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mainframe db2 cobol

Downers Grove, Illinois, United States
April 21, 2018

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Summary of Qualifications

Offers over 38 years of system development experience and COBOL experience. I am a Senior Information Technology professional with comprehensive and diversified technical leadership and applications design/development experience. Experienced with a wide variety of hardware, software, languages, and applications. Assumed roles of increasing responsibility with concentration in analysis, programming, installation, and documentation on both mainframe and PC systems. Utilized various on-line, batch, and database systems. I have worked in application environments such as manufacturing, insurance, banking, billing, accounting, and retail.

Areas of Expertise

Software Design, Construction and Testing

IBM ZOS/MVS/30XX/370/360

IBM compatible PC systems































Professional Experience

BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON - Associate 2013 – Present

Developer for RRB

Since 2015, I have been supporting the SPEED 7.0 project. Designed, coded and tested mainframe programs related to the processing of permanent work deductions for SPEED. Participated in daily SCRUM meetings and responded to all severity 1 or 2 bug/defect requests.

I have supported RRB in developing six programs as part of the SPEED 6.2 team. Worked closely with both the lead Policy and Systems analyst and the Bureau of Information Services lead to discuss and clarify the requirements as identified in the specifications.

I performed life cycle functions including interface with users for new development, testing and reviewing reports, files, and online functionality for ROC and IRMAA applications. Project software/tools included COBOL, CICS, DB2, JCL, File Manager for DB2 and files, DEBUG, ENDEAVOR, TSO, Control-M.

As a developer for Part D IRMAA, I used the design specification documents to code the programs. Programmed both batch programs and CICS screens. Worked with key users and clients at RRB to discuss the screens overall look and feel to help ensure all needs were met and mirrored the design specifications.

APEX SYSTEMS, INC 2012 – 2013

Developer for Booz Allen (under contract with the RRB)

I performed life cycle functions including interface with users for new development, testing and reviewing reports, files, and online functionality for ROC and Part D IRMAA applications.

As a developer working on the RRB ROC O/M project, I quickly got up to speed on the project and successfully helped the team with completion of the specifications. Supported the team with the development activities and is able to see to see a broad view on programs working together.

NORTHERN TRUST 2003 – Present

Senior Programmer Analyst within Trust Accounting

As a Senior Programmer Analyst I provided valuation process support for third party assets. Wrote DB2 purge and historical database process. Experienced working with Trust Systems including Global Corporate Action, Trade, Global Finance Accounting, Dataload for Global and Domestic accounts, as well as maintenance of standing data DB2 tables.

I regularly and proficiently used project software/tools included COBOL, DB2, JCL, PANVALET, FILEAID, EXPEDITOR, ENDEAVOR, EASYTRIEVE, TSO, VSAM, Control-M.


Oak Enterprises, Inc., Technical Consultant (Client: Northern Trust)

I interfaced with a financial package (FTI) producing account notifications within the entitlements division. Created CICS transactions for user status and verification. Performed life cycle functions including interface with users for designing, programming, testing and reviewing reports, files, and online functionality for trust applications. Created custom batch COBOL interface programs extracted DB2 transactions and created QSAM files for transfer, creating JCL streams and file structures. I also worked with team members to provide production support and maintenance utilizing project software/tools including COBOL, DB2, CICS, JCL, PANVALET, ENDEAVOR, FILEAID, EXPEDITOR, EASYTRIEVE, TSO.

HI-TECH SOLUTIONS, Inc., Technical Consultant (Client: Navistar, Spiegel)

I was involved in new development projects for a large catalog company, balancing QSAM retail order files against DB2 order rows and reported using EASYTRIEVE. Created report data using QMF database retrieval process and supported maintenance functions including: conversion interfacing with EASEL PC systems, supporting production IDMS systems in batch, and CICS applications.

T.M FLOYD, Technical Consultant (Client: Komatsu, Blue Cross/Blue Shield)

I programmed, tested, and installed new development pilot project for a large insurance firm. Rewrote part of a letter writing systems to interface with a database and rewrote applications for a truck manufacturing firm converting files to a database and programs to utilities. I was also responsible for new development programming through installation for a part pricing system in an industrial machine firm using batch and on-line development with database and utilities.

Computer Horizons, Inc., Technical Consultant (Client: Transamerica, Sears)

I programmed, tested, and installed new development programs in an order system for a retail manufacturer and pharmaceutical firm and was also involved in the redesign of an order system for a retail catalog system. Wrote new development programs in a purchasing system for a leasing company utilizing life cycle methodology.

AGS Computer, Inc., Technical Consultant/Field Manager (Client: Navistar, Northrop)

I served as field manager at client site and was responsible for administrative duties for 18 people, including reviews and staffing. Designed, programmed, tested, and installed employee skills, sales, and marketing PC systems. I also held responsibility for the programming, JCL, and documentation changes of a DOS to OS/MVS conversion at a major manufacturing firm. Installed a taxing subsystem, a transaction entry, and a screen on-line system for a MSA management system and also designed, implemented, and tested an order entry application system for the customer service department of a major telecommunications organization.

Data Processing Solutions, Technical Consultant (Client: Bosch, Chicago Rawhide, Molex, Federal Reserve)

I programmed, installed, documented, and maintained PC systems for various clients in inbound freight manifesting, inventory control, record lock multi-user wholesale and retail distribution and manufacturing. Coded new programs on mainframe for key client in manufacturing, insurance, and electronics and maintained programs on a major bank security system.

Systems and Programming Resources, Technical Consultant (Client: Krane, Bankers Life)

I designed, programmed, balanced, and updated batch programs for an insurance system; maintained an on-line tax system; and maintained and performed report writing for a financial statistics system. Designed, installed, and maintained batch and on-line programs for a major manufacturing system.

Bell and Howell, Programmer/Analyst

I supported a database conversion and maintained batch and on-line programs for a shipping and billing system. Maintained payroll and accounts receivable batch systems and was responsible for a lease and purchase batch system utilizing an outside consultant as well as in-house staff.


Illinois State University, B.S. Mathematics

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