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Engineer Project

Kerala, 688521, India
April 17, 2018

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Nationality : Indian

Born : May 11, 1987 in Kerala - India

Status : Married

Address : Kattunkal House, Pathirappally P.O

Alappuzha - 688521, Kerala, India

Phone : +91-944******* (India)

Email :


More than 7 years of overall experience in various fields of IT sector. In which has an experience of 5 years in Linux Platform like INFRA Setup, Messir Systems for Meteorological and Climatological products, VAS Solutions with white labeled features, Web Hosting, Corporate Trainer for Red Hat Certifications. Also had the experience to work on AWS cloud platform.

Profile Summary


Professional Experiences

Young dynamic B.Tech holder, reliable and trustworthy. Self- motivated, hard-working individual and a results-oriented problem solver. A good team leader as well as a good Team player. Pragmatic and efficient. Very much interested in Linux Troubleshooting and wish to aspire every checkpoint in this field. Professional experience shows that nothing is impossible if we work with confidence and dedication for destination.

Current/Latest Job :

From 10th Nov 2017 to Present


Linux Lab (NIIT) Myanmar




Consulting Engineer

Company mainly focus at delivering training in Redhat, Microsoft and other Software courses and internships. Also they do have some customers for onsite support both in hardware and software level. My role may vary from Operations to training or any role whenever required.

Deputed to the operation team and working on discussion and proposal for Project with virtualization for an LTE client.

Certified RHCSA and RHCE in RHEL-7.

Refreshing RHCVA 4.1, for a project with an LTE client. RedHat Virtualization and Hitachi Storage.

Completed self-training in Jboss EAP-7 and waiting to get certified in JB248.

Self-training on Ansible DO-407 and D0-409.

Implementing a project on IPA for centralized ID Management and auditing.

Waiting for the Implementing a project using EAP-6.4 and Oracle DB.

Previous Job :

From 3rd May 2016 to Sep 2016


Izeno Pte Ltd




System Engineer

Joined Izeno Pte Ltd as System Engineer and deputed to INFRA

Team. The company uses AWS, SugarCRM, Jboss, MySql,

JasperSoft etc.

Completed 2 Projects

1.Band Interprise - 4 Virtual Servers (1no UAT, 3no Production [MySQL, ElasticSearch & Web Server-SugarCRM-7.2 with 4 Instances]) including hardening RHEL OS based on CIS recommendation.

Details of Project:

Customer provided us with 4 VMs with RHEL 7 OS, one for UAT and 3 for production. In that one for SugarCRM web application, one for MySQL Database and the third one for Elasticsearch.

Installed SugarCRM, MariaDB and ElasticSearch on UAT. Also installed required dependencies for the CRM application, MariaDB and ElasticSearch.

Created Master DB for the CRM application.

Interconnected the DB and ElasticSearch to the CRM application and configured SugarCRM.

Activated the CRM application with License provided.

Replicated the same SugarCRM application to another 4 instances.

Configured http to https redirection.

The same scenario was repeated on the Production Servers.

In Addition in the production server, configured CA certificate for the Production domain. (Domain name/InstanceName) as per customer requirement.

Performed hardening on all servers based on CIS recommendation.

Tested if all the hardening parameters are working perfect after reboot.

Documented all the steps performed for future reference.

2. SurbanaJurong - 2 AWS Windows instances (1no Base & 1no MSSQL 2008) with Base in Public subnet and DB in private subnet and access via VPN.

Details of Project

Created VPN and configured Public and Private Subnets.

Assigned elastic IP and Pulic IP for public access.

Created Windows Base 2008 instance on Public subnet.

Created Windows MSSQL 2008 instance on private subnet.

Tested the access of Public Subnet Windows Machine and from there the access to MSSQL server.

Documented the steps performed for future reference.

Key Responsibilities

Setup Servers for Development Team depending on the Application required, configuration provided by the customer. (which includes domain to be pointed, implementing http to https redirection and CA certificate etc)

Implementing security by hardening the OS before handing over to the development team.

Verifying and testing if all the settings configured for hardening are working properly and sustain reboots.

Update the os if latest patches are available.

Backup the contents, once the setup is complete and perfect.

Assist the development team in case of any issues.

Document the installation and configuration document for customer for future reference.

