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Software Engineer Manager

Portland, Oregon, United States
April 19, 2018

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Dara Puth


Intel Corporation (Contractor) 02/2017 – 10/2017

Sr. Software Engineer

Design/coding MVVM WPF application Test Class Sytems for engineers at Intel to test and keep tract of future generation microprocessors performances.

Design database schema, tables, views, types, stored procedures, functions.

Adding services layer to wrap store procedure call and the heavy lifting of business logic to support application.

Design Prototype for Heatmap layout using Angular

Tools: Window Server 2012, Windows 10, MVVM WPF, Prism, C#, Syncfusion Components UI, .Net 4.6, .Net Core, Web API, Entity Framework, LinQ, Lambda, SQL Server 2014, Visual Studio 2015, 2017, Team server. MVC, Angular, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap.

Real Estate Investor/ Developer/Flipper 02/2016 – 02/2017


OIA Global Logistic 04/2015 – 02/2016

Sr. Software Engineer

Design a cloud based application for Material Ordering System to match Buyers and Suppliers, the application based on MVC 5.0.

Design database schema for all the tables, analyst views, stored procedures, functions.

Adding the services layer to wrap store procedure call and the heavy listing of business logic to support application.

Develop many controllers to call services layer and return to the views.

Working on UI design to make the flow as demanded by analyst team.

Applied Agile process throughout the project, sprint planning every two weeks, task planning, create, update user stories and tasks part of the overall project.

Tools: Window Server 2012, Windows 8, MVC 5.0, C#, .Net 4.5, Lin Q, Lambda, SQL server 2012, JQuery, Kendo Grid UI, Visual Studio 2014, Visual Studio online, GIT, Team server

Verizon – MCI – WorldCom 05/2000 – 08/2014

Over 14 years with Verizon through MCI and WorldCom acquisitions

Verizon Cloud business – (3 years & 3 months)

Lead Sr. Software Engineer

Responsible for “Admin Central” and “Client Central”, a cloud hosting services and Colocation web portal application for internal and external users. Adding many features for metrics usage (memory, processor, storage, CPU, Network bandwidth, etc.) using NetIQ backend for monitoring. Improving and customizing Cloud Services/Colocation provisioning portals.

Added layer interface to VMWare Rest API to onboard new customers based on the type of services, Gold, Silver, Bronze and different size small, medium, large specified in XML.

Used Ajax,, JQuery and Rest Services for this business

Customized Website Manager provisioning for multiple customers saving customer time and money for company.

Build a new portal for L’Oreal specific Website provisioning, working from DB design, stored procedure (SQL Transact) to UI using Ajax and,JQuery and 3.5

Ownership to port multiple components/backend job/application software from old VB 6.0, .net 1.1, 2.0 to .net 4.0.

Tools: Window Server 2008R, WCF, REST API,, C#, .net 2.0 to 4.5, COM++, SQL server 2005 and 2008, PowerShell, AJAX, JQuery, .Net IQ for monitoring,, Perl, Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010,2012, Scrum (Rally Software)

Verizon Conferences business (3 years & 8 months)

Lead Sr. Software Engineer

Responsible to develop Template Email Designer website for business/account manager to customize conference email templates by just clicking, picking, drag and drop different element to the design area.

Developed multiple application tools to manage conferences, Alert tools and the detail of conference, join conference etc.

Responsible for a CORBA layer to generate email realtime.

Email Template Designer, allow Project Manager/Product Manager to customise emails template to tailor to specific promotion or specific customer from the UI instead of draifting on Word document and have developper to translate to a template HTML and different macros so the Email engine can interprete.

Tools: Window Server 2008, Unix shell, C++,, C#, .net 2.0 to 3.5, COM++, AJAX,, Oracle 8 and 10 PL SQL, JAVA, JSP, JRUN,, Perl, Visual Studio 2005, 2008, Scrum (Rally Software)

Verizon – MCI – WorldCom Prepaid business (7 years& 4 months)

Sr. Software Engineer

Responsible for website where we sell Prepaid Phone cards, Virtual Pin and different Phone cards accessory, the original website was developed in C++ ISAPI.

