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MEP Manager

Riyadh, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia
April 17, 2018

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Resume of Muhammad Ahmad Ubaid

Tel. / Fax # (****612) - 5222361

Mobile # 009***********

Makkah, Saudi Arabia


Linkedin Profile: Education: King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, September 1993. Trainings: Juffali Company, Jeddah, 1992

Worked for a period of two months training in “Heavy & Agricultural Equipment Department”.

Abdul-Lateef Jameel “ALJ” Training Center, Jeddah, 1997 Attended and successfully completed a course of Introduction In “Advanced Sales Skills

(negotiations)”; (09/12/1997) to (10/12/1997).

Saudi Council of Engineers; Training and Development Center, Jeddah, 2016

Fundamentals Of Welding & Metallurgy (Module - I); Jeddah, (25/09/2016) to


National Center for Quality and Training & Saudi Council of Engineers; Training and Development Center, Jeddah 2016 Energy Conservation in Saudi Building Code Requirements; Jeddah, (30/10/2016) to


Saudi Council of Engineers; Training and Development Center, Makkah, 2017

Management of Techniques and Requirements of Green Buildings - LEED 201 (Core Concepts & Strategies); Makkah (26/02/2017) to (27/02/2017). Experience: Power Equipment & Materials Co. Ltd. (PEMCO) July 2017

Working as the Workshop Manager for Yanbu Work Shop for Hot Gas Path Component; Refurbishment Center

The scope of work of the workshop is:

1. Refurbishment of HGP Structural Components.

2. Assembly & Disassembly of HGP Structural Components. 3. New Manufacturing of HGP Structural Components (Combustion Chamber Inner Liner, U Duct Inner Liner 180 & Hot Gas Casing).

4. Assessment & Inspection of HGP Structural Components both in house & at Site. 5. Condition Assessment.

Saudi Bin Ladin Group - Public Buildings & Airports Division, (SBG – PBAD).

April 2004 – May 2017

Worked as the Mechanical Package Manager for the main building in "Development of King Abdul-Aziz Endowment Project for the Two Holy Mosques – Makkah” (DOKKAE Project – Makkah).

Then worked as MEP manager for one of the towers (Sara Tower) in the project and as the Mechanical Material section Head. The DOKKAE project consists of 07 towers

(multistory buildings) reach almost to the level of 600 m. The hotel tower is the main building and the highest tower and consists of 85 floors. The scope of work was managing, supervising and following up the followings:

HVAC system; installation of chilled water pipes and air ducts, FCU's installation, AHU'S installation and the installation of all accessories required for completion of the works.

Plumbing works; drainage system and water supply system.

Firefighting system.

Quantities take off for all mechanical systems.

Material orders from stores or from market.

Follow up the material delivery with the procurement department in the project.

Issuing the E/M inspection requests to the consultant.

Releasing the areas to the finishing department.

Following the builders works required for our tower.

Following up any technical problems and discussing the proposed solutions with the consultant.

Preparing the as-built drawings.

Follow up with technical department about the required shop drawings. Then worked as Electromechanical (MEP) Warehouses Manager for “Third Haram Extension Project – Shamiyah Project – Service Buildings Project – Makkah”. The scope of work is:

Managing the Electromechanical (MEP) Warehouses.

Coordinate with site groups for delivering the required materials.

Coordinate with the supplier for scheduling the deliveries of the material.

Issuing the material receiving vouchers and material issuing vouchers by using ORACLE system.

Checking the delivered material if they are as per the specification of the project and calling the consultant for official inspection and approval before issuing the receiving vouchers.

Monitoring the movement of the different type of materials (slow moving, fast moving or nonmoving).

Monitoring the minimum levels of all materials to send note for the site group to issue orders for the required quantity for them.

