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Research Scientist, Medical writer/editor

Colmar, PA
November 29, 2018

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Lansdale, PA 330-***-**** LinkedIn

Legal Work permit holder (EAD) VISA sponsor not needed


Over 9 years of experience in preclinical and translational research with demonstrated research expertise in drug target and therapeutics development, biomarker development, oncology and stem cell research, osteoarthritis, bone and cartilage biology, in vivo animal models, and tissue engineering

Experienced medical writer with expertise to develop scientific content in multiple therapeutic areas

Participate in publication planning and strategic content development

Liaise with clients and authors to meet timelines and requirements

Proficient in AMA writing style, PubMed/literature searches, and reference management software

Developed 4 novel therapeutic targets and hydrogel-based drug delivery system for osteoarthritis (OA) and tested the in vivo efficacy using mouse models (surgical and non-surgical)

Established and validated a novel biomarker for early detection of OA in genetic and surgical mouse models

Developed explant culture method for tissue engineering functional salivary and mammary organoids, characterized and differentiated microtissues, and optimized 3D encapsulation in hydrogels

Used 4+ in vivo preclinical animal models (cancer and non-cancer) to study drug delivery and efficacy

Successfully completed multiple hypothesis driven research with publications in peer reviewed journals

Publication planning for 30+ scientific reports/presentations from initial drafting to submission process

Strong working knowledge of clinical trials stages and drug development process, ICH guidelines, GCP, GLP, GMP principles, site monitoring, and audit process, medical and regulatory affairs such as IRB and FDA


Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, University of Delaware, DE (Dec 2014)

oGPA 3.9 Mammalian Physiology, Cell biology, Epidemiology, Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, confocal microscopy

oThesis Title: Novel preclinical targets and therapies for treatment of osteoarthritis

oBest dissertation of 2014, Dept. Biological Sciences

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S), Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Hospital, Pondicherry University, India (Aug 2007)

oDistinctions in Biochemistry and Pharmacology

oHuman Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Forensic medicine, Microbiology, Medicine, Surgery


Clinical Trials Management, University of Delaware, DE (May 2017)

ECFMG certification (Medical credential verification) (Jan 2015)

Professional Experience

Scientific Communication Manager

AlphaBioCom, PA Jul 2018–Dec 2018

Participate in publication planning, schedule kick off calls, create agenda, and contact reports

Lead teleconferences and client meetings, provide scientific perspective for strategic planning

Review content accuracy and quality and approval of scientific content

Manage multiple projects and ensure timely delivery

Collaborate and communicate with clients and authors to meet their requirements

Develop content for scientific abstracts, posters, MSL slide deck, dashboard slides, outlines, primary and secondary manuscripts, and review articles adhering to good publication practices

Data interpretation to create clinical documents from preclinical, phase 1, 2, and 3 clinical study reports

Perform scientific platform searches, literature review and reference management

Strategic planning for scientific conference presentation and journal submission for assigned therapeutic area

Post-doctoral Research Scientist (Oncology)

Center for Translational Cancer Research, HFGCC, University of Delaware, DE Mar 2015–Jun 2018

Managed 4 multidisciplinary NIH-funded research projects for salivary gland tissue engineering to treat post-radiation xerostomia in head and neck cancer patients

Facilitated collaborations with the cross-functional team of Material Scientists, Oncologists/surgeon, Biologists at Rice University, Christiana Care hospital and NIH

Developed an explant culture method for isolation of human salivary stem/progenitor cells (hS/PCs) and characterized their functionality through biomarker identification and incorporation of biomimetic peptides

Identified specific cues to differentiate and induce branching of the hS/PCs in 3D hyaluronic acid-based hydrogels and studied the functionality using neurotransmitters

Optimized the primary cell culture of myoepithelial cells for assembly into functional salivary micro tissues

Worked with material scientists to formulate different composition of HA hydrogel for 3D encapsulation of salivary spheroids and tested its biocompatibility in rodents

Performed in vivo rodent model of parotid resection to study the immunogenicity and angiogenesis of the implanted 3D scaffolds using IACUC approved protocols

Engineered a novel 3D human mammary organoid system to study tumorigenesis and drug testing.

