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Technical Writer Project Manager

New York, New York, United States
April 16, 2018

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Antonio Vlachos

NYC / NJ Metro Area *****


Technical Writer/ Security Specialist/Business Analyst


Highly organized, precise and logical professional with over 20 years’ experience. Specialize in:

Financial business writing,

Information Technology (IT)

Policies and procedures

Operations manuals, run books

Training manuals instructional design


Risk Analysis

Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity

Mainframes, COBOL, CICS, DB2


Web Content, Product descriptions

Workflows and Business Flowcharts

Medicare, Medicaid, Medical

Payroll Processing

Proposals, RFPs, RFQs

User Manuals

Information Security Analysis

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Detail-oriented expertise delivers quality, customized documents to represent any corporate client with excellent and effective cost cutting documentation.

Summary of Qualifications

Excellent at interviewing subject-matter experts to gather information, identify relevant data and audiences, and write documents that are clear and user friendly.

Outstanding technical skills. Adept with formatting programs, generating graphic and Online tools such as Visio, PowerPoint, Excel, RobHELP, HTML, XML, CSS, XHTML.

Expertise in cyber security including ISO 270001, COBIT IS frameworks. Creation & operation of the ISMS. ISO audit support.

Expertise in generating RFPs, RFQs, RFIs, Proposals, Business Requirements, IT Technical Requirements and Application Programming Interface (API) documentation.

Extensive experience in generating all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and APIs. Also worked extensively with Mainframes, IBM Series 1, and more.

Extensive knowledge of Medical, claims reporting, Payroll Processing, Medicare, Medicaid procedures

Excellence in Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery complete planning and execution.

Limited Partner Agreements (LPAs) and legal agreements. Program Management.

SKILLS LIST - Proficiency with the following:

MS Office Suite, SharePoint,

Graphic and authoring tools –

RFPs, RFQs and Proposals,

Program Management, Payroll processing.

Instructional Design, Training Manuals and User documentation, ITIL process,

Information security analysis and Assessment, QA and testing procedures, API, SDK,


Planning, writing and editing documentation, QA and acceptance testing, Payroll.

Data Center Documentation,

Databases – Oracle, Access, SQL, Ingress


Automated Business Applications, Inc (ABA) October 2015 to 2017

Senior. Documentation Specialist

ABA, primary contractor to Corporation was engaged to assist client in a multitude of IT-related activities. As a Documentation Specialist, sub-contractor to ABA, completed all deliverables as detailed below:

1)For the Autonomy Acquisition: Client acquired autonomy with a complete re-write of all the following to comply with existing Policies, Standards and Procedures:

a.Information Security following ISO 27001 Best Practices, Risk Analysis

b.Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery procedures

c.SDLC process flow and all API documentation required to interface with Windows operating system. API software used was WinAPI.

2)When client was split into two separate entities All existing Policies, standards and procedures were reviewed and re-written as required.

3)For one, Process Flow diagrams and written procedures were generated to support the following activities:

a.3rd Part Vendor/Supplier on-boarding / security screening

b.Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures and Outsourcing (MADO)

c.ISO27001 Certification of business operations

d.IT Asset Mappings following NIST standards

e.Payroll processing for Human Resource and Payroll department.

Result: ABA completed all deliverables and documentation effectively reflected the desired acquisition and company split.

Con Edison March 2015 through August 2015

For Con Edison, developed technical and business specifications for the Information Technology (IR) department.

The project was working with an IBM Mainframe system for the conversion of the printing process for Customer Correspondence from IBM SCRIPT to HP EXTREME.

Generated API documentation using HTML5 software. Worked with COBOL and DB2.

Result: New documentation fulfilled audit requirements and department received certification.

Department of Transportation (DOT)

Technical Writer/Trainer August 2014 through Jan. 2015

For the department of Transportation in Albany, N.Y, developed Infrastructure documentation for Bridge Inspection high risk analysis safety procedures and accompanying training documents and provided training lecture series.

The documentation provided procedures on a web-based "Bridge Data Information System" (BDIS) for viewing and maintaining bridge and culvert data. Dealt extensively with Infrastructure.

Result: DOT incorporated all NY State bridge inspection safety procedures into transportation system documentation. Generated Risk Analysis report.

iQor Corporation November 2013 through July 2014

Technical Writer/Business Analyst

For one of the largest Call Center, Collections and Customer Service companies in the world, helped develop documentation for the whole system (TeQ21), that is the core of the business.

The work required the development of IT Architecture flows and complete Business Documentation included flows using Adobe PDF, Visio and PowerPoint graphics for a Presentation purposes to clients and the company board of directors.

