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Senior QA Automation Engineer

Dallas, Texas, United States
65 per hour
April 20, 2018

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Senior QA Automation Engineer with 8 years of experience in all phases of Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), Expertise in developing Test Cases, Test Plan and Automation test scripts for Web Testing, API Testing, BDD, Mobile Testing and Database Testing. Diversified experience in Automation and Manual testing in various domains such as Financial, Insurance, E-Commerce, Mortgage and banking.



• Experience in different phases of Software Testing and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including Agile Methodology/SCRUM, Waterfall.

• Experience in Web based testing including GUI Testing, Regression Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, Performance Testing, Stress Testing, Functional Testing and Unit Testing, User Acceptance Testing, White Box Testing and Black Box Testing.

• Proficient in analyzing Business Requirements, Functional and Technical specifications, User Requirements, Performing GAP Analysis and Test estimation.

• Expertise in automation of Web-based application testing using Selenium WebDriver, Selenium RC, Selenium Grid, Selenium IDE and Expertise in Cross-Browser and Compatibility testing to see the behavior with different browsers and in different environments.

• Master in developing Test Scenarios, Test Cases, Test Data, Test Procedures, Test Reports and documenting in both Manual and Automation Testing.

• Expertise in dealing with open source tools like Selenium (IDE, RC, WebDriver and Grid), SoapUI, Cucumber, JUnit, Jira and Eclipse.

• Ability to validate GUI and system functionality on desktops as well as mobile devices running with Android with the help of Appium tool integrated with complex architecture and Mobile Browser, Mobile Native Application Testing, Mobile Cloud Platform.

• Experienced as SDET for Manual and Automation.

• Experience working with Automation Frameworks in maintaining Keyword Driven, Data Driven, Hybrid driven and Page Object Models[POM].

• Used Selenium WebDriver, Parallel Processing, Eclipse TestNG Annotations in creating HTML reports, Test Suites and Test Scripts.

• Expertise in API testing using Java programming languages REST and SOAP API testing (using Postman browser add-on) and SoapUI.

• REST API calls to fetch and create test data and to interact with Sauce Labs API for cloud based testing.

• Performed SOAPUI assertions and used Groovy Scripting.

• Experience in working with Java and OOPS concepts required for the Selenium Frameworks.

• Identified GUI elements and perfect with different Selenium locators like ID, Link Text, Name, Partial Link Text, XPath, DOM and CSS to create the scripts of Automation.

• Expert in developing test Scripts to implement the Scenarios, Steps, Step Definitions

and Features for BDD (Behavior Driven Development), TDD (Test Driven development) and

ATDD (Acceptance Test Driven Development) using Cucumber.

• Used Excel Spreadsheets and Apache POI to process the spreadsheets in Application Framework and used AutoIT to upload files in Windows.

• Good experience in performing manual testing using Android Studio Emulators, IOS Simulators & Mobile Application Testing using Automation tools like Appium.

• Designed and Implemented Selenium WebDriver Automation Framework for Smoke test and Regression test using TestNG.

• Scheduled build using Continuous Integration tool Jenkins Server.

• Used Maven and Ant as build tools for projects.

• Experienced in back end testing. Involved in Data base testing, Data Validation, Data integration.

• Used TestNG Annotations, Data Provider, Parameters for code reusability and Java JDBC for data retrieval. Saved all configurations in Properties file.

• Expertise to use Jira and Bugzilla for the test management and bug reporting tools. Used Log4j to debug the defects which had effect on the Test Script.

• Retrieved data from Relational Database Oracle to prepare Test Data.

• Good experience in performing manual testing using Android Studio Emulators, IOS Simulators & Mobile Application Testing using Automation tools like Appium.

• Experienced grouping of Test cases, Test methods and Test Suites for functional and regression testing using TestNG Groups, Parameter and Data Provider.

• Developed Selenium Synchronization using Conditional Implicit and Explicit waits and Unconditional Wait conditions.

• Conversant using tools like SVN, GitHub for configuration management.

• Expert as an individual contributor. Can Manage Multiple Tasks and Projects simultaneously.

• Excellent analytical skills with good communication and self-organizing skills, assertive and a committed team player.


Client : Nielsen

Role : Sr. QA Test Engineer/Automation QA

Duration : March 2016 to Present

Description: GTAM NANO Project is an investment in a standard platform to position Nielsen for new generation television metering with global deployment capability.

