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Project Test Cases

Frisco, Texas, United States
April 19, 2018

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Roopali Jain


Professional Summary:

A dynamic and performance driven software professional with 12+ years of experience in telecom and a comprehensive background in Functional Testing, Manual Testing, E2E Testing, Regression Testing, Sanity Testing, Blackbox Testing, GUI Testing, Web Services Testing, Operations support and Quality Assurance.

Experience in IT Industry as an Engineer/QA involved in system study, system testing, configuration, troubleshooting, debugging and implementation stages using C, C++, Unix PROTEL and various technologies.

Expertise in QA Methodologies, Software Testing Life Cycle, Test Strategy, Traceability matrix and well versed in Waterfall, Agile (Scrum), and prototype methodologies as part of product development cycles, processes involved in developing and executing test scripts for multiple software deployment/releases

Proficiency in developing Automation Test Scripts using SeleniumIDE, Selenium WebDriver

Expertise in Functional & performance testing of web apps/web services and REST Services using ParaSoft SOAtest, SOAPUI

Handson experience of Jenkins

Telecom software and systems testing involving PSTN, PLMN & NGN Networks

Significant Exposure to Mobile Technologies GSM, GPRS,UMTS,MGW

Significant Exposure to Signaling - SS7 (MTP-1, 2, 3, SCCP,ISUP, TCAP, INAP, MAP), SIP & V5.2

Good understanding of the OSI model.

Good understanding of SQL

HandsOn Experience with various defect tracking tools like QC,Bugzilla, Watson Express

Strong analytical skills with ability to quickly understand client’s business needs.

Involved in meetings to gather information and requirements from the clients, providing E2E demos to business

Technical Skills:

Programming Languages

C/C++, PROTEL, SOS, Shell scripting, PL SQL


MSC, Media Gateway Controller, BICC,BICN,UMTS stack, GSM/GPRS, SIP, Intelligent Network,CAMEL,INCS1,SOAP


CDMA, Call Features, Call Processing, SS7(MTP-1, 2, 3, SCCP,ISUP, TCAP, INAP, MAP), SIP, GSM/GPRS/UMTS/Network protocols(TCP/IP, UDP, RTP)/MGW,MSC/VLR,SS7(INAP, CAP), HTTP, SOAP,CAMEL,INCS1,INCS1+,RTP, SS7/MAP, GSM/UMTS, MSC/VLR call processing, BICC, BICN, MGCP(Megaco), IN/CAMEL, MAP


Mac OS, Linux, Sun Solaris, OSP 2.3 and OSP2.4 platform, Linux Web Servers (Apache-Tomcat and A5350) NORTEL DMS–MSC/VLR, HP-UX10.20


Parasoft SOA Test, SoapUI, SVN, SIMSN7,Ethereal, Voice Tool, ST2/CM2/AX2 Emulators,A5350,SNOM, Intellvic, Citrix Clarify, Clear DDTS, BadBoy, HP QTP, Watson, Rational CQ, Mercury QC, ICDT, Jenkins, TDP, Perfecto Mobile


Oracle, ADB2, Relational Databases


NORTEL DMS–MSC/VLR, HP-UX10.20,SP 2.3 and OSP2.4 platform, Linux Web Servers (Apache-Tomcat and A5350), A5020 Soft switch, MRF (Media Resource Function).


Android ADB, Tablets (Android/Blackberry), Palm SDK, Blackberry, J2ME, iPhone/iPad, iOS (iPhone 3GS,4,4S,)and Android smart-phones (Nexus One, Droid, Droid 2, HTC Incredible, Samsung Galaxy S) and Tablets (Samsung Galaxy Tab)

Build Tools


Operating Systems

Windows 9x/2000/XP, Linux,UNIX, Sun Solaris


Agile Scrum, Waterfall model

Professional Work Experience:

AT&T, Dallas, US Dec’15 – Till Date

Technical Test Architect

Project Name: BlackFlag

AT&T’s API Platform intends to serve as a single source for third party developers to acquire and develop, OS agnostic applications by leveraging AT&T’s API Service Layer


Worked on the Blackflag project for various API’s.