Result: New documentation increased call center and services efficiency and increased number of clients and overall revenue.

Bank of America May 2012 through October 2013

Technical Writer/Project Manager

For the BOA, special projects system programming development department, initiated the plan for development and updating Architecture and APIs using XML software for a new system and adjacent systems. .

Result: Initial plan accepted and tested initiating development and staffing of project. Used by Risk Analysts in the Risk Management business areas for initial planning. Used existing algorithms and formulas relating to risk analysis according to ISO 27001.

PineBridge Investments July 2011 through May 2012

Technical Writer/Business Analyst

For the Technical and Financial Services Product department, generated Policies and Procedures providing a “Best Practices Manual” for the Fund Controllers of Alternative Investments Group (Secondary's, Hedge Funds, Emerging Markets, Private Funds, Private Equity, Non-performing loans) using existing source documentation and extensive interviewing of Subject Matter Experts. (SMEs).

Involved in analyzing legal documents, such as “Limited Partner Agreements (LPAs)” and other legal agreements to determine the industry wide best practice for a policy and accompanying procedure. Worked with Online Help, WIKI and Cloud processing.

Result: Developed Best Practices procedures that were incorporated and increased efficiency and revenue for Alternative Investments group. Rehired due to previous 2010 assignment success.

Prudential/Jefferies Bache January 2011 through July 2011

Technical Writer/Business Analyst

For the Prudential Bache Corporation (later changed to Jefferies Bache Corporation), documented a detailed User Manual and tutorial for a newly developed and sophisticated automated online trading system (BacheConnect). Worked with Application Program interfaces (API) using HTML software. Worked on Payroll processing with updated procedures.

Result: Document was distributed to clients, traders and the trading support and technical staff elucidating Market Reference data for Equities, Fixed Income, Derivatives, currency and other instruments,

PineBridge Investments (PineBridge was previously a subsidiary of AIG Corporation but is now independent). August 2010 through January 2011

Technical Writer/Instructional Designer

For the Business and Technical Services department analyzed and documented a new trading system (Microsoft AX Dynamics) from previous Legacy SAP trading system. Updated existing IT Architecture documents. Generated Business Continuity Procedures

Result: Provided User and Reference Guides on market and reference data on instruments for Back Office and technical staff. Distributed to clients to assist in defining the many financial products developed and used worldwide by PineBridge customers. Increased client satisfaction.

Bank of New York/Mellon April 2010 through July (2010)

Technical Writer/Project Manager

For the Global Payments/Treasury Services department developed A Funds/Wire Transfer Reference Guide (SWIFT, FEDWIRE) for Treasury Services staff and clients to assist in defining the many financial products developed and used worldwide by BNY Mellon Clients.

Result: Developed a Multicurrency data document for the products used throughout the world. Resulted in an increase in International sales in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Canada as well as the clients in the U.S.

Morgan Stanley (via Cap Gemini Consulting) Sept. 2009 to March 2010

Technical Writer/Security Analyst

Senior Technical Writer reviewing, updating and generating complete new documentation for the Information Security (InfoSec) Department. Existing documentation was reviewed and applicable subject matter experts in each of the relevant areas were interviewed to produce a consolidated and comprehensive Operations Manual, reflecting all the Information Security Department’s Activities

Result: Information Security Management systems and best practices (ISO 270001 and 270002) were followed in analyzing and updating Morgan’s InfoSec documentation (MS SharePoint). All Information Security Policies, Standards and Procedures were re-written to mitigate an external compliance audit deficiency report. Audit accomplished successfully.

Bank of New York/Mellon September, 2007 through August 2009

Technical Writer

Special Project: For BNY/Mellon Processing Department:

Interviewed Subject Matter Experts (SME) to respond to Federal Audit and Compliance comments about BNY/Mellon Closing Procedures for a top-secret Government project. Rewrote, reformatted Government Closing Procedures to comply with Audit and Compliance requirements. Additional details confidential (top secret),

Result: BNY/Mellon met federal audit and compliance requirements and official acceptance of government secret project.

BNY/Mellon For Global Trust Division

Technical Writer

Developed Policies and Procedures for the Global Corporate Trust Division of BNY/Mellon, with emphasis on coordination with existing Corporate Bank Policies. Documentation was initial set of stock trading restrictions required by the Government. Also worked on COBOL and PL1 coding instructions for Mainframe.

Result: Policies and Procedures for the "Stock Transfer Division of the BNYM doing operational Procedures" were accepted and used by the U.S. Treasury Department in documenting financial restrictions to be placed on several Institutions.