Adapted and optimized isolation protocols to culture conjunctival cells for use in eye grafting surgeries

Publication planning, write scientific reports, manage submission process with peer-reviewed journals

Designed and optimized SOPs for in vitro bioanalytical and immunoassays

Performed bio-statistical data analysis, data management, record keeping and electronic data entry

Facilitated material transfer (MTA) of the IRB approved human tissue samples between internal/external clients, managed tissue procurement and record keeping for regulatory submissions

Supervised and mentored research team of fellow scientists and research students

Perform data collection, management and interpretation using bio-statistical analysis

Summarize scientific update reports and present at internal and external research/conference meetings

Trained to work with Human subjects in research, GCP, GLP and biosafety protocols

Editorial board member for Scientific Reports-Nature Since Jun 2016

Used online tracking systems, work independently and collaboratively with scientific experts for review

Performed strategic planning for 40+ submissions from initial review to final decision making

Reviewed scientific content, perform QC and check for plagiarism

Wrote reports and decisions letters adhering to the journal guidelines

Oncology clinical research intern

HFGCC, Christiana Care, DE Feb 2017–Jun 2018

Worked with oncologists, project manager, procurement team to coordinate patient consent, human sample collection, participated in status update meetings and material transfer

Thorough working knowledge of clinical trials stages and drug development process, ICH guidelines, GCP, GLP, GMP principles, site monitoring and audit process, medical and regulatory affairs: IRB, FDA

Research Assistant

University of Delaware, DE Feb 2009–Dec 2014

Developed 3+ novel drug targets to promote cartilage repair using preclinical animal models of osteoarthritis

Developed a biomimetic hydrogel-based delivery system with perlecan domain 1 to inject BMP2 and demonstrated its efficacy using a reversible mouse model of osteoarthritis (OA)

Established T-type voltage sensitive calcium channel as a therapeutic target using a load-induced OA in mice and co-culture techniques of primary osteoblasts and chondrocytes

Demonstrated the therapeutic effect of Ck2.1 peptide to promote cartilage repair in surgical mouse model

Developed a novel biomarker, Serum xylosyltransferase 1 for early detection of OA using post-traumatic mouse model and tested its efficacy in two different genetic mouse strains

Cancer Research: Studied the therapeutic effects of vitamin D in Inflammatory (IBC) and non-inflammatory breast cancer cell lines using in vivo metastasis assay (using athymic mice), investigated the molecular and signaling mechanisms behind the co-occurrence of IBC and melanoma

Collaborated with material scientists, mechanical engineers and biostatisticians for various research projects

Design SOPs and conduct experimentations troubleshoot and optimized laboratory conditions/ equipment

Formulate chemical reagents, culture media, generate and maintain cell banking

Developed isolation protocols for RNA/primary cell culture from mice bones and cartilage

Provided support with troubleshooting and performed bio-functional assays and experiments

Bred and maintained different genetic strains of mice, genotyped and characterized them (IACUC protocols)

Developed animal models and performed animal surgeries for internal and external collaborators

Write/present scientific reports and manuscripts for publication at peer-reviewed journals/conferences

Managed laboratory inventory, bio-safety guidelines, chemical waste disposal and hazard prevention

Served as safety officer (Dept. Biological Sciences), oversaw the adherence to regulatory/safety guidelines

Managed and mentored 6+ research assistants with experimental techniques and thesis projects

Teaching Assistant

University of Delaware, DE Spr 2011, Sum 2012, Fall 2014

Teaching Assistant Conference and Training (July 2009–August 2009)

Teach, mentor, grade undergraduate course in basic biology

Created content/ PPT and lecture CME courses, graduate level course: Mammalian Physiology

Resident-General Physician

Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Hospital, Pondicherry University, India Aug 2006–Aug 2007

Diagnosed and treated patients with clinical rotations in General Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Orthopedics, Dermatology, Emergency care

Community medicine: conducted projects in public health and outreach


Hatton Award winner: American Association for Dental Research, AADR (Mar 2016),

Subsequently was invited and sponsored to present at the IADR held at Seoul, South Korea

Winning image: 2016 NIH funded image

Best Poster Award, American Head and Neck society (Apr 2015)

University Graduate Dissertation Fellows Award (Sep 2013–May 2014)

Best Podium Presentation, 10th Annual Biomechanics Research Symposium (May 2013)

Professional Development Award for Graduate Students (Sep 2012)

Department Travel Award (Sep 2012)

Member of Golden Key International Honor Society

Technical Skills and Expertise

In vitro Bio-molecular functional assays: Primary and Secondary cell culture, Immuno detection/Immunoassays, Western Blotting, SDS-PAGE, ELISA, Transfection, Flow cytometry, Tissue processing and histological staining, paraffin and frozen sectioning of bone and soft tissues, RNA and DNA Extraction/purification, genotyping, qRT-PCR, DNA sequencing, Protein extraction, microarray, invasion assay, mass spectrometry, proliferation assay, sphere assay etc.

