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Computer Science Professional Experience

Los Angeles, California, United States
April 12, 2018

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University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA. (CGPA: 3.35) December 2017 Master of Science in Computer Science

GITAM University, India. (CGPA: 3.8) April 2015

Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science and Engineering SKILLS:

• Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, Python, Ruby.

• Database: MySQL, NoSQL, PostgreSQL.

• Web Technologies: HTML, Xml, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, PHP, AngularJS, NodeJS.

• Application/Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, Android Studio, AWS. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:

Reefer Loyalty/ Software Development Intern June - December 2017 Developed a system that allows brands in cannabis industry to organize sample distribution at a dispensary. Implemented using Ruby on Rails framework with REST API’s to handle requests from other platforms. Twilio API was used for communicating with customers. PHP component of application communicates with REST API’s for data transfers. This is maintained on AWS.

Visakhapatnam Steel Plant Pvt. Ltd: Software Engineering Intern May - July 2014 Analyzed “Simulation of Basic Network” with CISCO devices. I led a team of 5 in which we setup a local area network where we used few laptops to communicate and share files over the network. Software: Hyper-Terminal, putty and telnet. Unified Code Counter Project for USC: Directed Research May - August 2017 We a team of 5 built and tested a compiler that counts the code lines and detects syntactical and semantic errors for any programming language. Developed a framework in C and scripts files in bash and shell script to run the framework. PROJECTS:

Operating Systems – Weenix (Flavor of 6th edition of UNIX)

• Created processes, light weighted threads, scheduler and other synchronization primitives to run threads and processes concurrently in kernel mode. Implemented Virtual File System, Virtual Memory, page fault mechanism in C. Search Engine Development:

• Indexing of files using Solr and Lucene. PageRank algorithms for ranking web pages. Interface designed using HTML5 and PHP for handling query processing with python. Spell correction and query suggestions are implemented. Apache Tika library used for document type detection and content extraction from various file formats. Web – Application for Congress API:

• The Application provides details about Legislatures, Committees and Bills of the US congress. Designed using Bootstrap. Data retrieval with asynchronous calls to Sunlight Congress API using AngularJS and PHP. Also developed Android Application for the above. The application is launched on AWS. Map – Reduce – The Pig Latin Experience:

• Calculated number of characters and words in each file using Hadoop database. Used Pig-Latin to get characters and matched them with regular expressions and generated a pig file to get desired output. Ran the queries on the database and got the letter and character count of the given file input. Battle – Planner (Artificial Intelligence):

• Developed Tic-Tac-Toe game algorithm, which outputs next (best) move suggestion. Deployed algorithms like A*, MIN- MAX, BFS, DFS with backtracking, pruning techniques like Alpha-beta pruning increased efficiency of algorithm. Python game:

• Built interactive web-based python game in Codeskulptor. The game is well-known game of pong with multi player feature.


• Certified in Python programming and basics of game development in Coursera under University of Michigan and Rice University respectively.

• Won a 2nd prize in a Hackathon contest in which we created a Website that helps the student register for various events in collage through interactive website developed using HTML, CSS, PHP and Node.js. PUBLICATIONS:

• Earthquake Prognostication: Developed program that predict earthquakes using data & statistics of previous happening with Data Mining & Curve Fitting Techniques in mat-lab. Published in IJIRT journal under guidance of my professor

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