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Design Developer

Hampshire, Illinois, 60140, United States
April 16, 2018

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Resume of Anthony A. Gaimari

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Experienced in wire framing, user interface experience/design, UX design personas, and have coordinated internet content for companies’ deploying efficient communications solutions that drive sales growth, while developing strategic PR opportunities with key accounts. Experienced in corporate communications within the IT department, and have worked with Directors of marketing and marketing analysts to evaluate agency recommendations, media effectiveness, and comprehensive reporting, for over 17 years.


● User experience (UX) strategy

● User centric design

● Cross browser development

● Cross device development

● User interface design


● Balsamiq prototyping,

● Taxonomy

● Topography mapping

● Style guides

● Responsive design

● Mobile technology

Skill sets:

● jQuery UI

● Axure RP 7.0


● Markup languages to help navigate GUI environments and web services

● Wordpress, MVC, Magento

● Jira, BitBucket, Confluence, Source Tree, Version one, TeamPulse

● Adobe Creative Suite 5.5, Macromedia, SwishMax, Flash, Microsoft Office tools, Lotus R5

● CS5.5 Dreamweaver, PhotoshopCS5.5

● QuarkXpress6.5, Notepad++, InDesign

● CSV,SVN, Source Safe, Source Offsite

● Angular JS Library

● Bootstrap JS Library

● Foundation JS Library

● SAP Net Weaver CMS, EFI CMS, Microsoft Visual Studios, Websphere

● Microsoft Share Point 2013


Nat’l Assoc of Boards of Pharmacy

UI Web Developer 2/2018 – 4/2018

Responsible for maintaining of core applications while migrating from Oracle to a Microsoft platform.

Collaborating with developers, project managers, business analysts and business users in conceptualizing, estimating and developing UI responsive enhancements. Recommend business process work flow improvements and clearly communicated problem/resolutions to project management as well as analyzing user requests and assisting with design activities.




jQuery UI


VS 2017

Ensono LP

Creative Web Developer 3/2016 – 11/2017

Designed, developed and deployed Ensono’s global intranet product, using my experience with responsive design, developing with Bootstrap within the Sharepoint platform. Was a UX admin for sharepoint, having leadership responsibilities and mentoring less experienced intranet developers to be proficient in content management systems and most aspects of web design production. Demonstrated critical thinking and problem solving skills to help tutor Ensono associates to build a better sharepoint site collection.



jQuery UI


Office 365


SPX Genfare / Insight Global 4/2015 – 10/2015


Completed the user design for a new cloud product. Created new features while on a team of designers and programmers. Contributed ideas in an agile process within cycles of two week sprints. Responsible for handling 1-6 project tasks at a time. Created user centric design for a responsive web platform and did the wire framing and UI development for the mobile application.



jQuery UI


Bootstrap JS 3.3

IT Consultant 12/2014 – 4/2015

Worked closely on a continuous basis with teams composed of marketing, IT business development, and management staff . Ensured proper development of websites with regard to design, functionality, and provided feedback for business process improvement using an Agile work flow. Gathered business requirements and analyzed business requests to develop solutions for clients using responsive web design and mobile technology.

CSS3 design and coding knowledge

HTML4/5 design and coding knowledge

jQuery UI and Bootstrap3.0

Using MVC, taking existing wireframes and coding to meet desired results

Managed client relationships

Designed wireframes and prototypes

Follett Software 6/2014 – 10/2014


Joined the technology team to build out front end web applications and to maintain the consumer-facing user centered design.

Implemented user interfaces, using HTML5 and CSS3 for both web and mobile experiences

Incorporated responsive design principles into new and existing product features

Rapid prototyping of new features where and when possible for product layout

Collaborated with business and back end developers to reach goals for a given design feature

Built reusable libraries and frameworks to simplify development and web maintenance

Created site standards for UI strategies by keeping up to date with web best practices

Fruitful Yield 10/2013 – 1/2014


Oversaw all functionality of the company’s website in accordance with the company’s overall strategic marketing plan; responsible for all front-end, including user experience user-interface programming. Improved both the visual appeal and usability of existing website applications and pages.

Product analysis, ensuring content updates, new product information and other requested features

Prototyped, developed, installed, tested, debugged, and documented new site features

Diagnosed and corrected web site problems, including broken links (both internal and external), typographical errors, and formatting inconsistencies

Contributed to both the design and development of online and in-store sales events, including e-mail marketing campaigns and advertising initiatives

Participated in the development and integration of graphical and multimedia components

Monitored web use and provided relevant statistical data and reports regarding utilization of the company’s web sites, making recommendations for enhancements

Employed hands-on web programming experience in HTML, JS and CSS (style and positioning) to maintain and develop large scale, enterprise-level website

IT Consulting for Accenture & Cyber Korp 5/2013 – 10/2013

Front End Developer / Designer

Worked as a senior UI/front end developer, joining their client's teams in Chicago and its western suburbs. Worked as a user interface focused developer experienced in web application and UI design and development, focusing on agreed upon standards while maintaining pleasing page aesthetics.

