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Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines
April 23, 2018

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Mobile no.: 006***********


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Age : 30

Date of Birth : January 23, 1988

Civil Status : Married

Gender : Male

Citizenship : Filipino


Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering

Notre Dame University

Cotabato City, Philippines

June 2004 – March 2009



Electronics Board of Engineering Examination 2011

PRC License no. 0049881

PRC Board Rating 75%

Valid until May 2021


AutoCad 2D/3D max

Microstation V7/8

ArcGIS Telcordia Network Engineer




Total years of Experience: 8.3 years


Saudi Telecom Company

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

OSP Telecom Engineer/Manager

Design and Implementation

May 2012 – December 2017

Job Description and Responsibilities:


• Licensed Electronics and Communications Engineer with years of diversified exposure in telecom sector covering Mid East market focusing on TURN KEY PROJECTS such as OSP & ISP Civil and Fiber, Project Management, Implementation & Technical Audits of Fiber Optic Transmission Networks constituting Long-Haul, Junction & Access, FTTM, FTTB, FTTC, FTTH/GPON as well as Transmissions Systems of SDH, DWDM, OLTs and ONUs.

• OSP/ISP Network Planning & Design including Surveying & Forecasting Project management and implementation of various OFC projects, technical audits, QoS implementation and measurement in Fiber Optic Networks and Services.

• Managing and monitoring of OFC Networks Deployment, OFC Planning, Commissioning/Quality Testing and Optimization of OFC networks.

• Handling different vendor equipment/networks, test benches and tools used for conformance the quality of networks.


• Planning & Design for Civil and Fiber Infrastructure for ODN development to cover the future demand

• FTTH/GPON Network Planning, Cost estimation, Route Selection, fiber Management and Fiber Link Power Budgeting.

• Planning & Design of OSP & ISP for Mobile Sites Backhauling on GPON with Main and Protection/Diversity

• Design Review for QA & QC of FTTx Low Level Design for HBU, EBU and FTTM submitted by Vendors and Contractors

• Preparing Guidelines Documents and Defining Processes for OSP & ISP Implementation according to SAUDI TELECOM CO. Standards

• Assuring the compliance of Guidelines in the All Regions

• Evaluation of ISP equipment requirement and issuing Scope of Work

• Coordination with Multi Vendors Ericsson/Huawei/Alcatel Lucent for ISP Equipment (OLT & ONT)

• Approval of MOPs of OLT equipment

• Quality checking of Feeder and Distribution Fiber and Civil Network Designs and verification of BOQ.

• Development of Fiber Management and Distribution System on Granite for OSP and ISP part of FTTH/GPON Platform

• Updating of Design and Asbuilt using Network Engineer(Telcordia)

• Coordination with Regional Design & Implementation Managers to resolve the bottle necks and issues in the Feeder and Distribution Fiber and Civil Designs.


• Experienced user of AutoCAD, MapInfo, Micro Station, OSP insight, NISE, and Geolink.

• Proficient in Microsoft Office: Excel, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage and MS Project Management. OSP Technical Skills include fiber splicing, terminating, OTDR and Power testing.

• Expertise in Network Engineer (NE) Telcordia.

Completed projects and Achievements:

Supervised Planning, designing, Implanted Metro fiber rings for major cites (Riyadh, Jeddah, Hail, Al Hasa)200 millions Riyals almost for Mobily Metro project).

Darul Alarkan Housing/Durath Al Riyadh projects consultant through I-Net(Al Sharq Group)

Tepm-6 project

Tep-6 project(OSP, Access, Primary, Secondary, Junction)

550K (network expansion, Upgrading and Cut-Over’s

Key Account for Major Banks & MOI

450K (network expansion, Upgrading and Cut-Over’s(survey, Mapping, design & Strategic Planning & Implementation

400k (Survey, design and Implementations)

400M (Survey, design and Implementations)

STC fixed networking updating project (Frame, GCOM & Network engineering tool)

2016 STC Copper Migration to MSAN

2017-2018 STC National Broadband Project( FTTH,FTTM,FTTN)

Trends And Technologies Inc.