Responsible for website written in and C# where we sell prepaid phone cards, cellular card airtime, pager card air time, electronic pins and other phones accessories.

Memory MAP, it is a heavy process running on AIX using CC++ and PL SQL to generate call detail on Memory map, a sophisticate algorithm to build tree Memory MAP

Responsible to design Web Calling portal website, partnership with Microsoft to provide Voice over IP through MSN messenger for college students in England.

Responsible for Prepaid Gold, a client/servers application to provision prepaid cards and electronic pins to retail stores.

Tools: Window Server NT, Unix AIX, C++,, C#, .net 2.0, Java, JSP, Delphi, COM, ATL, MTS, IIS, AJAX,, Oracle 8i and 9i PL SQL,, Perl, Visual Studio 2005, 2003

Rational Software 11/1999-05/2000

Sr. Technical Rep. Engineer

Provided technical service to customers on Rational Rose Real time Tool, construction model/code, UML modeling and building small test application to show customers.

Customization (Add-ins, scripts, menus), and integration with other Rational products.

Product installation, setup configuration, verification and validation.

Decision Dynamics 11/1998-11/1999

Sr. Software Engineer

Responsible for Tristar Application, a client server application used for optimization of supply chain in the forestry products business. The framework application was developed with Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, and MS SQL Server.

Redesigned different modules, components for Tristar application.

Developed ATL component for encryption/decryption data definition.

Ericsson Research Canada 04/1997-10/1998

Sr. Software Engineer

Responsible for a pilot project Mobile Originating Short Message Services (MOSMS), MOSMS provided the capability of forwarding short message initiated from a mobile station to the messages center, using UML-PLEX modeling.

Reversed engineering of HRU block (Home Location Register-Roamer Data Updating), using UML modeling, the block handle for updating location, updating status, updating class and voice mail message waiting indicator for subscriber in the HLR.

Developed HLR (Home Location Register) using in house CPlex interface with Java.

SR Telecom 11/1995-04/1997

Sr. Software Engineer

Developed a Simple Network Management System application to manage Point to Multipoint SR500 system, using C++ on Windows NT.

Developed and implemented Network Management Server and a Centralized Network Management User Interface to access and monitor Point to Multipoint SR500 equipment.

Programming Rockwell RC144 modem and many UARTS drivers (16550, 2691, and 2692).

Ad Opt Technology 06/1993-11/1995

Software Engineer

Developed E-scheduling User Interface for Air Canada pilots, Preferential Bidding System (PBS), PBS allow the crew the ability to tailor their duty to match individual needs ranging from maximum weekend time, preferred destination, days off, and so on.

Shift Logic is a shift scheduling and management tool for Air Traffic Control Industry, worked at database layer, application layer, working on communication layer using Winsock library.

Hydro Quebec 07/1991-05/1993

Software Engineer

Porting Simulan Software from DOS to OS2, Simulan is a transaction simulation program to convert transaction from UCC (Command Control Unit) to UT (Transaction Unit & UAC (Command Acquisition Unit), working on communication unit SCOM, interface between application level and INA960 library Ethernet using PCLINK2 card and integration SCOM module to Simulan.

EdEsWin is an automation configuration application, working on UI level and business layer to wrap Database call.


Bachelor in Microelectronics, Quebec University in Montreal 1991

Software Engineering, Quebec University in Montreal 1992

ITIL certification 2013

Android Bootcamp in SF 2011


Skills & Methodology Agile, UML, Object Oriented Development, WCF, REST (CRUD) API,

MVC, Web Services, WEB API, WPF, ADO.NET

Language, C#,, C/C++, Assembly, Delphi, Modula-2, Java, Java script, Ajax, JQuery, PowerShell, PL SQL, SQL Transact, HTML, Perl

Database/Platform Oracle, SQL Server, IIS, Tomcat, JRUN, COM++, MTS, ATL

Development Style Agile development, Software Development Life-Cycle, UML Modeling

Development Tools Visual Studio 2012, 2008, 2005, Powershell, Eclipse, Oracle, SQL Servers

Operating Systems Window server 2008, UNIX, some Linux, Real time OS (proprietary OS)

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