Worked across business, design, and technical skill sets

Employed good written & oral communication skills

Re-examined and implemented data grids

Worked with a large global project team

Translated business requirements into designs and rapid prototyping

Designed UI proposals with defined development & QA practices

ThinkVine Technology 1/2013 – 5/2013

Web Developer / Designer

Used skill sets of HTML5, CSS, and jQuery UI. The primary focus was to match web pages to the mock ups drawn up by the designer, building in tandem with backend developers all of the underlying functionality. My primary responsibility was to take a basic page with the controls and its functionality and make it look like the mocked up images, styling the pages using CSS.

Web design, content management, reporting and tracking of products including the delivery of

daily, weekly and monthly reports documenting projects and campaign status, using reporting systems TFS and TeamPulse

Creative production using jQuery UI/Bootstrap

Continuous testing of creative layouts and offering variations on implementation

Suntimes Media 10/2012 – 12/2012

Web Developer / Designer

I was responsible for the design and development of applications within the Technology department, with duties including ongoing support of current sites and applications as well as implementation of various projects and initiatives. I developed new websites and web pages, and provided changes and corrections to existing sites and pages. Worked with business teams and other Technology teams to resolve problems and implement new processes. Engaged in web editing and debugging as requested.

Prioritized work requests and escalated issues to management

Worked with various 3rd party vendors to complete common goals and resolve problems

Followed change management and other IT Technology procedures and processes as appropriate, monitored their execution among team members, and made recommendations for process improvements.

Coded in Java script, jQuery, CSS (CSP), GUI, and mobile

Designed sites and video and widget integration using CMS tool

Artisan/ Panduit, Tinley Park, IL 9/2012 - 10/2012

Front End Web Developer

I worked with Panduit coding resources to help design and create website templates to support the overall design of a new website, creating templates in a pure CSS fashion, and developing them with HTML, CSS, and some jQuery/JavaScript.

Used CSS3 design and coding knowledge

Used HTML4/5 design and coding knowledge

jQuery UI and JavaScript

Took existing wireframes and coded to create desired results

Finished design and development tasks as required, and when completed processed a successful unit test

Finished development as designed and on the schedule provided by project manager

Provided the migration and its documentation

GenevaTech Services/, Arlington Heights, IL 4/2012 – 8/2012

Front End Web Developer

Worked closely on a continuous basis with a team of coders, marketing, business development and management staff to ensure quality control and excellence. Ensured proper development of websites with regard to design and functionality, and provided feedback for business process improvement using an Agile work flow.

Design work plus hands-on coding

Provided technical design and support on mid to large scale projects

Worked with business analysts to understand application requirements

Created document design solutions and implemented according to the design

Implemented Adobe Test and Target code for marketing to evaluate

Translated business and functional requirements into detailed technical design

Designed and developed proof of concepts to test and prove designs

Participated in the technology standardization process, focusing on application and data architecture

Researched new products and technologies to determine fit within the organization’s application architecture

Modis/ Hyatt hotels, Chicago, IL 2/2012 - 4/2012

UI/UX Developer/ Designer

Employed front-end development experience, HTML, CSS, AJAX and jQuery UI code development as well as Bootstrap. Created responsive variations for various devices and resolutions including phone, tablet portrait, table landscape and small desktops, and large widescreen desktops. Built the documentation business rules, use cases, wireframes, site maps, navigation layout, graphics, prototyping and mockups. Work was sketched out in Balsamiq, then built in HTML, Javascript and CSS code. Worked directly with shareholders from various business units and software developers to ensure accurate implementation of specified web design.

Used Agile development and ADDIE methodology

Collaborated with subject matter experts

Made recommendations for new internal application design

Prepared UI elements for standard use

Provided jQuery layout grids and spry scripts

Went through business requirements backlog using three reporting systems

Put Spira Team, Jira and Sharepoint reporting apps in place

Ebsco Industries/ Hallmark Data, Skokie, IL 11/2010 - 12/2011

UI/UX Developer/ Designer

Responsible for translating client, business and user needs into effective web designs for web based apps, and was involved in tasking all levels of product materials required for successful completion of projects.

