch, Postman API, Wireshark, Snort

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