Test every application on most commonly used OS and verify if everything is working fine. In case of any bugs, have to find the fix so that, there is no issue and delay when implementing during Project.

Self-train to the latest updates, patches and technologies so that the same can be discussed with customer and made useful.

Created a script for hardening RHEL OS based on CIS recommendation.

AWS Training

Completed AWS Technical Professional and AWS Business Professional released September 2015.


Installed and configured SugarCRM, MySQL and Elasticsearch in one VM, multiple VMs. Also tested SugarCRM in Linux and MSSQL.

Installed and configured JasperSoft Reports using Jboss-EAP.

Intalled and configured Zabbix to monitor AWS ondemand servers.

Installed, configured and tested Ansible to run minor automations.

Installed, configured and tested Ansible Tower to run normal commands, but automation is still under testing.

Tested Ansible script to access the AWS platform to list the instances running.

Comparison between Ansible, Chef and puppet and languages used.

Previous Job :

From 20th March 2015

To 30 April 2016


Wipro InfoTech/Dataquarter Technologies Pvt Ltd




Service Engineer

Worked as Service Engineer in Dataquarter Technologies Pvt Ltd (a Wipro Ltd Franchisee) for M/s Indian Navy as a representative of Wipro InfoTech, a global information technology, consulting and outsourcing company with 158,217 employees serving clients in 175+ cities across 6 continents. Within this position I’m the Project Lead (first point of contact) for the client M/s Indian Navy and for OEM M/s Corobor Systemes. The Project is named INMAC (Indian Naval Meteorological and Analysis Center) and have 8 servers with Licensed version of RedHat6.4 OS, 2 switches with one managed and the other unmanaged, 3 routers, 2 leased lines connecting from IMD Delhi and Chennai. Main roles are to manage the servers and verify the functionalities including networking. The OEM is a French Company named Corobor (

Key Responsibilities

Configure Hardware RAID and Software RAID of Netpower servers.

Configure Partitions on Fujitsu Storage for the NetPower Servers and connect it via fiber cable.

Install RHEL 6 using CIS recommended settings and update the OS to the latest.

Allocate the storage partition to respective servers.

With the help of OEM install the required Software application on Servers and configure in a pilot and standby mode for redundancies.

Configure client machines to access the servers and application to generate the products.

Backup the servers once there is a perfect working configuration.

Document the steps performed for future.

Maintain and update the servers as per instruction from OEM.

Troubleshoot issues which ever pops up by self or seeking help from OEM.

Train the customer for the using the client machines to generate products and basics of Linux Systems.

Corobor Training ( OEM )

Received certificate for attending the training provided by corobor for meteorological systems. (MESSIR Software)


Installed and configured Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) Model for Indian Navy (out of scope of Project).

Created a script to download the ingestion data automatically and process the same for NWP Model.

Also had the opportunity to be a part of the Systems Integration Team, Kochi and worked on many projects and support. The main was the Clustering in RHEL7 for South Indian Bank and many support works done in many projects including Hitachi Storage Hard disk replacements. Also had the opportunity to work on EMC storage as well.

Key Responsibilities

Configure hardware RAID

Intall RHEl7 OS and perform hardening based on customer requirements.

Create cluster configuration on RHEL7 OS.

Configure partitions in storage and allocate the same to the servers.

Install and configure NetBackup software for configuration backup.

Test the cluster configuration and demo it to the customer.

Documents the steps performed for future reference.

Attend hardware and software issue calls based on tickets raised by other Wipro Projects.

Previous Job :

From 06th January 2014 to 19th March 2015


Wipro InfoTech/Nebula Computers Pvt Ltd




Service Engineer

Worked as Service Engineer in Nebula Computers Pvt Ltd (a Wipro Ltd Franchisee) for M/s Indian Navy as a representative of Wipro InfoTech, a global information technology, consulting and outsourcing company with 158,217 employees serving clients in 175+ cities across 6 continents. Within this position I’m the Project Lead (first point of contact) for the client M/s Indian Navy as well as for OEM M/s Corobor Systemes. The Project named INMAC (Indian Naval Meteorological and Analysis Center) and has basically 8 servers with Licensed version of RedHat6.4 OS, 2 switches with one managed and the other unmanaged, 3 routers, 2 leased lines connecting from IMD Delhi and Chennai. Main roles are to manage the servers and verify the functionalities including networking. The OEM is a French Company named Corobor ( and the primary role is to maintain all the systems installed by the Corobor engineers, update the servers and Messir-Software. Basic troubleshooting also includes in the job.

