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Manager Electrical

Riyadh, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia
21000 SAR
April 23, 2018

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Personal Information

Date of Birth

October **th, 1973



Marital Status


Residence Location

Riyadh, KSA

Fields of experiences

An experienced engineer with over 20 years in the Design, inspection, monitoring, supervision and execution of electrical works. This includes the installation and commissioning of electrical equipment and systems. As a Consultant, I have also undertaken Management for MEP, OHTL, Substations, Industrial Factories, constructions of Hospitals, Hotels & Administration buildings.




Assistant Installation Package Manager


1 Year

Company Industry

Engineering, Construction, Turnkey projects.

June 2017- May 2018

Lead the project management for sections of the electrical works in Riyadh metro package 3 and support the Planning and review of progress of all phases of the Electrical works.

-Undertake detailed supervision of the package contractors engineering and preparation of drawings for the project.

-Review the package contractors, technical submittals and issue to the consultants for approval.

-Facilitate the co-ordination of the works with other package contractors

-Solution of technical difficulties with the professional team and package contractor.

-Review contract documentation and advise professional team of problems and assist in the solution.

-Issue drawings, specifications and other documents to Package Contractors.

-Support the commercial team to review applications for payment, valuation of variations and claims.

-Instigate the issue of instructions to package contractors for Electrical Works. Manage the supervision of the package contractors site works

-Review progress and quality of installation and manage the RFIs letters.

-Communicate with other parts of the Construction Management Team including logistics, quality assurance, and safety to fully integrate the package contractors works.

-Plan and monitor site inspection plans and approval.

-Plan in conjunction with the package contractor the commissioning of the works and the interface with the overall project.

-Manage the preparation of record drawings and operating and maintenance manuals.

-Co-ordinate with the client / package contractor during client training and handover.

-Review reports received and issue reports for inclusion in the overall CMT client report


Tebrak T&D


Technical office Senior Electrical Engineer


1 Y +8 M

Company Industry

Engineering, Construction, Turnkey projects, Maintenances.

October 2015- May 2017

My responsibilities included the Construction Domain for pricing(quotations), design, inspect, monitor and supervise the execution of electrical works. Installation and commissioning of electrical equipment and systems in projects sites, new buildings (schools, hospitals, mall centers, training centers, residential and industrial buildings), also coordination with SCECO on behalf of MODA to bring the commercial power at site as & when required.


Contracts and quotations:-

Working knowledge and clear understanding of contract :

# New projects:

-Studying scope of work, BOQ, Drawings, specifications, time schedules.

-Preparing new bedding for new quotations.

-Control and monitoring all activity within contractual obligation, capture any deviations from contract and notify the relevant stakeholders.

# Old and running projects (Yanboh, Khobar, Damam, Gadah and Riyadh):

-Studying scope of work, BOQ, Drawings, specs, time schedules.

-Implementation and improving work time schedule according to stakeholder’s requests whilst refering to the signed contracts and addendums.

Supervision / SCECO Coordination:-

-Daily supervision of consortium partner works at site

-Prepare the daily, weekly and monthly report of work progress and send to the Construction Manager

-Attend the RFI & MIR and witness the tests on site

-Coordinate with local SCECO office for survey, power application, follow ups and power termination.

Weekly Construction Meetings :-

-Coordinating with office and site staff for technical assistance get backup support from office for design drawings, specifications & standard and other required information

-Confer with Consortium Partner and TVTC & MODA on the Design Drawings and other Documents for Electrical Works.

Document Control (Supervision Role ) :-

-Update record drawings, Monitor testing and inspection record and reports, Maintain submittals log.

Technical :-

Review to build drawings (shop drawing, SLD, load flow diagram, cable routing, layout) for the execution, installation and testing & commissioning, Monitor and supervise the works as per to build drawings for any deviation or change in

-LC-BMS, Data, telephone, Fire alarm, CCTV, SMTV, Sound systems, earthing.

-ELV-Lighting, power (static, dynamic loads), main power panels, land scape and road lighting.

-MV-RMU, transformers, Generators, Cables.

Raise the flag to all stakeholders, Participation in all types of testing & commissioning of all deliverable as per contractual obligations.




Electrical Technical Office Manager-Ghana


+10 Month

Company Industry

Engineering, Construction, Turnkey projects, Maintenances and consultant.

February 2014-October 2015

Manage and coordinate the electrical designs, drawings, and construction for new structures and upgrade structures [nine Hospital projects in Ghana (value US$ 0.7 Billion) and Gold Refinery in Ghana (value Euro € 38.0 Million)].

-Designs projects and review electrical plans, specifications and contract documents to ensure compliance with government codes, laws and regulations for LV (substations, LV panels, Cables, Grounding, AC and lighting) and for LC (telephone and Data system, Fire alarm, Nears calling, Clock system, TV system and BMS).

-Manage and communicating internally with construction managers, project managers and various departments and externally with other consultants and government representatives to flow up time schedule and illustrate ideas in work plans, maps, charts and graphs.

-Reviews subcontractor’s shop drawings to ensure compliance with specifications and contract agreements by checking them for technical accuracy according to accepted guidelines.

-Reviews product literature, analyzes materials and determines appropriateness for application to projects.


El-Khalda for building & Construction


MEP projects Manager


1 Y+7 M

Company Industry

Engineering, Construction, Turnkey projects & consultant.

July 2012-February 2014

Projects Manager with all responsibilities of this potion in compound construction field-MEP, as the administrative leader of the project. Responsibilities include planning, organizing, and administering the contract with the owner as well as contracts with all subcontractors. Monitor and proactively manage all costs, contract changes and other financial aspects of the project, as well as the contract time and any changes thereto, and report accordingly both internally and externally to the client. Work in close coordination with the field Superintendent to ensure the timely and cost effective execution of a quality project, which results in a client who is satisfied with Choate Construction, through the proficient use of the various tools provided by Choate Construction

-Firefighting, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, LC and BMS.