United Technology Products Company (Abdul-Lateef Jameel “ALJ” Group Company)

October 2002 – December 2003

Worked as the Sales Supervisor in Riyadh and Qasim area for four brands of A/C units; TOSHIBA mini-split A/C units, RUUD central A/C units, DORA mini-split A/C units and PETRA air conditioners (Mini-split, Dx units, FCU'S, AHU'S & chillers). Then I worked as Area Sales Manager for Madinah Branch.

The scope of work was:

Managing the work in the area.

Managing a group of sales engineers and sales representatives.

Studying the monthly sales target with the sales team.

Preparing weekly and monthly report for the head office.

Supporting the sales team by visiting the customers with them to introduce the products for customers and explain to them the technical advantages and the benefits of using our units and buying from us then finally to reach to the closing stage of the project.

Also follow up the money collection and preparing the payment schedule for the

clients and solving the different problems may appear with the customers.

Studding the market and writing reports to the marketing department about the sales and how to improve our sales and how to expand more in the market in different ways.

Arabian Air Conditioning Systems Company (ASCO) (MEP Contractor).

Nov. 1999 – Sep 2002

Worked as Senior Sales Engineer & Site manager. The scope of work was looking for the projects in the market from the consultants’ offices and the main contractors, studying the project, checking the design and then pricing it (HVAC, plumbing and fire fighting works). Then to execute and follow up the mechanical works (HVAC, plumbing, fire alarm & firefighting works). The responsibilities were to study the project, finalize the design for it, getting the approval from consultant to start the work, preparing the material submittals for the consultants for approvals, executing the work and then the testing and commissioning of the system to handover the site to the client. Also one of my responsibilities was to study the monthly cash flow and to follow up the monthly payments with the clients and the customers.

Managed four sites consist of electro-mechanical (MEP) works: 1. MODA Guest Building.

2. Muzahmiyah Farm Rest House.

3. Khasrah Main Hospital (50 Bed).

4. Badayeh Main Hospital (50 Bed).

Managed three sites consist of HVAC works:

1. Al-Sudairy Office Building, (HVAC).

2. Al-Ghahtani Private Villa, (HVAC).

3. Al-Ajlan Complex Building, (HVAC).

United Technology Products Company (Abdul-Lateef Jameel “ALJ” Group Company)

Jan. 1997 – Oct. 1999

Worked as Senior Sales Engineer & Assistant of Regional Sales Supervisor; for three brands of A/C units: TOSHIBA mini split units, RUUD central A/C units and PETRA air conditioners. During this period I dealt with consultants, main contractors, HVAC contractors and end users.

The scope of work was visiting the consultants, main contractors, A/C contractors and the end users to introduce the products for them and explain to them the technical advantages and the benefits of using our units.

Juffali Air conditioning, Mechanical and Electrical Division (JAMED) Nov. 1995 – Dec. 1996

14 months in “Operation Department” as a Mechanical Site Engineer & Assistant of Project Manager. Worked in a big complex containing a hotel, residential building and conference building in Jeddah (chilled water system). Worked in big residential towers

(4 towers) in Makkah (consist of 350 DX units).

The scope of work was managing the site; distribute the workers and giving them specified daily schedule. Study the drawings and check if there is any changing required. Coordinate with the other works in the site and prepare coordination drawings before starting the work. Preparing the material submittals according to the B.O.Q, specifications and the requirements.

Sharqawi Establishment, Jeddah (MEP contractor)

Oct. 1993 – Oct. 1995

Two years in “Operation Department” as a Mechanical Site Engineer. Completely and successfully executed five chilled water system projects: 1. Major Royal Palace, Jeddah.

2. Medical Store (Al-Hikmah Medical Company), Jeddah. 3. Al-Khuraiji Family Main Palace, Jeddah.

4. Madinah Oboroi Hotel, Madinah.

5. ALJ (Abdul Lateef Jameel) Beach Compound, Jeddah. Also completely executed and commissioned projects that mainly consist of central split units and package units. These projects were residential buildings, personal villas, and housing compound.