Handled a team with onsite offshore model of 25+ resources being client facing

Extensively involved in the training and grooming of the team and guiding through multiple projects in an agile based environment

Involved in Effort planning, coordination with multiple teams for Test data and other challenges

Solution workshops, suggesting changes, design changes with multiple stake holders like Architecture team, documentation

Involved in test plan and documentation reviews.

E2E Demo’s given to business and clients.

AT&T, Dallas, US Dec’13 – Dec’15

Technical Lead

Project Name: BlackFlag

AT&T’s API Platform intends to serve as a single source for third party developers to acquire and develop, OS agnostic applications by leveraging AT&T’s API Service Layer


Worked on the Blackflag project for various API’s.

Involved in translating the Requirement Specifications and design documents into detailed Test Cases after multiple discussions with Specifications and Interface Agreements teams.

Involved in E2E testing of multiple API’s like LTMI, International Roaming, Audited Communications, WebRTC, Netbond using various functionalities of Parasoft SOAtest tool.

Involved in test planning and reviewing.

E2E Demo’s given to business and clients.

Verizon Wireless, Irving, US Jun’12 – Sept’12

Senior QA Analyst

Project Name: FiOS TV/FiOS Remote

FiOS TV and FiOS Remote are Verizon’s applications which provide a combined solution for the end user to purchase or rent the Hot Movies, TV Episodes and watch on Phone, FiOS TV, tablet or PC.

Also it provides its customers a virtual cloud with huge capacity to upload personal media.


Worked on the Flex View project which enables FiOS Data & TV customers to access on-demand video entertainment.

Involved in translating the Requirement Specifications and design documents into detailed Test Cases.

Tested the Flex View Commercial (on-Demand video) and Flex View Personal to certify media & entertainment applications on a wide variety of consumer devices on various access points (Web, Client, Android and iOS devices).

Tested the Flex View Personal (Photo Albums, Music & Video) with image formats jpg, gif, png, bmp,video and audio codecs H.264, MP3 and media file formats like WMV, MP4, AVI.

Prepared Test Plans and Executed Test Cases for the new Video streaming functionality on the Flex View app for both Android and iOS.

Responsible for the Convergence testing which involves validating the DRM, Rental, Starz, and Encore License rules on the app across the mobile devices.

Developed and executed Test cases for the major modules like Purchase, rentals, streaming, Offline, Play/Streaming, and Parental Controls.

Performed Application testing to cover all the Black-Out scenarios.

Validated the app functionality on Soap UI by invoking the necessary API's.

Tested the integration scenarios for the new Unified App (FiOS TV) which integrates many modules like the Flex view Commercial, Personal, Live TV, TV Listings, FiOS Remote and DVR Manager

Tech Mahindra/AT&T, Dallas, US March’11 – Jun’12

Senior Consultant QA

Project Name: AT&T OPUS/Phoenix(POS - Point of Sales)

Phoenix is an activation and customer care client for the Business Marketing Group (BMG).

Phoenix supports account creation, mobile activation, relocation, wlnp ports, order fulfillment, and a complete gambit of customer services functions. The application is accessible to Customer Sales Representatives via web browser.


Worked on Testing the major project Titan,

Titan will introduce the ability to converge or move a wireless account to the Titan billing platform in order to create bundle pricing that can include any Uverse service, wireless and DIRECTV. Currently if a “stacked” Uverse order exist, wireless retail is not allowed to make any changes to the Uverse account. With this project the Uverse account becomes the Titan account and the Titan account can now include wireless. Since wireless does not have the concept of “stacked” orders (wireless transactions are usually conducted in real time), the user should be allowed to make changes to any of the wireless components that are associated to a Titan account even if a Uverse “stacked” order exist.

Worked on Titan testing project, including analysis and detailed study of the HLD, coordinating with business and designers and put queries, creation of test cases from high level design documents, testing various Titan flows and working with development for the resolution of issues and defects.

