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Cadence, VLSI, Layout, Sensors, Keil, ARM, C, Swift, Circuit

Dallas, Texas, United States
April 13, 2018

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Fluent in English and Mandarin

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Dallas, TX 75251

m: 678-***-****

Career Summary

• Experienced analog and digital integrated circuit design projects with particular expertise in high-gain Low-power CMOS amplifier, low noise amplifier, as well as multiplier and logic gates transistor-level design, layout development

• Completed system and application projects with microcontrollers, FPGAs, sensors as well as IOS applications, low-level and high-level program design, calibration algorithm development

• Proven ability to approach complicated design problems from a systems perspective to improve performance over a purely block-oriented approach

Education and Credentials

MASTER OF SCIENCE (M.S.) IN ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING, IN PROGRESS (EXPECTED MAY 2018) Southern Methodist University – Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering, Dallas, TX GPA: 3.63 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (B.S.) IN ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING, 2015 Nan Kai University – Bin Hai College, Tianjin, China GPA: 3.30 Projects

Icube Application in IOS Swift, Objective-C, Mongo DB, Python, Arduino and Circuit Design

• Designed a 4*4*4 LED cube and an IOS application

• Achieved two methods (machine learning algorithm or select patterns by oneself) to control Cube


High-Gain Low-Power Amplifier Design Cadence Virtuoso

• Designed two-stage differential operational amplifier with 180nm MOSFET

• Consumed 14uW with a 0.9 voltage supply and produced a 103dB gain 8-Bit Comparator Design and Layout Synopsys, Verilog, Design vision and Cadence Encounter

• Worked as a team leader with four(4) teammates and implemented a circuit on a chip

• Passed all the testbench and developed layout

VLSI 4-Bit Multiplier DESIGN Cadence Virtuoso

• Designed a multiplier by using TG (transmission gate) logic

• Achieved delay 738.4p second with power 20.83uW

Radio Frequency (RF) Receiver Design with Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) and Mixer Cadence Virtuoso

• Developed a LNA with differential topology and a Gilbert mixer with 180nm MOSFET

• Achieved power gain 14.55dB and mixer conversion gain 14.6dB at 2.4 GHz Test Point Insertion Verilog, testing and Mentor Graphics Tessent

• Inserted gates (write Verilog code) depending on the fault style

• Evaluated the ability of test points and increased 7% of the fault coverage Finite State Machine Design (Mealy Machine) ARM, Cortex-M, Embedded System, Keil and C Programming

• Utilized ARM MCBSTM32C’s internal clock to control a toy car’s servomotor and LEDs


Multiband Beamforming Inference Xilinx, Matlab, WARP Board and C++ programming

• Tested the weights in the different channels of 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz using a SIMO system

• Obtained that the trends in both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz are similar and 5 GHz had a larger range Smart Home Model Design (IoT) Keil and C programming

• Led two team members and used microcontrollers (STM32) and sensors (infrared, ultrasound, etc.)

• Achieved four(4) ways (Auto, remote controller, cellphone, net) to control home applications 3X4 Matrix Circuit Verilog and Quartus II

• Built a circuit using Verilog to multiply a 3x4 matrix with its transpose

• Met the timing requirement

Leadership and Honors

• First Prize, Internet of Things (IoT) Innovation Design Contest (Model is widely used in China) Skills

Technical Proficiencies: Cadence, VLSI, Layout, Sensors, Filter, Keil, ARM, Assembly, Synopsys, FPGA, Verilog, Quartus II, PSpice, Protel, Proteus,, Matlab, Xilinx, CAD, Embedded System, Circuits, Testing, Mentor Graphics Tessent, Design Vision, Arduino, Swift, C, C++, C#, R, Objective C, real-time, Python, OpenCV, MongoDB, IOS

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