Feb 2010 – Jan 2012

Cebu City, Philippines

Telecom Field Engineer

Data Access Network Operations Department

Job Duties and Functions Performed

• Install and activate GLOBE LEASED LINE (IPVPN/MPLS, Domestic Frame Relay,

TDM, ISDN, Direct Internet)

• Installation of corporate DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)

• Installation of equipment required in order to connect WAN (Wide Area Network)

• Describe the structure and technologies of computer networks.

• Determine the physical issues associated with cabling networking equipment to

work over WAN link

• Describe How an IP address is associated with a device interface and the association

between the physical and logical addressing

• Fabrication and familiarization of different network device interface (Straight

through cable, Crossover cable, RS232/V.24,V.35, and G.703,)

• Reads circuit configuration and block diagrams on different network design

• Wire splicing, proper termination of connectors and good grounding management.

• Familiarization and configuration of different kind of Network Termination Unit

(NTU) Tellabs 8140 V.35/G.703, Tellabs CTU-R, Tellabs STE-10M, SJTEK, Speedtouch

610, Speedstream, ASMI 31/GL, HCD-E1, ADC DSL modem

• CONFIGURATION of ACTELIS modem for copper media (ML130,ML628,ML624)

• CONFIGURATION of TELLABS modem for fiber media (Tellabs6325)

• CONFIGURATION of CISCO router for routed WAN (Cisco series 800, 1600, 1800,

2500, 3600, 1841, 2900)

• CONFIGURATION of Wireless Access Point (COLUBRIS MSC 2300)

• Familiar with console or software setup/configuration for NTU and Cisco routers

• Familiarization and termination of network Cards (TELLABS ICON, MEGAPLEX,

Stinger, DXC-30E, mini dslam and microSDM, DSX Alcatel Lucent )

• Hands-on experience in structuring cabling, terminating at DSX/DDF/krone blocks.

• Line check for loop resistance, grounded line, and discontinuities

• Perform Bit Error Rate Testing for line quality (copper, E1, end-to-end, last mile)

• Perform ISDN Testing for VoIP

• Immediate response on connectivity trouble, 24/7

• Perform bandwidth testing for Direct Internet, utilizing or BRICKS

Testing as per Team Lead/PM advise

• Terminate the DP (Distribution Pair) and PR (Pair) in assigned NODE, BTS, and

HRISLU Cabinet as well as E1 assignment

• Familiar with line testing equipment (tone gen & tracer, handset, ISDN & E1 Tester)

• CAT-5 UTP/UTP FOC Cable over-laying at the Switch-FOBN room

• Tie cable layout/provisioning



Corporate Services LEASED LINES

Fiber, Copper, MSAN


May 2009 – Jan 2010

Davao City, Philippines

Technical Support Specialist

Voice and Tech Support

Linksys-Cisco Account

Job Duties and Functions Performed

• Handle live voice calls with technical issues on client’s network

• Configure DSL and CABLE connection

• Advance knowledge with PPPoE, Static IP and DHCP setup on router

• Familiar with VPN Tunneling, Port Forwarding, DMZ, MAC Filtering, QoS,

• Effectively troubleshoot virtually, problems on cabling, setup and internet


• Well-familiar with Windows OS, MAC, and LINUX

• Implement hands-on trainings for Level 1 Tech Support

• Assist client on step-by-step solution with excellent customer service

• Familiar with the ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) network setup in U.S. and


• Use Remote Desktop solution to decrease Handling Time

• Configure Linksys Legacy Devices including E-series routers

• Configure Specialty devices (Wireless IP Camera, Wireless Range Expanders,

Wireless Ethernet Bridge, Wireless Access Point, Power line Ethernet)

• Network Design for SOHO(Small Office Home Office) setup

• Massive Troubleshooting skills either manually or software-based

• Monitoring of Queue on Customers Calls on Hold

• Investigation and Validation team for RMA(Return Merchandise Authority) products

• Upselling products and services for out-of-warranty products

• Excellent English Communication skills


Proficient in OSP(Outside Plant) Design & Implementation

Telcordia ArcGIS for Network Engineer

Bentley Microstation V7-8


Microsoft Office ( MS Word, Excel, Power point, Sharepoint )

Computer Networking and Software/Hardware proficiency

Fiber Splicing and OTDR


Engr. Wendell Tercero

Senior Telecom Engineer



Engr. Ibrahim Al Shamekh

OSP Section Manager



I hereby certify that the statement, data, information and documents stated and attached herein are the factual truth to the best of my knowledge.


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