Use cases, wireframes, site maps, navigation layout, business and technical requirement documentation, graphics, prototyping and mockups, HTML, Javascript, and CSS coding to make net2.0 demos.

Worked directly with shareholders from various business units and software developers to ensure accurate implementation of specified web design and functionality.

Emailed marketing with Exact Target

Translated conceptual ideas into engaging visual web applications

Contributed to the design/development of apps

Helped to develop a graphics library/server environment

Prepared UI elements for standard use

Used Agile development and ADDIE methodology

Collaborated with internal managers and customers web modeling

Reviewed and provided recommendations for existing application redesign

Aquent / US Foodservices, Rosemont, IL 6/2010 - 7/2010

Website Front End Developer/IT Support/ Corporate Communications

Engaged in web development & design, content management, strategic implementation, evaluation,

and testing applications. Did document assessment and user feedback regarding intranet’s user experience. Worked closely with the HR department to create a newsletter layout and design.

Did web content editing and deployment using websphere, and development of CS5 flash news galleries.

Debugged script for cross browser compatibility.

CS5 enterprise tools for graphic development

Dynamically loaded XML pages

Researched polling capabilities

Rebuilt a human resource Portal called “SCIL”

Built presentation templates within Websphere

Collabera Inc. / Abbott Labs, Abbott Park, IL 10/2009 - 3/2010

Website Front End Developer/Business Analyst/ Quality Assurance

Web Intranet production, debugging and reporting, testing applications/assessment and feedback. Worked with a User Requirements Specification (URS), which described the business needs of the user as they related to the development or changing of new or existing systems and/or processes. Disseminated hundreds of documents into a single governing filing structure used to build linkage of documents for each portal using SAP’s Net Weaver CMS.

Used SAP Net weaver CMS to produce web pages for 6 international Intranet portals

Delivered Q&A using Sharepoint 2007 Server

Collaborated with staff members to correct and test solutions for each portal

Worked toward proper governance for web projects including site integrations, new functionality, and design updates

URS design

Web production of wireframe development and content

Sapphire Technologies / Compusystems, Broadview 3/2008 - 2/2009

Website Front End Developer/User Experience

Web Design, Schema Design, User Interface Design, User Centered Design, Typography, Graphics, Human Computer Interaction, Usability Concept, W3C Guidelines, Html, XML, Ajax,

Xhtml, Css, JavaScript, Photoshop, Flash, Swish, ActionScript, MS Office.

Web programming clients’ registration site for trade shows

Q&A of each web design for form and functionality makeup

Participated in client negotiation of development timeframes until going live

Worked towards proper governance for web projects including site integrations, new functionality, and design updates

U I design

Built graphic overlays for banners, and logos to websites

ABS Graphics, Addison 5 /2007 - 2/2008

Website Administrator/Designer

Web Development, Multimedia and Usability design. Using EFI’s StoreFront CMS I designed an enterprise level content management system that tied together all aspects of the previous fulfillment inventory and production systems into one easy to access system. CMS. Cs3 InDesign.Worked on JSP and ASP Portals. Well versed with HCI, User Experience, Usability Design, User Interface Design and User Centered Design methodologies, W3C standard compliance for web and accessibility guidelines. good knowledge in developing portal and dynamic PDF's using Adobe CS3.

Led the creation of interactive marketing solutions

Web Admin / designer of 3 Ecommerce websites coupling MIS fulfillment and inventory usage

Researched and prepared business cases for potential improvements to content, software and on-line services; reviewed vendors and business partner’s products and services to identify goal-targeted improvements to the sites

Participated in negotiating terms and conditions with vendors, leading the development process from initial discussions through implementation

Created detailed project plans for major web projects including site integrations, new functionality, and major design updates

Consulted with business partners about Ecommerce strategy development

Developed and managed projects, offers, and presentation of the on-line shopping cart

Built variable data products for client interaction and ordering

Patterson Medical, Bolingbrook 8/2006 - 3/2007

Sammons Preston Rolyan

Website Administrator/Designer I assisted in Project Management while the companies were going through a transitional period by preparing the statement of work (SOW) process, ensuring that the SOW quality and delivery expectations of our client were met, and prepared documentation for the SOW.

W3C Guidelines, Html, XML, Ajax, Xhtml, Css, JavaScript, Photoshop, MS Office. Contributed to information mapping by providing enhanced description of work decided in business meetings. Provided statement of work and maintained change request/approval forms.

