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Park City, UT
April 23, 2018

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Carlos Scheidecker

**** ********* *****, **** ****, UT 84098 801-***-****

Hands on Technology Executive, Technologist and Proven Software Architect

Artificial Intelligence High Scalable Systems

Innovative American Career Technologist with experience spanning 3 decades of association with automotive, healthcare, financial services, insurance, high tech, government procurement and e-commerce. Delivering creative, client-centric tools, with value-driven solutions. Proven leadership experience ranging from evaluating technology to discovered niche products for bootstrapped and venture-backed startups. Highly data-driven creationist, committed to designing coherent enterprise platforms with a wide range of technical domain expertise and business acumen. Entrepreneur and founder of successful technology companies showcasing ability to drive change through consensus within an organization. My specialties and passions on technology are concentrated on applied Artificial Intelligence domains such as Natural Language Understanding, NLP, Neural Networks, Visual Information Retrieval, Speech Recognition, Big Data and High scalability architecture.




OmnIQuo, Inc. San Francisco, CA

CTO and main architect and IP creator for the company platform.

OmnIQuo, Inc. is an artificial intelligence based analytics software platform to extract actionable intelligence from Big Data sources such as text, speech, images, audio and video. The omnIQuo solution is built on acquired IP that was developed in over 20 years of research in the realm of NLP, machine learning, neural networks and Meaning Understanding. This unique IP enables machines to understand the meaning from written content WITHOUT requiring expensive machine training and yielding unprecedented accuracy. It is disrupting the projected 18B+ Predictive and Prescriptive analytics market. Its solutions are being deployed in the customer engagement, financial services and government sectors. The company has customers in Financial Services and Customer Engagement sectors, has a strong pipeline of fortune 500 prospects, it is backed by industry luminaries on its advisory board and it is poised to be a dominant player in the data driven economy. At OmnIQuo I have been responsible for the creation, design and architecture of the AI algorithms and platform as well as the Big Data system and its main applications. Prior to that I was the original architect of the acquired IP.

Key Achievements:

Responsible for designing, implementing and delivering the core AI engines for the platform.

Hired, managed and mentored development team.

Fixed third party company faulty architecture for workflow marketing automation product.

Implemented Big Data and high scalable processing architecture.

Defined the technical direction of the underlining products

Designed and implemented Restful centric scalable architecture

Created and implemented bespoken OAUTH2 authentication/authorization Big Data system

Key Duties:

Determine strategic direction of product development and uphold the company’s position at the forefront of technology by focusing on product precision and scalability.

Manage architecture, application development, implementation, and quality assurance teams.

Troubleshoot and correct complex issues with an emphasis on real-time information extraction.

Manage developers, IT personnel, and QA Engineers.

Prepared documentation for the entire platform.

Accountability with the management team, stakeholders and board of directors.

Supplied technical content used on product marketing.


PerceptiveCore, llc Park City, UT

Responsible for strategy development, solution design, production execution and IP development.

PerceptiveCore, LLC in an artificial intelligence R&D company with the mission of creating bespoken information extraction AI engines.

Key Achievements:

Responsible for architecture and IP creation using machine learning technology, resulting in the initial technology for the incorporation of OmnIQuo, Inc.

Key Duties:

Oversaw business development, IP creation and research and development.

Operated as chief architect.

Reviewed all development projects to ensure reliability, effectiveness and ROI.

BIG DATA ARCHITECT Sep 2012 – Oct 2013

InContact, inc NICE Sandy, UT

Responsible for the Big Data architecture and implementation using the Cassandra and Hadoop systems. Analytics/AI and algorithms work such as the design of a predictive dialing system. Created reports to executive team related on the due diligence of acquired business for the company. Technical Interview for Architects, Senior Engineers and software developers. Introduced Functional Programming and their importance to the architecture team.


