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Engineer Test

Springfield, Illinois, United States
April 20, 2018

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*** * ******* ***,

908-***-**** Springfield, IL

Status in USA: USC


* ***** ** ********** ** IT, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Developing, Testing and Technical Support.

Good knowledge of RF Antenna theory, Microwave Devices and Theory, Semi-Conductors.

Good understanding of EPC core Architecture (eNodeB, MME, S-GW, PDN-GW) Network Elements and Interfaces and BTS architecture.

Provided RF Design and Optimization services for macro and DAS networks for various clients.

Thorough understanding of WLAN technologies including knowledge of wireless technology 802.11 b/g/n/ac.

In-depth experience in RAN analysis on VoLTE/LTE driving parameter and feature trials for improving KPI's on VoLTE and LTE.

Hands on knowledge of ALU/Nokia LTE TDD and FDD parameters and Ericsson parameters.

Ability to perform well independently as well as a team member.

Experience working in the cellular industry in a field/operations position.

Experience with RF testing and optimization tools including: TEMs, Spectrum Analyzer, and JDSU.



B.S Electronics Engineering

Technical Expertise

Technical Tools: QXDM, QCAT, QPST, QMICM, QMI Test Pro, Wire shark, LAB view, Empirix Call Analyzer, Oscilloscope, Power Supply, and Spectrum Analyzer, JDSU (Agilent), Iris View Commscope BTS equipment, AutoCAD, Putty.

Languages: C/C++, Visual Studio, Shell, Python & Perl.

Web Technologies: HTML, HTML 5, CSS, BLUE-JS, BLUE-UI, CSS3, Java, JavaScript, Angular-JS1-2, JQuery, AJAX, XHTML, XML, JSON.

IDE & Editors: Notepad++, Visual Studio 2010, Eclipse, NetBeans, Dreamweaver. Application Server Apache, IIS.z.Database& servers: Windows Server 2003-2010, SQL Server 2005, MySQL, GIT, oracle.

Work Experience

RF Engineer –Crown Castle Jan 2017 to Present Chicago, IL

Perform on site ATP’s, deploy, optimize and test Wireless DAS Infrastructure in Chicago market for T-Mobile and Verizon LTE and UMTS networks.

Responsible for contributing in the RF Design of the existing regional LTE network, reviewed and signed FCC/FAA submissions in a timely manner.

Responsible for optimization of Pre/post Migration Sites in Multiple mid-west markets.

Perform radio engineering evaluation for system planning and site acquisition.

In-building design documents preparation for before and after site survey. Used IBWAVE for design and used MAPINFO for network optimization.

Cell planning support for new areas using propagation and field test data and tools. Performed Single Site verification tests on LTE cell sites.

Preparation and execution of T-Mobile Phase 1, 2 & 3 upgrade for the Midwest Markets.

Injection of CW test data into baseline to simulate proposed network design using C-SCAPE.

Indoor DAS site walk testing for multiple venues. Assisted in implementation of operations. Managed and Maintained DAS Nodes.

Interpret/Review RF sweep, PIM, and fiber testing results for Wireless Carrier like Verizon, Sprint DAS and macro networks.

Selection of appropriate eNodeB/ NodeB candidates for building and integration. Decommissioning request of under-utilized site.

LTE Engineer - Southern Linc Mar17 to Dec 17 Birmingham, AL

Responsible for technical support of Wireless products and solution.

Responsible for developing test plans and maintaining test specifications, providing product development support to vendors as well as interfacing with Sales and Network Engineering teams.

LTE deployment project: Optimized LTE/VoLTE sites following initial deployment on the 800 MHz (cellular) frequency band.

Execute detailed drive testing on wireless networks using JDSU Agilent, NEMO, Anova and TEMS.

Running basics RF drive test cases on CMW 500 to ensure quality for Southern Linc Network and other test vendors.

Develop and perform test plan coverage of patch fixes deliverable into SLC LTE EPC.

Provided support for commissioning, integration, and troubleshooting for new sites and frequency add-on (Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent, and Ericsson).

Performed commissioning and testing of DAS equipment at site locations.

Review and streamlining of existing test plans for Field AGPS testing as per both the FCC and SLC requirements.

Responsible for market compliance of OSS/performance upgrades or updates. Perform optimization activities post sites integration/upgrades.

Design suggestions for the upcoming EPC core LTE/UMTS sites based upon the traffic pattern.

IMS Core Network Engineer - Verizon Wireless Jan 16 to Jan 17 Westlake, TX

Perform VoLTE/ IMS, SRVCC, Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) tests. Performed device IOT testing on LTE network and CDMA, Embedded product testing.

Analyzing call processing/protocol issues, certification issues during RF/protocol testing, integrating SW fixes.

Use Iris view and debug SIP call flows. Analyze VoLTE SIP drops and lost call through IRIS view.

Responsible for rapid troubleshooting and resolution of network issues related to 3GPP2 CDMA Core, RAN and 3GPP LTE in dynamic working environment.