Experience includes:

Install, configure and troubleshoot Messir Software.

Update Messir Software binaries.

To create and use yum offline repository to update servers.

Playing with yum to overcome dependency issues.

Analysing log file to trace issues and fix.

Installed and configured NWP Model for pre-processing.

Additional Network troubleshooting techniques.

Create and configure hardware and software RAID (0+1).

Configure lookout firewall for ip based access.


Experience in working with Indian Navy Officials.

Starting steps to Meteorology Concepts and products.

Work as a Support Engineer with OEM Company Engineer.

Past work experience

From 06th Feb 2013 to 14th Dec 2013


Achariya Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd



I had worked for this Company as System Administrator – Linux specialized in installation and maintenance of Linux Servers as SMS Servers and Asterisk Server for VOIP calls. In addition also managed LAPU Server as part of Online Mobile Recharge software, SIM hosting for Missed call alert, Bulk SMS etc.

The company was providing White labelled VAS Solutions and hence had to play with domains, payment gateways and so on.

Experience includes:

Install and Configure Asterisk Server for VOIP calls.

Manage LAPU system for Recharge Software.

Manage multiple Sims for SIM hosting products.

Jr.Technical Consultant – Linux

From 1st July 2011 to 20th October 2012 worked in IPSR Software Solutions Pvt Ltd training clients from other companies or students in Red Hat Linux. It requires to follow the curriculum to qualify for the Red Hat certification exams and get certified.

Freelance Works

From : Apr 2011 to 5th Jan 2013

(Night Shifts)

Worked with Eleven2 Servers as Abuse Manager.

Worked in Wiztelsys Server Technologies temporarily as Support Executive.

Part Time Jobs

Customer Service Representative in Ringtoindia from Jan 2011 to Mar 2011.

Worked as Online Chart Support Executive for Axis Bank.

Worked as Data Entry Operator in Federal.


Red Hat Certified Engineer.

(Certificate Number: 110-280-823)

Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator.

Certificate Number: 110-280-823)


3 month internship programme on SAP ERP (ABAP/4) in ASTRUMS CONSULTING.

The following topics are covered:

ABAP Dictionary.


ABAP Objects.



Web Dynpro.

Software Skills

Languages : C, C ++, LINUX, SAP ERP (ABAP/4), Python . (intermediate), Ruby (intermediate)

Programming : 8085, 8051 and PIC microcontrollers.

Technologies : ARM Processor & Zig Bee

Operating Systems : Windows,, Red Hat,CentOS, Ubuntu, OpenSuse.

Education and early experiences:




Year of Passing


Caarmel Engineering College, Pathanamthitta, Ranni



Academic Projects

MAIN PROJECT: Embedded Server using ARM Processor and 8051.

Description: The various processes running in an industry is monitored and systems running with unwanted programs are shutdown based on a priority table during low backup. Here Linux O.S is necessary and programming is done by C-programming.

MINI PROJECT: Industrial Automation using Zig Bee and PIC.

Description: The project deals with the monitoring of various factors such as temperature, pressure, smoke etc where human reach is not possible constantly such as mines etc.

Academic Seminar


Explanation : Microsoft Surface is a multi-touch product from Microsoft which is developed as a software and hardware combination technology that allows a user, or multiple users, to manipulate digital content by the use of gesture recognition. This could involve the motion of hands or physical objects. It was announced on May 29, 2007 at D5 conference. Targeted customers are in the hospitality businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, retail, public entertainment venues and the military for tactical overviews.

Academic Achievements

Secured 83% in state level I.Q test.

Served as the School leader For 2 years.

Secured 197 rank (with A grade) in National Level Mathematics Aptitude Test.

Received prizes in cultural activities at State Level.


Dancing, Gaming, and Reading.

Painting, Troubleshooting


English, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil

The elementary school education was taken in India, at “Matha Senior Secondary” and “S.N Trust Higher Secondary” School in Alappuzha, Kerala, India.

Furthermore, I’m exercising my spoken English being frequently involved in Remote Assistance, training course and my written English, writing reports, documentation, articles. Also able to speak and write Hindi and Malayalam & manage Tamil as well.

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