As a complimentary system to the Prior Authorization component, the Bridge was designed to house key data elements GTAM Nano meter is capable of tracking what is being viewed on Television (TV) in a home by capturing the audio from the TV speaker and extracting audio codes in it. Audio codes are watermarks in audio embedded while transmission at the Broadcasting station. The codes will have the information of the channel and the timestamps, which we parse and find out what is being viewed on the TV. The meter runs on Linux platform and the meter software is written using C & C++ languages.

GTAM Nano also tracks the number of people who is watching the Television using "People Meter". People meter is a remote which keeps track of the number of people who is watching TV by taking the input from the users using IR remote. For each household member a unique button is assigned in the remote, users can log their participation by pressing the button assigned to them. The project has been carried out from Onsite (Oldsmar) and Offshore (Bangalore) with a total of 7 member team.


• Reviewed change request documents and defect description and attended meetings to document the required changes.

• Developing test cases, test procedures and test data from requirement document.

• Worked in AGILE environment and participated in scrum and sprint meetings (Sprint Review, Sprint planning, Sprint retro).

• Created and executed detailed test cases with step by step procedure and expected results and maintained the test logs, test reports, test issues, defect tracking using JIRA.

• Performed Acceptance, Smoke, Regression, Functional, UI and Usability Testing cross Windows/ Mac and Android/ IOS platforms.

• Designed, executed and maintained automation Test Scripts in selenium WebDriver using JAVA

TESTNG, Log4j and Maven.

• Re-testing & Regression testing on the entire application to ensure that nothing is affected by after the Defects have been fixed.

• Used Maven to build and run the Selenium automation framework. Once the script got over,

framework used to send the automation reports over email.

• Used Selenium GRID to execute test cases in parallel on different target machines.

• Used Mobile gestures such as Swiping, Tapping, Press and hold, Scrolling and Drag and Drop using TouchAction class.

• Used Appium to facilitate mobile testing by creating mobile Driver class with the required Mobile capabilities.

• Identified mobile elements using Appium Inspectors and UI Automator Viewer.

• Executed the automated regression test cases during every release and also executed the daily regression test suites.

• Used putty to check the logs of the meter through putty console by attaching an UIRT cable.

• Used Winscp application for the Backend validation.

• Tested application using different IOS and Android mobile devices.

• Performed API functional testing in Postman and Checked response code, response message and response body by API testing.

• Written SQL queries to handle and check the data in PgAdmin DB

• Worked in AGILE environment and participated in scrum and sprint meetings (Sprint Review, Sprint planning, Sprint retro).

Environment: Java, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid, Appium, Jenkins, Appium, TestNG, maven, Log4j, Apache POI, Android Studio, PgAdmin DB, Postman, Gherkin, Eclipse, JUnit, Maven, Github, Agile, JIRA.

Client : HPE, Denver

Role : Sr. Automation Engineer

Project : Health Care

Duration : July 2015 – Feb 2016

Description: The Bridge Application in the HPE interChange System was designed to help fill the requirements for the Colorado Medicaid Management Information System replacement project. As a complimentary system to the Prior Authorization component, the Bridge was designed to house key data elements in order for a Case Manager to create pre-authorization for Medicaid waiver clients with minimal effort. The end result is an efficient application that significantly reduces time and data entry errors for uses due to the elaborate design and construction.


• Was involved in Sprint planning, Review Sessions, Scrum meetings. Developed Test Scenarios,

Test Cases, Test data, Test procedures and Test reports.

• Developed Selenium scripts to get the data from the webpage by using the methods like getUrl, getTitle

and get Attribute.

• Developed scripts to navigate to various iframes and to handle multiple windows and performed

operations on the web elements.

• I involved in writing test plans test scripts and also performed various types of testing like smoke, functional, integration, white box, black box, positive, negative and regression testing.

• Performed Parallel and Cross Browser as Selenium, TestNG on different browsers like Internet

Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox where multiple tests run at the same time.

• Tested SOAP and RESTFUL web services using different assertions like HTTP assertion, Security

assertions and XPATH assertions in SOAPUI.

• Added assertions to validate the XML, JSON in Web services using SOAPUI and RESTFUL Web


• Used Firebug, Fire Path to debug, edit and locate the objects based on ID, Name, XPath, CSS Selector,

Link, Partial Link, Attributes and Tags.