Perform Testing Mobile E911 LTE Phase I & Phase II System Live Call Testing & Verification for PSAP with Verizon System Performance on LTE network Issues.

Provisioning of Ericsson Ethernet to Cell Transport and LTE Network Elements such as eNodeB, HSS, MME etc.

Troubleshooting on ALU and Nokia product line and associated OSS interfaces (e.g. SAM, NetAct, WPS, BTS Site manager, etc.).

Worked on LTE iWLAN feature with ePDG server for seamless mobility between 3GPP network and non-3GPP network.

Designing, network planning and optimizing of 802.11a/b/g/n wireless LANs using Wi-Fi module. Development of Radio propagation model for MM Wave and 5G (28 GHz).

Successfully tested WiFi arrays which utilized 802.11a/b/g/n/ac. Provide consulting and implementation management for VoWiFi solution based on IMS architecture and unique implementation solution.

Modem Test Engineer- Qualcomm Jan15-Jan 16 Austin, TX

Execute lab conformance test plans in the Qualcomm lab environment using various tools and test equipment. Test and verify network protocol requirements for complex digital modem products supporting VoWifi, VoLTE, LTE, UMTS (HSPA+) and C2K technologies.

Perform Field testing using QXDM with reference devices and customer devices for IRAT scenarios. Field testing includes latest software build testing, collecting logs, finding system crashes for lab debugging.

Performing FTP/UDP throughput test cases for single/dual carrier, single/dual SIM.

Collecting and analyzing logs for various devices to check the functionality and network connectivity using Throughput Testing, Regression Testing, KPI Testing, and Sanity Testing.

Responsible for testing Qualcomm's IMS solution for services such as Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and Video Telephony (VT).

Testing device (stationary/mobile) functionality during different kinds of handovers and analyzing the messages exchange between UE and network on particular Software Builds.

Perform initial Analysis of the CRASH Dumps using Crash Scope. Analysis of Android Logs to determine the test action causing the issue.

Development and execution of test plans for modem product lines and system level features.

IRAT testing of the chipset using Rohde & Schwarz CMW500. IRAT scenario as a replica of mobility, in and out coverage and cell edge

Lead RF Engineer-Newfield Wireless Jun 13-Dec 14 Berkley, CA

Lead a drive-test team in the field to collect CW (continuous wave) path-loss data. Ensure that test kit is complete, with back-up equipment, so all test gear is working properly, calibrated and accurate.

Perform walk testing, Benchmarking and drive testing for WCDMA, GSM, UMTS, CDMA 1x/EVDO, AWS, VoLTE, LTE network, site verification and troubleshooting.

Calibrate RF propagation models using Newfield proprietary and off-the-shelf software tools such as Asset, Atoll, GeoPlan and Planet EV.

Support RAN engineers with LTE cluster optimization assignments using TrueCall. Analyze propagation modeling and “drive test” measurements and make recommendations for site optimizations.

Maintain accurate records of field activities in order to comply with contractual obligations.

Troubleshoot VSWR issues within the base station lines and antenna system.

Integrate and optimize BTS to new eNodeB's capacity additions into the existing network for outdoor Macros Cell Sites and indoor DAS Cell Sites.

Perform site verification and missing neighbour detection using drive test data. Helped in post processing using wind catcher tool to determine the quality of data.

Execute detailed testing on wireless networks using JDSU Agilent, NEMO, Anova and TEMS.

Tested antennas for radiation patterns in an anechoic chamber and gained experience with Electromagnetic and RF measurement equipment like Network Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, RF Faders, Splitters and Signal Generators.

Worked with client (cellular carriers like AT&T, Verizon Wireless, MetroPCS, T-Mobile, etc.) cell technicians, RF engineers and real estate managers to obtain timely access to cell sites and to trouble-shoot issues quickly

RF Field Engineer- TeleWorld Solutions May’12- Aug’ 13

Reston, VA

Perform drive testing using Anite Nemo Outdoor/Agilent/Tems/Actix providing benchmarking solution to Alltel/AT&T/Sprint networks.

Analyzed various RF parameters such as RSRP, RSRQ, RSSI, SNR, and Average Power and made sure they fall under acceptable range.

Helped in post processing using wind catcher tool to determine the quality of data.

Sector verifications. Soft Handover/Hard Handover, RNC –RNC handover Testing.

Perform drive testing of ATT cell sites and analyse Sector Swap, dropped call, blocked calls

Prepared KPI reports for Drop Call Percentage, Call Setup success Rate, Ec/Io, CS/PS origination failures, Handover success ratio.

Pre and Post RNC Re-home testing and Report generation.

Perform CSFB testing to verify LTE call success rate and call drop rate, speed test and E911.

Utilize propagation tools and other RF related equipment for propagation, coverage review, zoning and regulatory.

Monitors system performance indicators such as dropped calls, blocked calls, origination failures, handoff failures, review capacity reports and forecast for short and long term site/system requirements.

Update all project trackers, and work closely with local RF Engineer and Regulatory Specialist to prepare necessary zoning/regulatory filings for sites ensuring that compliance is met.

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