The scope of work was managing the site distribute the worker and giving them specified daily schedule. Study the drawings and check if there is any changing required. Coordinate with the other activities in the site and prepare coordination drawings before starting the work. Preparing the material submittals according to the specification and the requirement.

Personal Skills:

1. Long and strong experience in managing the Electro-Mechanical (MEP) Works at sites. 2. Good experience managing Sales Field:

How to introduce yourself.

How to introduce your items.

How to clear the advantages of it.

And the negotiation skills.

3. Strong Experience in managing Warehouses, Procurement, logistics, supply chain management, technical departments and design works.

4. Strong ability of leading groups of engineers, supervisors and labors. 5. Good experience in calculating the heating and cooling load, duct sizing, pipe sizing, 6. Good experience in the field, how to manage the work, how to deal with different and many groups of workers.

7. Long experience in dealing with consultants, main contractors, clients and client representative. 8. Good knowledge about computer; words, excel, etc. Personal information: Palestinian, born in Makkah Al-Mukkarmah, K.S.A in 21/05/1970. Married, have four children (2 girls & 2 boys).

Have driving license and transferable Iqama.

Ministry of Higher Education


September 12, 1993


This is to certify that Mr. MUHAMMAD AHMAD YOUSEF

UBAID has completed all formal and academic requirements for the DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE in. MECHANICAL


The Degree is conferred by King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals effective September 12, 1993.

Mohammad A. Abul-Hamayel

University Registrar

1~ -

Saleh A. Bakhrebah

Dean, College of Engineering Sciences


ki?r'A. Bakr

Rector of the University

wU:-1 : Y.r.. -4-i~ A'o.o' : ~. ('r) Ai'-r'yt a;. JI JI o:.wl • nn,,)I~I DHAHRAN31261, SAUDI ARABIA. Telephone: (03) 860-2024 • Telex: 801060 KFUPM SJ • Cable: AL-JAMAAH

~ill&\V0JjC Ji;Jj~-'lL-1

&JdPJ j}ju.~jJ~j~J

~ .. --' . J~ ~


i')0J)~1'0jfJJ~;)j b2

~JJ~~~JJj~j;a llil\f.~j~~

~ P?'JJ)l1V.;/Jj~09r jt;(,r JyjJ

~~~it dJ~~~d_~c,;~

.",. .' "'



U:!W~ ~!)gomJl ~I


[~~ !]f [!]



Engineering Accreditation


The Coulcl,n accordance wlh Is executive bylaws and regulations for professional accredIation, and after verf"1Cationof the validly of the certlicates has decided lo award.


Engineer Grade

Mechanical Engineering

This certflCation is valid until: 23 November 2018 E Secretary General tGldl ~lJl SCE

• ~

O~T •• nn •• TT

~~ ~L..o.A.c:I

148417 :,aijJ ~~

I~::VQO" ~I :lILAA.c:JJI CIC).09 ~~I ~J.lJ1 u-L: I••~

:?M ~I uJ",o :..a.a I~I o~Lwt.l1G:l.D VA ~I ~9


i•n• ~ ~

v--r .,)


1440 Jj)ll &.u 15 ~Jl uJlo cbLwtJI o~

PAC Director v.AQaJl ~1AA.c-411~~


~\ .! eft J1" W~ ~

y dd../t.

Muhammad Ahmad Ubaid

it I il III

It III ~~I~iU:C~~r g.? d~J

L~~_ PRESIDENT 11~~ __

ka/~ - kndd~~df~Wac~ ~L;J' a.! ~')J~4 J ;t1 0nutuc&on in

Advanced Sales Skills (Negotiations)

(4= ;1 LAjl; ~1..uJ

~~ 09 December 1997

~- __ 1_0_De_ce_m_be_r _19_97__ ~1

(tt ~ ..1t~~t " ~" ..~c\ :7 . ~ l\"/ t~t) f l c\~ "~~ f 2017/02/27 ~t 2017/02/26l)#1tJ~lA#t~ ~~ ~~ ~tJ

€ ~ o:. ll, I> J..o


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