-Managing tenders documents, Contracts Terms, Shop drawings, Submittals approvals.

-Creating Detailed Time schedule plan.


Elsewedy Electric Group


Executive/Project Manager and country Manager



Company Industry

Engineering, Construction, Turnkey projects, Installation, Management and Marketing.

March 2007–June 2012

Provide leadership, direction to the team members and Electrical marketing study whilst creating contacts with key persons for-

-Execution phases of projects reporting to project mangers or the company Board.

-Manage the entire infrastructure and construction design and procurement operations.

-Coordinate with Clients, Tenants, Consultants, Contractors and Suppliers.

-Building relationship and co-ordinating with Government and other external Authorities.

-Responsible for the successful planning, execution within agreed budget & time constraints.

-Developing and implementing benchmark and risk assessment systems, policies and procedures in relation to both project management and property development.

-Developing and implementing project communication policies.

-Recruitment of appropriate support staff as required.

-Receiving, inspecting material, project time schedule and preparing material lists orders.





Maintenance to 220KV D.C Line of Agdabia – regah.

50,000 DL



500 KV OHTL- Abo Qer /Badr- 3 Lot’s.

400 MEgp



Factory of Wend energy in Elan Elsoknah-ElSewedy group.

50 MU$D

Suez Golf


Phase 2 of water curing stations, sewage water.

100 MEgp

Red sea


Pyramid industrial park (Phase A,B,C).

150 MEgp

10thof Ramadan


Administration Buildings of Elsewedy group.

25 MEgp

New Cairo


Street lighting, 16 distributions substations [LV & MV s/s].

2.6 MU$D



Construction of MV and LV networks (10000 poles-200 tr.)

50 MU$D

Nahr El-Nil


Supply and install Electrical OH line 30/0.4 kv for Project-East province.

5.6 MU$D



Prepare required documents to open branch in Rwanda.



Sending new tenders to Head office.

50 MU$D




Arab Suez Engineering Company (ASEC)


Assistant project Manager


7 Y+1 M

Company Industry

Engineering, Construction, Turnkey projects, Construction and Management.

February 2000 - March 2007

Electrical erection work, including cable trays, pipes, pulling cables (MV, LV, Control, Communication, Fiber optics), distribution panels (MV, MCC, ACC, Digital, analogue, PLC, Lighting panels) transformers, UPS, Capacitor bank.

-Coordination between all parties involved in the project (Client, Main Contractor, and Subcontractor), leading and supervising manpower to ensure optimum Efficiency and quality of work meeting client expectation.

-Commissioning work for motors, sensors, valves, electrical panels.

-Receiving and inspecting material, project time schedule, site reports, preparing Material lists orders.

-Cable calculation, preparing cables lists, BOQ, Cable routing design.

-Responsible for site store (tools, materials) and workshop (manufacturing of Supports, frames).

-Grounding, Lightning, Lighting, fire alarm (addressable, conventional & compound), firefighting stations. telephone, A/C work for s/s

Projects in Cement factories

Place/ Country

Sinai gray and white, Suez cement factory, Tura lines, Elqomyah factory, Asuot cement factory, Helwan cement factory, Elmenya cement factory, most of cement factories

Egypt, Jordan, Morocco




Seles, Marketing and installation project engineer.


2 Y+1 M

Company Industry

Seles, Marketing and installation.

Jan. 98 Jan. 2000

Erection and commissioning of Medium and low voltage cables, Cable trays, cable

ladders, motors, transformers, Medium and low voltage Panels (distribution, Protection and Control), fire alarm systems, earthing systems, Lighting system, computer and data system

Education and courses

June 2009/ May 2016

Project Management Institute (RITI), PMP- exam preparation course

May 2008

British Council, Cairo, Egypt,Certification/diploma, High level in English language GPA: V. Good

October 1998

Faculty of Engineering, Electrical Power dept., Cairo, Egypt, Bachelor's degree/higher diploma, Engineer



Skill Level

Years of Experience

Last Used

Electrical Engineering


More than 16 years

one month

Electrical Design (LC, LV, MV)


More than 16 years

one month

Coordination skill


More than 16 years

one month

Tracking Budget Expenses


More than 6 years

one month



More than 16 years

one month

Planning and reporting


More than 8 years

one month

AutoCAD and Primavera P6

V. Good

More than 6 years

one month

Various Windows, Microsoft Office Package


More than 16 years

one month



Skill Level

Years of Experience

Last Used



More than 10 years

month or less 1 year



More than 10 years

month or less 1 year




Job Title




Shahduz Zaman BEng, CEng, MIET

Requirements Manager

UK Contact number: +44(0)797-***-****

Saudi Contact Number: +966(0)590325406


CFPS_Walid Sabry

Fire Life Safety Package Manager



As an experienced professional, I have lead and managed projects holding a number of key positions such as MEP Manager, Electrical Construction manager, Technical Office and Executive Senior Engineer. I am a very driven and ambitious person, who works hard with exceptional leadership capabilities.

With over 20 years’ in the engineering industry, I feel I would be an asset to any organization who would benefit from utilizing my knowledge and experience. I look forward to new challenges and embrace change. I am constantly striving to learn and develop myself further and seek an opportunity within an organization where I can share my knowledge, whilst also learning new skills.

I always promote a good working atmosphere where ever I work as I believe this helps improve productivity whilst providing an opportunity for the organization to grow.

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