Testing various SBS (Small business suite) flows and generating phoenix orders, logging defects and co-ordinating with developers and other downstream subsystems for the resolution of the same.

Lead projects locally.

Mentor, coach, and make effective world class QA teams.

Define, develop and implement QA industry best practices to include test plans, process, automation, and metrics

Translate product requirements and designs into effective test plans, scripts, and automation

Lead the execution of test plans, scripts, and automation for full product test coverage to deliver highest product quality

Maintain and report product test metrics to include code coverage, function coverage, project plans, test cases, and plans Requirements

Adobe Systems, San Francisco, California Feb'11- Mar’11

QA Engineer

Worked in the Mobile Content Enablement Team for testing Flash on various partner sites running Adobe’s Flash. This involved testing for Flash contents and system issues on various Android Devices and Palm Devices.


Experience in testing Flash on different mobile platforms like Android, Palm and Blackberry

Experience using ADB – Android Debug Bridge.

a.Installing flash builds from Mac OS shell onto different Android Devices.

b.Pulling logs from Android Devices. Checking the logs for content or flash issues.

c.Installing OS images on different Android devices.

d.Experience using ADB shell to login into Android OS to debug various issues.

e.Experience using Palm SDK for mobile devices. Setup Palm SDK on Windows XP

Experience in testing Adobe Air on Android Devices.

Environment: Watson, Mac OS, Android smart-phones (Nexus One, Droid, Droid 2, HTC Incredible, Samsung Galaxy S) and Tablets (Samsung Galaxy Tab, Blackberry,Everest). Palm Pre Plus.

Alcatel Lucent Development India Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon, India Nov’ 06 – Apr'10

Tech Lead

Project Name: Telenor Phase 3 (Client Telenor – Norway)

Description: New features added to the CMM environment. Feature testing using automated tool SIMSN7 as well as task assignments to the team.

Duration: Aug’09 – Apr’10


Patch installation and platform(SunSolaris) configuration. Pre-integration and Validation testing for the CMM product including new features such as One Number, CSTA line control, PBX forwarding, EDR, Forced Deletion.Monitoring Statistics, Call data and Tickets for the executed calls, automated testing using SIMSN7 testing tool. Defect Tracking using Clear DDTS. Task assignment and resource management and inputs provided for preparation of project reports.

Project Name: Orange Lot1 and Lot2 – Step5 (Customer Project)

Description: Step5 required execution of VN calls using Voice Tool

Duration: Dec’08 – Jul’09


•Patch/Software installation and platform(SunSolaris) configuration

•Preparation of Voice Tool Console Log-in, Log-Out Scripts

•Preparation of Voice Tool scripts for various Virtual Number call scenarios such as Basic calls with participants logged in different modes, Call Transfer, Call Forwarding, Call queuing, MADN call scenarios and Automatic Attendant

•Defect Tracking using Clear DDTS

•Monitoring Statistics and Tickets for the executed calls.

Project Name: Orange Lot1 and Lot2 – Step3 (Customer Project)

Description: As per the customer requirements, enhancements in the CMM service were done including features such as Differentiated Call Forward, Call forwarding priorities, Release Cause in case of call rejected, Roaming Rights Inversion, Announcement in case of bad number and Cell Id

Duration: Apr’08 – Nov’08


•Preparation of Core pre-integration test plan and Auto Non-Regression test scripts for automated and Load testing

•Execution of test cases using ST2 and CM2 emulators to test PSTN, PLMN scenarios respectively Execution of AutoNR test scripts using SIMSN7 simulator for bulk execution

•Close Monitoring and Analyzing of Statistics, ECDLogs, Call Supervisor logs as well as tickets generated for the calls

•Also involved in testing of Virtual Number service and features such as Automatic Attendant, Call Queue Management and Calls handled by different participants logged in Notify or Request Mode.

Project Name: CMM TDC Pack4 (Customer project)

Description: TDC Pack4 implemented Optional Escape Code, Main Number and Bulk Tool

Duration: Jun’07 – Mar’08


Preparation of Core test plan, pre-integration Web test plan.