Web Administrator/Re-design and support for 6 national & international medical manufacturer’s websites

Content management organizing and facilitating product placement

Ecommerce maintenance covering marketing, transaction processing, security, and services delivered over the Web

SQL database used to retrieve and update clients & product data

Collaborated with cross-functional groups to determine web strategies, including the identification and analysis of organizational enhancements to the sites

Responsible for the analytical support of Ecommerce in achieving optimal goals in terms of volume and usage

Developed and monitored E-Metrics for all sites. Reported web statistics monthly

Pay-Ease, Roselle 3/2005 – 7/2006

Application Developer within a Linux environment, using Eclipse and other java tools for the development of the Gentoo’s OS to work with installing the software to ATM machines.

ATM development using Crystal reporting system within a SQL database

Data card driver development and Java project working with iReports and Jboss

Kiosk-Mapping touch screen monitors

Worked on producing, managing and tracking campaigns. Proposed test and segmentation strategies and provided regular status reports

American, Park Ridge 4/2004 - 2/2005

Website Designer responsible for the development and design of major and minor web applications and components for internal and external users. As a developer I designed, developed, tested and delivered web sites, applications and components. I was responsible for the design and development of web pages within the sports division. Graphics, multimedia, GUI's enhanced by the use of Html, Css, JavaScript, Photoshop, MS Office tools.

Web design, content management, reporting and tracking of products including the delivery of

daily, weekly and monthly reports documenting projects and campaign status

Campaign planning

Creative production

HTML programming, and application development using JAVA, ASP, CSS, JSP

Continuous testing of creative layouts and offering variations on implementation

Mayflower Tours, Downers Grove 8/2003 - 4/2004

Graphic Designer Created printed brochures and flyers within a Mac environment, and engaged in marketing of exciting outbound print and email campaigns that produced strong traffic to both website & call centers.

Oversaw optimization of campaigns to maximize deliverability, and drive sales

Recommended and initiated projects to drive list growth

Independent IT Consultant 2/2001 – 6/2003

IT Services, Internet Marketing Coordination, Developing IT Applications

IT training, installations, disaster recovery, and application development for small businesses

located in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago

Marketing data architecture

Contact data imports, and development

Good working knowledge of marketing & sales automation solutions as well as data warehousing

Collaborated with multidisciplinary teams to deliver best results

As a Technological Advisory Board member of the Illinois Mortgage Bankers Association, I worked towards building a database that would reduce document costs and streamline workflow, and developed technical seminars for the association, with the goal of providing an internal and external communication infrastructure to drive performance and business results.

Meyers Communications Group 2/2000 – 11/2001

VP Marketing & Sales

Streamlined IT Sales and Marketing Processes

Designed intuitive internet navigation and information design flows to meet business and user needs

Implemented training course for new recruits speeding profitability

Gathered business requirements and analyzed business requests to develop solutions for clients

Managed customer relationships

Designed tradeshow platforms

Directed and oversaw the organization’s strategic/tactical and long-range e-commerce goals. Provided internet/extranet strategy and coordinating efforts across all IT functions to support the company's business strategy. Led and directed the work of others, having a wide degree of creativity and latitude, and established plans and administered the overall policies and goals for the information technology department. Analyzed the needs of departments and established priorities for feasibility studies, systems design and implementation to develop new and/or modify the company's information processing systems.

Mortgage Market Information Services \ 8/1997 - 7/2000

Internet Marketing Coordinator

Collaboratively developed websites and managed their content

Worked on a data warehousing project

Optimized search engines, web performance, and marketing

Managed multimedia projects

Expanded sales team from print format to the understanding of Web format

Raised sales revenues by 300% for internet services through banner advertisement

Evangelized sales to include mass market accounts, coast to coast

Became a published writer and public speaker regarding the internet revolution

Administered (CRM) Customer Relationship Management applications and maintained the

CRM systems support and updating function. Monitored end-user usage of systems and daily

administrative tasks and enterprise software development


Western Illinois University

B.A. Communications

Minor Studies: Business Marketing \ Statistical Analysis & Design

Successfully obtained a certificate of completion of an MCSE training course with Astron Technologies, and privately expanded upon these engineering and programming skills through software and hardware installation, and extensive daily use of Microsoft's operating system. I am familiar with and use Microsoft's office products, IBM's Lotus Smart Suite products, Visual C++ 6, invoicing and accounting software, Symantec anti-virus, HP Photosmart digital imaging and scanning software, Adobe products, Canon & Epson products, and DOS based products. I have trained on hybrid platforms, LANS / WANS and routers/ hubs, and maintained internet functionality for both NT 4.0 and Unix systems, as well as for e-mail and firewall servers.

Attended 120 hours of classes for Linux professional certification, and received a Linux certificate. Through navigating the server environment, I dealt with installation and configuration/system administration and networking/security issues.

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