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Python, Software Engineering, C, Java, Swift

West Lafayette, Indiana, United States
April 13, 2018

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Yuchen (Nick) Sun



Purdue University, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, West Lafayette, IN May.2018 B.S. in Computer Engineering


l Python, C, Java, Bash, Swift, SQL, System Verilog, MATLAB Projects

Remote Control Vehicle (C & Swift) Feb.2017

l Coded STM32 to control servo and stepper motors; built a motor circuit l Wrote an iOS app to perform remote vehicle control in Bluetooth l Designed the vehicle’s mechanical part in CAD and built it in wood Compiler (Java) Sep.2017- Nov.2017

l Designed and developed a compiler to compile simple programs l Performed lexical analysis, syntax analysis, error handling, and code generation l Optimized performance with register allocation, instruction scheduling, and loop optimizations Multicore Processor (System Verilog) Sep.2017- Nov.2017 l Designed a Multi-Core pipelined processor with shared-memory and cache coherency l Improved memory access time through pipelining and adding memory cache l Wrote MIPS assembly code and implemented parallel algorithm l Implemented cache coherence using application of LL/SC atomic instructions Image Processing and Embedding (Python) Nov.2017- Dec.2017 l Developed an algorithm that handles image translation, embedding and extracting payloads l Wrote a front-end application and built a graphic interface with Pyside Sensor Driving Robotics Hand (C) Oct.2016- Dec. 2016 l Developed a microprocessor program to control the robot hand with flex and gyro sensors l Constructed and troubleshoot a Printed Circuit Board Work Experience

Boston Consulting Group, Shanghai, China Jun.2017- Aug.2017 Project Assistant & Analyst

● Assisted the team with developing digital transformation strategies, localization and development plans

● Performed competitors study, company research, risk analysis, market research and user investigation

● Participated in daily meetings for progress report and analysis presentation Accenture, Shanghai, China Aug.2016- Nov.2016

Research Analyst (Part-time)

● Conducted researches on financial services and securities market

● Assisted a client by making a strategic plan in organizational structure, management control, cost-benefit analysis of human resource, technology investment, operational efficiency and profitability Leadership Activity

First Tech Challenge Robotics Competition, Nashua, New Hampshire Mar.2014 Team Leader

● Built the first robotics team in school’s history; the team ranked top 10 among 40 teams in northeastern U.S.

● Led a team of 4 members to design and build a robot with limited resources; self-learned robotics coding Hobby


● Completed 2016 Bank of America Chicago Marathon on October 9th, 2016

● Completed 2015 Purdue Boilermaker Half Marathon on October 15th, 2015

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