• Used Cucumber by creating the Features and Step Definition files to execute test scripts.

• Involved in developing automated test cases using Cucumber and JUNIT Runner.

• Configured Maven, Log4j configuration files, prepared documentation for setting up Selenium and

Eclipse Environment on Local Work Spaces.

• Configured Jenkins build job for continuous Integration ad for continuous deployment.

• Expertise in using GitHub to maintain and manage the build scripts, test data and other documents in the

project scope.

• Implemented Selenium Synchronization for Conditional and Un-Conditional waits using Implicit and

Explicit Waits.

• Verified the integration of various components in the application and executed end-to- end testing.

• Used Data Driven Framework and extracted data from external Excel files using Apache POI.

• Managed user stories and tasks using JIRA as tracking tool.

• Took the Application Screenshots and copied the images whenever exceptions occurred.

• Configured Hub and Node connections by giving Port number in Selenium Grid.

• Used the Android Virtual Device (AVD) Manager to create the emulators for testing the mobile


• Executed the Test Plans on web and Mobile as per requirements using Appium tool.

• Implemented simulator for mobile App Testing in Android Platform using Appium.

• Involved in uploading the mobile application builds through Jenkins and testing them on Android


Environment: Java, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid, Appium, Jenkins, SoapUI, REST, JSON, Appium, TestNG, Cucumber, Apache POI, Android Studio, Oracle, Gherkin, Eclipse, JUnit, Maven, Github, Agile, JIRA, XML, Bugzilla, Microsoft Office.

Client : Chrysler, Michigan

Role : Sr. Automation Engineer

Project : Dealer Connect

Duration : Jan 2014– June 2015

Description: Chrysler, officially FCA US LLC, is an American automobile manufacturer. The purpose of this project is to market Chrysler cars and to provide all the services at their fingertips 24/7. The customers can perform an array of functions such as schedule service appointments, receive service and other reminders, submit feedback, notifications, Road Assist, and receive quotations and many more from their mobile phones and through web.


• Developed and executed scripts for mobile automation of Android app using Appium and Selenium WebDriver.

• Perform automated testing of a web-based application using Selenium WebDriver.

• Analyzed product requirement documents, functional specifications, and involved in developing test strategy, test plan documents.

• Used XPath, CSS Selector, ID, Name locators are used to identify objects.

• Used Desired Capabilities and Remote WebDriver in the Selenium Grid for performing Cross Platform Testing, Cross Browser Testing.

• Using Cucumber developed features, scenarios as step definitions to implement Behavior Driven Development (BDD).

• Used TestRunner class to provide runtime options for cucumber feature and step definition file.

• Performed the Validations using Assertions.

• Wrote test automation scripts in Selenium Web Driver using Java, JUnit and TestNG.

• Used GIT for Version Control and Code Collaboration to manage code reviews.

• Expertise in accessing Forms, Links, Tables using Selenium WebDriver.

• Expertise in Grouping of Test Cases, Test Methods and Test Suites for regression and functional testing using the TestNG annotations like Groups, Parameter, Data Provider.

• Developed automation scripts for Mobile Native applications on Android platforms using Appium and Java.

• Integrated Appium with Sauce Labs for distributing tests on the cloud.

• Regression testing was performed after each build release of the application and updated the Scripts by executing the Regression suites built using Selenium and approve for regression suite.

• Experienced in handling List Boxes, Dropdown Menus, Mouse Actions, Frames, Synchronization and all types of Pop Ups using Selenium.

• Used Apache POI to get data from Excel.

• Used Maven build tool to manage framework dependencies.

• Maintained Requirement Traceability Matrix using excel sheet to keep track of Project's schedule and status.

• Performed back end testing by writing and executing SQL queries to validate the data from Oracle.

• Interacted and worked with the development team to analyze the defects and reported them in JIRA

and tracked them for closure.

Environment: Java, Selenium WebDriver, SOAPUI, Jenkins, Selenium GRID, cucumber, Appium, Sauce Labs, Maven, SVN, TESTNG, AJAX, AutoIT, Apache POI, Log4j, JIRA, RTM, SQL.

Client : Comerica Bank, Michigan

Role : Quality Assurance Engineer

Duration : Mar 2012 – Dec 2013

Description: Comerica, Inc. is a nationwide bank which offers personal, small business, and corporate banking products. I was involved in a project to test their application which serves as a platform for the all home loans and is a Loan originating system which supports functionalities like consolidating Customer’s information (Assets, Liabilities, Employment history, etc.), analyze and deliver the best Home loan Product the Bank can afford to the customer.