BidSync, Inc. American Fork, UT

Design and implementation of the Data mining products with extensive use of AI and NLP technologies (introduced AI technologies to the company). Also serving as a lead developer for the new Java EE 6 platform that includes Web services, web systems and database persistency. Give support on security and datacenter infrastructure. Mostly the development platform I work with is Java EE but I also design the algorithms for fast performance and optimum memory usage.

Applications include:

- Classification Engine for Bid categorization. Built and designed, single handled, a vector space system to classify 4.000 Bids a day within 45.000 categories. The system runs in 99 seconds and has had a precision of 99.99%. Also, designed the learner on an easy way to avoid investment from the company to build a team to train it. The whole product was trained within 45 days by one single person.

- Information Extractor using Fuzzy logic. Built and designed, single handled. the Extractor Engine for BidSync. On this first release, it extracts bids information from html pages when that information is inside html table structures. The system first downloads the HTML and convert that to properly formated XML which is then parsed using a very fast pointer based XML parser. Once parsed, the data is then stored into a table object with rows and columns and then fuzzy logic is applied to headers to determine what kind of bid information each column holds. Most of the bids the company needs to extract is now done by this Extractor Engine and no configuration is needed due to the implementation of the AI modules. There is also a NLP Date extractor that is able to extract an understand dates in any numerical and written form as well as convert time zones. The system uses Machine Learning techniques to acquire extra knowledge and infer from previous acquired data.

Company was later acquired based on the mining technology I had created.

SR SOFTWARE ENGINEER Jul 2009 – Oct 2010

LANDesk, Inc. Salt Lake City, UT

Worked on different C# projects such as Asset Lifecycle Management where I was responsible to write integration with Avocent’s AMIE SOA API, integration with Avocent’s AMP SOA platform, wrote VMWare integration tools such as cloning VMs, creating VMs and managing VMs. Wrote WCF system to integrate with Microsoft SCCM. Rewrote the workflow PowerShell component which is now able to execute any script thus enhancing the product. Worked on the Touch Paper application for adding remote control capability on the web application layer to servers from the main LANDesk product. Designed a SMS management Android application to integrate SMS with the corporate email accounts. An Android Agent to scan for installed applications and manage devices from a central SOA system. Contributed on iPhone and Android scanning for mobile system inventory. Recently joined the Software Asset Management team helping with the SOA implementation. Got an award of excellent on the second month at the job.

SOFTWARE ENGINEER Oct 2009 – Jun 2009

LANDesk, Inc. Salt Lake City, UT

Develop Enterprise Service Bus and SOA software and its components for managing networks and other large scale systems. Added the NTLM authentication scheme to the project and worked on the high availability service assembly for LDAP, Radius and Active Directory. Worked alone on the implementation of a fast algorithm for hierarchical SQL representation of networks, domains, users and groups which provided linear time cost for all the operations. Extended the JRadius library so that the MSCHAPv1 protocol would work, including creating a new Lan Manager Hash implementation and challenge, response messages. Recently working on Certificate authentication and management including the servlets for the FLEX back end communication.

SOFTWARE ENGINEER Apr 2006 – Oct 2009

iCentris Salt Lake City, UT

Worked as a developer for all aspects of commercial J2EE applications including ORM tools, web services design, online payment features, back end integration and components development.


Banco Fator Sao Paulo, Brazil

Served as Technical Due Diligence consultant at partnership with family owned bank to acquire dot com companies and state owned telecom organizations.

LEAD ARCHITECT May 1996 – Dec 2004

Toyota do Brasil / SEN Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil

Worked in partnership with Toyota to lead a team of about 50 people in 2 departments to develop and deploy an integration suite of tools to handle dealership logistic needs such as JIT orders, order status and automated warranty claim approval. Designed also the system to integrate with major partner Esso (Exxon) for JIT lubricants supply system to nationwide dealer network. Got awards for innovation and excellence for these products.

LEAD ARCHITECT Jun 1992 – Jan 1994

Interchange Sao Paulo, Brazil

Served as lead architect, team lead and developer for the partnership between Dataware and Interchange (a Citibank company at the time) on developing a common project on commercial and banking EDI. Team was composed of about 20 developers.


