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Life Insurance Maintenance

Los Angeles, California, United States
April 25, 2018

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To obtain a position with in your organization by utilizing my cross trainable skills to adapt to your needs.


Over 28 years experience working in the aviation field. Currently holds a position with Threshold Air Charter Inc (TAC) as Director of Maintenance, 135, operations. He has extensive experience in general aviation, maintenance, and management and has a proven record of success analyzing, evaluating, and implementing policies and procedures. He has extensive knowledge with FAA Regulations and has a proven record of excellence complying with FAA guidelines. As the main point-of-contact for clients, he has been able to provide planning, scheduling of maintenance, ensure proper log entry, perform audits, discipline, and maintain a staff of highly qualified technicians who meet the clients’ needs. Completed an ABA accredited paralegal Certification. Simultaneously maintaining a full time position as Director of Operators for charter aircraft.

Continuing Education Courses

ABA Paralegal certification May 2011

Department of Insurance License Dec 31, 1998

Variable Annuity Education Jan 30 1997

Mutual Funds Education April 17, 1997

Compliance Education July 17, 1997

American Society of CLU & CHFC Feb 18, 1997

Brown & Streza Comprehensive analysis of alternate estate tax payment methods July 15, 1997

Brown & Streza Qualified retirement investment planning July 1997

Brown & Streza Life insurance trusts July 1997

Brown & Streza Basic business entitlements/use of split dollar June 24, 1997

Brown & Srteza basic estate planning June 17, 1997

Larsen & Associates ABC’s of a living trust Feb. 12, 1997

Larsen & Associates Qualified plan bailouts March 12, 1997

Larsen & Associates Super freeze Feb 25, 1997

Presently attending Pacific coast University of Law obtaining Jurist Doctrine, Current classes Contracts, Torts, and Criminal Law. I am looking to expand my career in the aviation industry by complimenting my technical skills with a legal education and become a resourceful tool to better support companies needs.

As graduate of Coastline Community College, I have obtained an American Bar Association, Paralegal certificate and managed to get on the Deans list in the process while holding down a full time job.


Aviation Maintenance Group, Chino

145 Director of Maintenance, Feb 2006 –Present

Currently holds a position at AMG as 135 Director of Maintenance. He schedules maintenance for the 135 corporate fleet of aircraft, which range from a Citations series, Gulfstreams, Falcons; King Airs, Lears, and several other manufactures. His duties are to maintain the 135-operations within the FAA compliance status at all times. He is the main point-of-contact with the FAA when dealing with 135 operations.

Lenair Aviation, Orange County Airport

Director of Operations, 1997-2006

As Director of Operations for Lenair Aviation, I scheduled maintenance for 25 general aircraft, which range from Cessna 152s to Citations 500-series corporate aircraft. Some responsibilities included log book entries, compliance with FAA airworthiness directives, accident investigations; corresponded with aircraft manufacturers in response to airworthiness directives and trouble shooting of systems. Also supported part-135 charter aircraft and part-91 flight-school aircraft. He oversaw most aspects related to maintenance. Recovered aircraft in need of maintenance after accident s.

Aircraft Accident Investigations: United States Air Force (USAF) Support defend U.S.A., Assisted in coordinating crash sites and photographed all aspects of crash scene to help aid in the reconstruction of closed hangar findings. Assisted in determining last known position. Search and located crash equipment, which was installed on the aircraft before accident, had occurred. Inspected engine to determine weather failure was during in-flight operation or impact failure. Inspect engine bays for evidence of explosion or deterioration of airframe due to engine failure. Interviewed persons in the area for any information, which aided in determining reasons for accident. Compared initial finding with other crash investigators for analysis of what may have caused the crash. Presented all findings to upper management.

United States Air Force (USAF)

Staff Sergeant, 1987-1994

(two years active duty, four years reserves)

Responsible for evaluation on job performance of all subordinates. Supported and trained new incoming personnel in the tasks of jet engine rebuilding and serving. Worked in conjunction with shop leaders and determined methods of production and service, which aided the main goal of the propulsion branch of the engine shop. Supervised all personnel having difficulty applying their assigned duties to the tasks at hand. Performed daily logbook entries of job productivity along with estimated times of completion. Assessment of aircraft engine-damage and approximate hours needed to complete repairs. Administered new steps to help prevent incidents from reoccurring. Scheduled work assignments, distributed workload throughout the staff. Technical staff consisted of 75-100 engine technicians.

Other Areas of Specialty

Sale Associate estate planner for Mass mutual Life Insurance Company

Newport Beach, CA

Main objective to sell Life insurance products and perform estate planning to help aid clients to a successful retirement goal with a positive outcome of fund to cover a life time of changing events.

Gulfstream Aerospace, Long Beach, CA

Technician, 1989-1992 (Manufacturing aircraft and perform maintenance)

Complete ground handling of G-1, G-2, G-3, and G-4 aircraft. Major teardown and removal of vertical and horizontal tail components for inspection and refitting of new upgraded components to bring the aircraft up to safe FAA standards/MFR guidelines. Complete tear-down of brakes, landing gear, bulkheads, wings, major flight control systems; proper use of all technical manuals of aircraft major and minor inspections. Performed weight checks, serviced both Rolls Royce Tay and Spay engines, pre-flights, proper towing of aircraft, removal major and minor aircraft components for servicing, rebuild and install. Complete removal and servicing of auxiliary power units, intake inspections, startups, and shutdown and emergency procedures.

AXE Aviation, Orange County Airport

Director of Maintenance, 1989-1992

Worked this job as a second income while holding a full time position at Gulfstream Aerospace. He performed all aspects of aircraft maintenance from logbook entries, 337s, 100-hour inspections, annual inspections and all related forms of maintenance for maintaining airworthiness of aircraft. Duties performed through JG52 Training Facility part 91.

Threshold Air Charter (Present)

Government regulations use planning; principles of FAA guide lines; analyses; basic business law and contract development principles; principles and practices of program development and administration; principles and practices of maintenance budget preparation and administration; principles of supervision, training, and performance evaluation; advanced principles and practices of public administration; operations, services, methods and techniques of research, analysis, and statistical and analytical report preparation;

References available upon request

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