Test Plan Review

Core and WEB Testing for this CMM release and the various new features implemented like Optional escape code, Main Number and Bulk Tool.

Close interaction with the onsite team to report the various issues observed as well as IR2, DR2 and DR4 deliveries.

Load Testing for WEB using Parasoft and WAPT test Tool.

WEB server configuration for new deliveries.

Defect Tracking using Clear DDTS.

Handled a team of 2 people individually

Project Name: CMM (Corporate Mobility Manager)

Description:4.3.1 release implemented enhancements over CMM (Corporate Mobility Manager). Enhancements included features such as Call forwarding flavors, Hunting List, CCBS, Reminder, Group Call pick-up, welcome Numbers, Optional Escape Code, Account Code Invoicing, Substitution and Remote Access.

Duration: Nov’06 – May’07


Installation and Uninstallation of CMM services on OSP platforms(Sun Solaris).

Configuration of installed services on OSP platforms.

Installation and configuration of Web Archive files on the Linux Web servers for different CMM projects for the testing of different CMM Web Interfaces.

Creation and review of the Test Specification (Test Cases) and Test Data for different CMM projects covering different features for Core Calls and Web Interfaces.

Test execution of Test Cases for different CMM projects covering the entire core features w.r.t. to core calls and Web Interfaces.

Functional, Performance and Load Testing of CMM Core calls (NGN, PLMN and PSTN) and the CMM Web Interfaces (CSA, STM/TM, EU).

Automated testing for core calls and web interfaces using different automation test tools.

Testing of memory leaks for core calls and web interface testing.

Bug reporting, verification and tracking using Defect Tracking System (DDTS)

Reporting of consolidated test results in form of formal test reports w.r.t. to Core and Web testing including both functional testing and Bug Verification.

Infosys Technologies Ltd., Bangalore, India Dec’03 – Oct’06

Software Engineer

Nortel Networks has participated in major developments in the evolution of Communication networks technology worldwide. It has currently one of the best portfolios of products and technologies in the industry. The three core business areas are Metro and Enterprise Networks, Wireless Networks and Optical Long-Haul Networks

Project Name: NTLGSVF2 (GSM Verification and testing)

Description: The primary task for the team is Product Verification for NSS18 release of GSM-MSC product of Nortel Networks. The team is involved in testing signaling protocol exchanges (SS7 Signaling) during CallP for new features incorporated in the MSC software.

Special area of focus in the release is the Nortel implementation of BICC (Bearer Independent Call Control) & BICN (Bearer Independent Core Network) on the R4 compliant MSC.

VOIP & Voice-over-ATM are other focus areas in this release.

Duration: May 2004 to April 2005

Responsibility: Tested the following aspects in GSM/UMTS calls:

•Mobility Management

•Supplementary Services

•CFIWF Support for BICN UMTS

•HANDOVER Service Alignment with MGW

•Call Forwarding

•Error handling

•MTUP Testing

Besides these responsibilities, I have been actively involved in mentoring and KM activities as well.

The testing was done by writing test cases in C++, which were then executed, on the GAP platform (Test Platform) to simulate the call scenarios by injecting the appropriate messages to the switch and verifying the response received from the switch.

Project Name: NTLGSDS (GSM Design Support)

Description: This project involved investigating and resolving design issues in MSC and VLR software for GSM/UMTS NSS18 release. We worked on ATM as well as VoIP.


•Reproducing the problem scenarios in the lab using GAP and simulation tools.

•Investigate and resolve design issues, design/code reviews.

Daffodil Software Ltd. Hisar, India Jul’03- Dec’03

Project Name: Daffodil Vines

Description: Worked on the project Daffodil Vines - A complete ERP solution for Delhi Assam Roadways Corporation Ltd. to automate all the core operations in the business and connect all the Branches over the net.

Worked on Crystal Reports for generating reports for DARC Database and deployed the same using SQL Server and Daffodil DB.


B.Tech in Information Technology, Jun 2003.


SOAP and XML certification from New Horizon Pvt. Ltd

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