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Mechanical Engineering Microsoft Office

Lawrence, Massachusetts, United States
April 18, 2018

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Hui Zhang

** ******** ***, ******, ** 857-***-****


Northeastern University, Boston, MA

M.S. Mechanical Engineering Expected May 2018 Concentration in General Mechanical Engineering

Southwest Petroleum University, Chengdu, China

B.S. Mechanical Engineering and Automation June 2016

GPA: 3.29


Fluent in use of AutoCAD, SolidWorks, ProE, Matlab, ANSYS, Microsoft Office, Maple, and Cmap

Bilingual: Chinese and English

Engineering Projects

Self-Folding Machines Fall 2017-Spring 2018

Designed electrical circuit to perform joule heating.

Test various materials such as lead, carbon, graphite, and polymers using a joule heating

method to determine various thermodynamic and chemical properties.

Collected various sets of data using scientific approach and organized to better identify

suitable materials.

Simulation and Advanced Modeling Fall 2017

Designed a PID controller for a gantry program with a feedback control.

Utilized gantry set up to conduct open loop test to determine PID values and dominant frequency of the

entire system.

Used saturation block and quantizer block to augment simulations to account for the limitations on motor voltage.

SolidWorks Modeling Spring 2017

Conceptualized unique design consisting of a mix of two existing UAV (unarmed aerial vehicles) designs.

Created a functioning design in SolidWorks capable of animations.

Analyzed stress, strain, SOF, and material. Then animated, prototyped, and injection molded design in



The 4th Space, Education Management

Co-leader September 2017-Present

Strategically coordinated all activities to help individuals, communities, and organizations increase creativity, reduce stress, and define identity through creative workshops, tools, and play.

Arranged multiple face-to-face as well as online meeting seminars for The 4th Space leaders.

Recorded various types of data for members using excel worksheets.

Tangshan Jidong CNPC

Research Intern Jan-April 2014

Conducted field research in oil extraction field to understand working environment.

In a small team, collaborated using SolidWorks to design a spiraling tower oil-pumping unit.

Mastered operating CNC machines, 3D printers, and lathes, which aided in production and of oil-pumping units.

Beijing Xindenuo Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

General Manager Assistant June-September 2014

Analyzed global market research for weekly sales meetings.

Prepared and organized engineering documents for over ten mechanical engineering projects.

Scheduled technicians to conduct field investigations in oil fields.

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