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Active Directory Sales

Macon, Georgia, United States
April 23, 2018

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Brent Shade McCullers Cell Phone: 478-***-****


Middle Georgia State University GPA: 3.0/4.0 (Start: August/2014 Grad: July/2018)

Bachelors of Information Technology

Work Experience

Macon Water Authority (internship) October/2017 – Present

I worked under the Director if IT as an assistant, I had to prioritize and delegate day to day task of trouble shooting and server maintenance.

Assisted the network and systems analyst with user support and network monitoring.

Analyzed ways to consolidate the number of tools used to manage and monitor the company’s system.

Constructed a Linux based sandbox to deal with portable devices that may be corrupted before it entered the network.

Talked to the user’s throughout the company to solve productivity issues

Assisted with a companywide software integration project, to increase company efficiency.

Constructed policies to strengthen information security

Wrote code to manage automated backups and storage allocation.

Researched ways to combine and modify databases for easier reporting

Pittsburgh Plate and Glass (Sales Associate) December/2015 – October/2017

Worked with DIY homeowners to complete personal home improvement projects

Used my product knowledge to assist customer and contractors to come to a complete solution for their needs

Went to contractors on site to troubleshoot issues dealing with construction

Studied ways to increase company sales every month, while maintaining quality clients and contractors

Consulted with new contractors on remodeling and construction advice to achieve profit targets and deadlines.

Technical skills (Cyber Security)

Understand different incident response approaches

Understand and can develop effective policies through active directory

Can manage accounts and sources through active directory

I have experience working in Linux (Kali, Ubuntu, Debian)

Understand basic networking traffic protocols (TCP, UDP, TCMP, etc.)

Has experience with network monitoring tools such as nmap, Wireshark, datadog, and logic monitor

Hs a basic understanding and experience with Palo Alto Firewall technology

Technical skills (Development)

I understand the importance of client/user interaction during development

I have a strong understanding of the software development life cycle and agile methodology

I can deliver clear and concise message through presentations and meetings

I have SQL skills in constructing queries and select statements to navigate databases

I’m familiar with C#, Java, Javascript, HTML5, Python, and CSS

Soft Skills

Ability to work with deadlines, and can delegate my responsibilities

Is able to meet defined goals and targets, and I’m efficient with multiple appointments

Flexible to handle any unforeseen events

Good listener, good at picking up on non-verbal communications

Shows confidence in interactions, and can remain friendly and empathetic

Display respect and open mindedness to colleagues and clients

Shows responsibility in actions, accepts feedback positively

Adept at planning and execution, and can be flexible

Is committed to performing to the best of abilities

Works as a team player, trustworthy and patient, and Can deal with critical issues and is resilient

Data analysis: can detect patterns within data in a timely fashion

Can detect niches in system that may cause larger issues in the future

Creative outlook on problems and goals, I look at situations from different viewpoints


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