• Involved in the Regression and Functional Testing

• Design and executed of Test cases and Experience with Scrum and involved in preparation of Test plans.

• Extensively working with checkpoints and Parameterization using Selenium WebDriver.

• Extensively Tested Webservices using SOAPUI. Used GitHub for source code management tool.

• One of the team member for entire team of 6.

• Automated BDD features, scenarios and step definitions using Cucumber and Gherkin using Junit as the runner class and automated them using Selenium WebDriver.

• Executed User Acceptance Tests in Behavior Driven Pattern using Cucumber.

• Involved in Web Testing to verify links and extensively involved in Database Testing. Written queries in the SQL to validate the output in the database.

• Participated in UAT testing with end customers and involved in User Accepting Testing. Used Jenkins as continuous integration tool.

• Involved in Updating Use cases and Preparation of Test scenarios.

• Maintained distributed equality in assigning Tasks.

• Developed framework from scratch by implementing Data driven and Page object model.

• Developed test scripts in Selenium using Java.

• Involved in writing SQL queries to perform backend testing.

• Extensively involved in User Acceptance Testing. Performed End-to- End testing of full functionality. QC/ALM was used as a management tool.

• Interacted with business analysts, team lead, Manager and users to analyze the business requirements and functional specifications documents.

Environment: Selenium WebDriver, Java, TestNG, POM, Maven, SOAP UI, QC/ALM, Eclipse, GIT HUB, HTML, CSS, MSWord, MS Excel, SQL, UAT.

Client : Infibeam Ltd, Hyd, India

Role : QA Analyst

Project : Infibeam Online Portal

Duration : May 2011 - Feb 2012

Description: Infibeam is one of the leading online shopping portals in India. Online web portal application where I conducted testing for the Order Management System, which is integrated with various modules (Login, Product registration, product details, Shopping Cart, Payment and confirmation modules). I was

designated to conduct functional tests where I had to review the requirement documents and technical

software documents to fully understand the system. I collaborated with team and delivered tasks on

schedule to help team in achieving its goals.


• Involved in the requirements analysis, testing and deployment of the enhancements. Used QTP as test management tool.

• Used Checkpoints, synchronization points for test scripts.

• Executed Junit test cases for Inbox, Archive modules.

• Written Test Cases, Scenarios and Test Plan.

• Involved in end to end testing, UAT and production rollout of the product. Involved in unit testing, fixing bugs and UAT in all releases.

• Used SOAPUI to consume web services, SQL queries to fetch data from backend, CSS to display data in front end.

• Used RestAPI as the project and given HTTP methods.

• Used Get, Post, Put and Delete methods on http for API testing.

• Sent request and got response using the Restful API and web service testing.

• Performed assertions to validate the project created by API testing.

• Used SVN as source repository, Hudson a Continuous integration and QC/ALM to track defects.

• Kept track of the ALM defect Life cycle.

Environment: SQL Server, SOAP UI(REST Project), SVN, CSS, QC/ALM, Junit, API testing, smoke testing, regression testing

Client : ICICI Bank

Role : Jr. Test Engineer

Location : Hyderabad, India

Duration : April 2010 – Apr 2011

Description: ICICI Bank is one of the top private banking firm in India which caters multiple banking facilities to their customers. This project was an Initiative to make its website, transactions made on it and applications offered through the bank more user friendly.


• Developed Test plan, Test cases, test scenarios.

• Implemented Complex Test case scenarios using Regression tests, wrote the enhanced code.

• Involved in preparing Test Plan.

• Developed and extracted Test data to test the application portal.

• Configured HP Quality Center, to store all testing results, metrics, implemented test plan. QTP as a testing tool.

• Scripted Complex Test Cases using SQL queries for data validation and to verify the data integrity in the database (Back end testing).

• Test and Run various API’s as part of System Integration Testing.

• Reported using QA Status reports, Defect Log reports, Traceability reports and Test planning and execution & Results Reports.

• Performed Smoke Tests and Regression tests.

• Participated in different meetings.

• Used SOAPUI for Web Service testing.

Environment: Soap UI, Smoke testing, regression testing, SQL, QTP, Quality Center.

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