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Database Professional

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
April 15, 2018

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Dinesh Dahiya

Software Developer

Mobile: 613-***-****

Ottawa, ON


● Database developer continuously developing skill set in Data Analysis using Python and R.

● Experienced in scalable database design, optimizing data creation and reporting, and troubleshooting producting issues in an AGILE SaaS environment.

● First hand experience of developing reporting frameworks, including generating queries, report design, creating backups, and troubleshooting ‘live’ environment issues.

● First hand experience of handling ETL projects with foreign governments.

● In-depth knowledge of database design concepts, with an ability to absorb and analyze complex issues quickly.

● Extensive experience with SQL Server 2008R2/12/16 and Oracle 11g/12c, delivering high quality results meeting business requirements.

● Familiar with industry standard tools and technologies such as Liquibase, IntelliJ, Mercurial, SVN, Maven, Gradle, Jira, Crucible, Bamboo, JBoss, JPA ORM, VM, Docker.

● Motivated to take on new challenges, with an ability to tackle problems both in a team environment or independently.

Professional Experience

Database Developer, Halogen Software, Ottawa, On Jan 2012 – May 2017 New Reporting Framework

● Authored design documents detailing data model mapping, missing data points, and testing strategy to update and replace legacy user facing reports.

● Authored DB objects including materialized views/logs, packages, stored procs, and other objects used by new reports.

● Analyzed slow running reports and filters, collected diagnostic data from running DB traces and application traces, reengineered reports accordingly on both Oracle and SQL Server RDBMS.

● Authored automated tests using JUnit, authored additional packages to generate data sets for performance improvements and benchmarking execution times. eAppraisal Module

● Continuously worked on optimizing slow and long running operations on the biggest module in the Halogen Kit; collected database trace reports from production environment and isolated key bottlenecks in performance.

● Supported customer support tier to diagnose issues customers are having in real time, and authoring scripts and packages to correct failing operations and rectify irregular data by creating repeatable scripts and packages.

● Routinely performed Oracle to SQL Server (and vice versa) ETL’s for development and customer support peers.

Learning and Development Module

● Worked on developing a feature which allows clients to segregate their employee base based on location, division, department, company, or workgroup; implemented role security at DB level to hide data outside of user’s privilege.

● Created DB objects (tables, views, packages, stored procs) and Java layer DM/DAO’s for new objects.

● Updated security of existing reports to account for new roles features and access privileges.

● Authored automated tests test to verify accuracy of reports. Dinesh Dahiya

Software Developer

Mobile: 613-***-****

Ottawa, ON

Additional highlights

● Early adopter of the JPA ORM technology at Halogen. Presented a JPA ORM tutorial/ introductory presentation to peers, emphasizing the key points on how it accesses data, and the advantages/hurdles of adopting this technology.

● Maintained and updated DB packages to generate representative sample data used in performance benchmarking.

Database Administrator, 3M, Ottawa, ON Nov 2009 – Aug 2011 ETL Projects

● Executed several legacy system data ETL projects with foreign governments in a time bound

(high stress) environment. Well practiced in dealing with faulty live data.

● Analyzed third party data models and authored source to target destination mapping documentation.

● Obtained sample data sets from third parties and created db scripts to migrate data from legacy db to ‘our’ db. Cleaned and corrected irregular data. Introduced temp staging tables when necessary. Verified the full functioning of the application post migration.

● Optimized scripts using db trace tools and other monitoring tools. Feature Development

● DBA responsible for implementation, configuration, maintenance, and performance of Oracle and SQL Server RDBMS.

● Experienced with SQL Server Replication technology, authored publisher/subscriber topology and replication schedules; diagnosed replication environment failures ‘in-field’.

● Designed Database Objects, Tables, Stored Procedures, DB Roles, Back Up/Recovery scripts, etc.

● Authored db scripts to pull data from off site third party databases, transform data, and push back to db.

● Familiar with SSIS/SSRS/Crystal Reports.

Administration and Support

● Travelled to customer sites in Caribbean to install database components of systems, as well as provide system training to local staff.

● Provided back-end support to customers to provide ad-hoc reports, fix issues with legacy systems, and perform emergency system recovery.

Education & Certifications

Bachelor of Communications Engineering April 2008

Carleton University, Ottawa, ON

Oracle 11g Database Administration Associate June 2009

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