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Engineer Design

Avondale, Arizona, United States
April 24, 2018

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Pranav P Tharakan

**** * ********* **, ******, AZ, 85339 845-***-**** U.S. Citizen

SUMMARY I am a highly motivated and detail-oriented individual who is exceptional at adapting to new situations. I am looking for a challenging position as an engineer, and I believe that working for a company where I can enhance my knowledge and experience, while contributing to the growth and advancement of the company would my best option.


Bachelor of Science, Aerospace Engineering Fall 2010-Spring 2015

Concentration: Aerospace Engineering GPA: 3.0/4.0

Minor: Propulsion

Relevant Courses:

Aircraft Preliminary/Detail Design Aerodynamics I &II Thermodynamics

Stability and Controls Materials Science Structures I & II

Air Breathing and Rocket Propulsion Advanced Propulsion Controls


Excellent computer skills, including experience in Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Project, and Word, with programming experience in MatLab, Simulink and LabView.

Computer modeling experience in CATIA V5, CAD, PARA.EXE, and PERF.EXE.

Structural design experience using compression/tensile testing equipment, shear flow and pressure vessel analyses, structural analysis by hand methods, ANSYS modeling software for FEM and vibrational modal analyses, and experience with composite lamination theory

Experience in manufacturing composite main and tail rotor blades

Experience using multiple wind-tunnels including supersonic wind tunnel

Highly adaptive individual with excellent time management skills.

Experienced in team work environments from numerous design project teams and leadership activities.

Excellent technical writing and effective and organized communicator; well qualified in public speaking and presentations.



Preliminary Aircraft Design LUFTWERKE Fall 2014

Member of a team of seven that designed a supersonic business jet to meet RFP requirements.

Personally, designed the wings and engine inlet, and analytically calculated subsonic performance of the aircraft.

Researched and confirmed that aircraft design was in accordance with CFR standards and requirements.

Presented a Preliminary Design Review to a board of industry engineers.

Detail Aircraft Design LUFTWERKE Spring 2015

Acted as liaison between the CATIA CAD section and the Test Planning section for wind tunnel testing.

Personally, scaled the model of the business jet down to fit inside the wind tunnel facility.

Verified performance capabilities of the aircraft using wind tunnel data.

Presented a Critical Design Review to a group of engineers and system managers from industry.

Experimental Aerodynamics Spring 2014

Lead a team of three in conducting wind tunnel testing.

Analyzed the necessity for wall corrections and boundary layer trip strips in wind tunnels for an airfoil.

Tested flow over a cylinder and over a multitude of wing types.

Tested the effectiveness of gurney flaps at various lengths on a highly-swept wing.

Wrote technical reports based on the wind tunnel results.

CATIA CAD Modeling Spring 2011

Designed, with a team of three, the original concept for an amphibious rover for space exploration.

Personally, modeled the body of the rover in CATIA.

The team was additionally tasked with modeling a Boeing 747 in CATIA.

Personally, modeled the landing mechanism and wheels of the 747, and helped assemble the final model.

Solids Project Summer 2013

Member of a team of five that researched arch and truss structures in buildings and bridges to determine which had better resistance to failure from singular vertical forces.

Personally, calculated the solution for both structures analytically and helped validate the analytic solution by testing structure samples using a Vertical Tension Tester.



Swissport / WestJet Airlines Ltd – Phoenix, AZ September 2016 – Current

Conducted check-in procedures, gate & boarding procedures, security procedures & searches, baggage delivery & claim procedures and irregular operations procedures

Mastered communicating with people from different cultures, backgrounds and religions and provided them with a pleasant and happy experience while at the airport

Worked and communicated with other organizations at the airport to ensure the safe and swift transition and travel of the passengers

Adapted around the flexible working works as required

Sodexo - Maintenance and Events Setup August 2013 – May 2015

Leader of 5 student workers, responsible for organizing their setup tasking.

Scheduled facilities maintenance and events’ setup.

Conducted quality inspections and acted as a liaison between clients and managers.



Dean’s List in Fall Semester 2014 and Spring Semester 2015

Service Excellence Award – Sodexo

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