Dataware Bi Sao Paulo, Brazil

Chief architect and developer for auto industry software such as dealer integration systems, warranty claim analysis, online order, order tracking and intelligent data mining. Pioneered car and auto parts real time inventory integration among thousands of dealerships in the early 90s. Set up the 2 datacenters of the companies and their servers located both in North and South America. Customers included Toyota, BMW, Subaru, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Esso, FIAT, General Motors, Ford and Delphi. Also, the co-founder of the company. Received awards from Toyota for technical and innovation excellence.


MS, Computer Science, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT 2008

BS, Computer Science, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT 2006

BS, Mechanical Engineering, The University Center of FEI, Sao Bernardo Campo, Brazil 1995


A.I. Winners webcast - 2018

Big Data Architecture - 2012

AJAX architecture - 2008

Various product presentations to investors and customers – throughout career


Java EJB 3.1 - 2010

Linux Beowulf Cluster Professional - 2004

Advanced Delphi web program - 2000

SUN Java JDBC Programmer SL-285 - 2000

SUN Java Programmer SL-275 - 2000

LAMP PHP and MySQL - 1999

Linux Engineer - 1999

Advanced C++ programmer - 1995

Advanced C programmer - 1994

IBM AIX Professional - 1993

English Certification, The University of Chicago, Chicago IL, 1995

Certifications on Computer Programming and Marketing, Edmonds Community College, Edmonds, WA 1990.

English Certification, University of Cambridge, UK 1989


English – Fluent.

Portuguese – Fluent.

Spanish – Full understanding spoken and written language.

Italian – Understanding of spoken and written language.




Programming languages: Java, C/C++, C#, Python, Perl, Scala, Object Pascal, few scripting languages.

Algorithm development: Encryption algorithms, Machine Learning and AI, Graph Algorithms.

Frameworks: Spring, Akka, Android, ServiceMix, Tomcat, Glassfish, Beowulf.

Databases: NoSQL such as Cassandra, Neo4J, MongoDB, HBase, Hadoop, NoSQL architecture. Relational such as MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, Interbase, MariaDB, SQL Server


Java – daily since 1998, 20+ years

JavaEE – daily since 2001, 17+ years

Spring Framework – daily since 2003, 15+ years

Java Architecture of high available systems APIs and Web – Daily 16+ years

Java Security – Over 10 years of many protocol implementations server and client side including implementations from scratch following RFCs.

Java OAuth2 – Designed unique system using Cassandra DB for authentication and authorization data.

Encryption algorithms development – 2 years of professional experience.

A.I – 20 years and awards winning solutions – recent presentation at AI Winners webcast.

Machine Learning – 20 years and award winnings solutions

NLP – 18 years and awards winning solutions

Big Data Architecture – Daily use 13 years – presentation to 200+ engineers and executives in 2012

Apache Cassandra – Daily user and development since 2010

Scala – since 2014 sporadically use.

Linux – 25 years of daily use since 1993

Linux servers and cluster administration – 20+ years daily use.

Unix – 27 years

Windows – Used since 1985 and did many developments using Borland C++, Delphi and Visual Studio.

Android – Since 2012 did a few systems using Video image capture and OCR development.

SQL – Daily use since 1993

MySQL – Using daily since 1997. Also, designed clusters with it for high availability.

Oracle DB – About 4 years including scripting it and designing client apps with Java and C#.

C# - 5 years of experience, plus academic but not my language of choice.

C++ - 10 years of experience

C – 12 years of experience

Object Pascal – 7+ years, including architecture and implementing Automotive Supply Chain projects.

Perl – 2 years of experience

Intellectual Property creation – Since 1991 to present day.

Architecture and design - Since 1991 to present day.

Engineering Team leadership – Over 25 years of experience to the present day.

Engineers mentoring – Over 20 years of experience to the present day.

Entrepreneurship – Over 25+ years of experience.

IT Operations – includes designing, maintaining and building data centers and cloud SaaS data centers – 23+ years of experience.

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