Bio-statistical data analysis, EXCEL, SAS

Bioinformatics: NCBI, DAVID, PAINT, Heat map, WoLF PSort, Pfam

Confocal microscopy: Zen and Zeiss imaging software

Microsoft Tools (Word, Excel and Power Point), Adobe tools, Internet Explorer

Preclinical in vivo animal (rodents) models and Microscopic surgical skills, inhalational anesthesia, breeding, in vivo loading, IVIS, retro orbital bleeding, IP, SC and tail vein injections, intraarticular injections

Teaching: Undergraduate and graduate level courses, CME lectures

Photoshop, Origin, Graph Pad Prism, Image J

Reference manager, EndNote Web, AMA writing styles and PubMed/scientific internet searches

Published Patents

Injectable Delivery System for Heparin-Binding Growth Factors. US Patent 9,597,412. Issued Mar 2017

Scientific Publications

Injectable perlecan domain 1-hyaluronan microgels potentiate the cartilage repair effect of BMP2 in a murine model of early osteoarthritis. Srinivasan PP, McCoy SY, Jha AK, Yang W, Jia X, Farach-Carson MC and Kirn-Safran CB. Biomedical Materials.7, 024109. Apr 2012. (“Highlights of Biomedical Materials: 2012”)

Serum Xylosyltransferase 1 level increases during early posttraumatic osteoarthritis in mice with high bone forming potential. McCoy SY, Falgowski KA, Srinivasan PP, Thompson WR, Selva EM, Kirn-Safran CB. Bone 5, 224-231. Aug 2012

Differential effects of vitamin D treatment on inflammatory and non-inflammatory breast cancer cell lines. Hillyer RL, Srinivasan PP, Joglekar M, Sikes RA, van Golen KL, Nohe A. Clin Exp Metastasis, Dec 2012

Inhibition of T-Type voltage sensitive calcium channel reduces load-induced OA in mice and suppresses the catabolic effect of bone mechanical stress on chondrocytes. Srinivasan PP, Parajuli A, Price C, Wang L, Duncan RL, Kirn-Safran CB. PLoS One. May 2015

Primary salivary human stem/progenitor cells undergo microenvironment driven acinar-like differentiation in hyaluronate hydrogel culture. Srinivasan PP, Patel VN, Liu S, Harrington D, Hoffman MP, Jia X, Witt RL, Farach-Carson MC, Pradhan-Bhatt S. Stem Cells Translational Medicine. Aug 2016 (Highlight of the issue)

CK2.1, a Bone Morphogenetic Protein Receptor Type Ia mimetic peptide, repairs cartilage in mice with destabilized medial meniscus. Akkiraju H, Srinivasan PP, Xu X, Jia X, Kirn Safran CB, Nohe A. Stem Cell Research and Therapy. Apr 2017

Bottom-up assembly of salivary gland microtissues for assessing myoepithelial cell function. Ozdemir T, Srinivasan PP, Zakheim D, Harrington D, Witt RL, Farach-Carson MC, Jia X, Pradhan-Bhatt S. Biomaterials. Jul 2017

Book chapter 53. Strategies for Xerostomia-Tissue Engineering. Witt surgery of the salivary glands. Srinivasan PP, Pradhan-Bhatt S, Farach-Carson MC. Harrington D. Elsevier. In press

Selected Presentations

Srinivasan PP, Yerkes S.P, Yang W, Jha A, Jia X, Farach-Carson M.C, Kirn-Safran C.B. Perlecan-HA based Biomatrices Prolong the Anabolic Effect of BMP2 in Mice Articular Cartilage. Orthopaedic Research Society, Long Beach, CA. Jan 2011 (Professional Development Award for Graduate Students and Department Travel Award)

Srinivasan P.P, Kronbergs A, Duncan RL, Kirn-Safran C.B. T-type voltage sensitive calcium channel (T-VSCC): A Novel Target for Treatment of Osteoarthritis. 10th Annual Center for Biomedical Engineering Research Symposium, Newark, DE. May 2013. (Best podium presentation)

Srinivasan PP, Patel VN, Liu S, Harrington D, Hoffman MP, Jia X, Witt RL, Farach-Carson MC, Pradhan-Bhatt S. Salivary Gland Regeneration Using Differentiated Populations from Human Progenitor-like Cells. American Association for Dental Research, Los Angeles, CA. Mar 2016 (Oral presentation: Hatton award)

Srinivasan PP, Yerkes S.P, Yang W, Jha A, Jia X, Farach-Carson M.C and Kirn-Safran C.B. Perlecan-HA based Biomatrices Prolong the Anabolic Effect of BMP2 in Mice Articular Cartilage. 7th Annual Center for Biomedical Engineering Research Symposium, University of Delaware, Newark, DE, May 2010 (Podium presentation)

Srinivasan P.P, Duncan RL, Kirn-Safran C.B. Role of Leptin in the Etio-pathogenesis of Osteoarthritis. Fourth Annual University of Delaware Graduate Student Forum, Newark, DE, Apr 2014. (Podium presentation)

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