Alliance-CAPITAL March, 2007 through September 2007

Technical Writer/Business Analyst

For system developers, generated Business Requirements, IT Technical Requirements and Application Programming Interface (API) documents for existing systems working from existing specifications.

Result: Developed Business Requirements and User manual documents for a Client Reporting System (CRS) (financial) system and an Administrative Reporting System (ARS). Informed and tutored Managers, Business Analysts and Technical people on how to access and use the applicable systems. Resulted in successful and efficient working environment.

WestLB (German Bank) January 2007 through March 2007

Technical Writer

Documented a Financial Data Base, using FIX flowcharting to document and develop procedures on a customized Lotus Notes database. Worked with the Data Base information and interviewed Data Base Administrators as Subject Matter Experts (SME) for updated information.

Result: Added improvements to the processing flow and updated business continuity procedures for maximum efficiency. Document was considered successful by bank and passed audit review.

ADP Corporation September 1, 2006 through January 2007

Technical Writer

Developed Policies and Procedures for the "International Division - Corresponding and Clearing Line of Business" and policies and procedures for Market and Reference data for instruments.

Result: Increased efficiency and delivery time for all corresponding and clearing processes used at international division.

New York Mortgage Company (NYMC)

Technical Writer November 2005 to August 2006

As Technical Writer, updated detailed IT Policies and Procedures manual. Developed an IT Technical Documentation manual providing detailed procedures required for an IT Department. Included were procedures on Business Continuity, QA, Operations procedures, Runbooks, Help Desk, Hardware and Software Configuration, System information, Database and File Structures.

Result: Document was considered a successful effort and was approved by auditing and increased the efficiency of the IT department, that helped decreased mortgage processing time.

Bank of America

Technical Writer/Project Manager May 2004 to November 2005

Developed Application Disaster Recovery Plans and Procedures and Operations procedure manuals and Runbook updates for Application Services IT Department. Updated API documentation.

Result: Received audit approval of all documentation and commendation from management.

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield

Instructional Designer/Technical Writer December 2002 to March 2004

Developed NY Services Procedures and Training manuals for Insurance Claims processing department. In a separate pharmaceutical assignment developed Medicare and Medicaid documentation for Project Team leaders and Administrators, providing information on training their staff in specific tasks.

Result: Successful training program received commendation from upper management including Director’s. Extended contract to tutor management personnel in our effective training techniques.

Société Générale, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank April 2001 to December 2002

Technical Writer

For three short term assignments, accomplished the following:

1.For Société General, developed a Tax Planning Department procedures manual and accompanying process flowcharts working with distributed processing and a Mainframe system. Also generated Payroll procedures for Payroll department.

2.For BNP Paribas generated Market and Reference Data definitions for Foreign Exchange, Equities, Options and High Grade/High Yield processing procedures and flows. Diagraming included FIX Flowcharting and extensive use of Vista.

3.For Deutsche Bank helped develop Online Help (using RoboHelp 2002) for the Deal Maintenance System (DMS) and Procedures with Visio flowcharts.

Citicorp Services (Yen Traveler’s Check Project for Japanese Banks)

Technical Writer/Project Manager

For the Japanese banks, generated General and Detailed design documents for Citicorp's Yen Travelers Cheques System. Analyzed Legacy systems and "tailored" the major functions to fit Citicorp's needs. Interfaced extensively with Japanese clients and banks. Documented all Issuer, Customer, Agent Service functions and Training methods. Developed brochures for Japanese banks. Worked mostly in Tokyo Japan with frequent trips to U.S.

As an employee: (before consulting)

S.I.T.A. (Society International of Communications Aeronautics) December 1990 through January 1992

S.I.T.A. a French Company, owns and operates the world's largest private telecommunications network for commercial airlines. Wrote System and Functional specifications and User documentation. Worked on the Common Use Terminal Equipment system (CUTE2), which is an airport LAN based network enabling airlines to share facilities (workstations, gate readers, printers and interconnect shared facilities to an individual member's host). Visited major airports to document systems for the Airlines. (Air France, KLM, United, American, etc.)

Sander’s Associates: Publications Manager (before consulting) for major electronic firm developing electronic military hardware in Plainview Long Island. Managed a writing department of six writers and an art department. Left when company relocated to Nashua, New Hampshire


Four years Hunter/Queens College towards Bachelor’s Degree, majors in English and Journalism

RCA Institutes – T3 Electronics Engineering Degree certificate & Technical Writing Certificate course

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