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Computational Chemist/Data scientist/Researcher/Biostatistics/C++ Deve

Richmond, Virginia, United States
April 12, 2018

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• Programming Language: C / C++, Objective C, Visual Basic, Fortran

• Developing skills under certified programs: R, Python, MySQL, Java, MATLAB, Git, Cloud computing

• Data analysis skills: Practical Machine Learning, Data cleaning, statistical inference, regression, and correlation models, Predictive modeling

• High-performance computing (HPC), Open MP, MPI, GPUs

• Web programming: HTML, CSS, JSP, Java Script

• Linux/Unix shell scripting: Bash programming, Awk, GNU Emacs, Vim, Nano

• Front-End Languages/Scripts: JavaScript

• System administration: Hardware and Network Fixing

• Operating systems: Linux/Unix, Windows, MacOS X

• Software Applications: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power point, Mathematica, Gnuplot, Xmgrace, Visual Molecular dynamics (VMD), Adobe Photoshop, LATEX

• Molecular Dynamic and Monte Carlo modeling packages: LAMMPS, GROMAC, Macsimus PROFESSIONAL SKILLS

• Strong analytical, quantitative, and computing skills – involving statistical data analysis, predictive modeling, and mathematical and simulation modeling of applied problem

• Ten years experience in coding languages and analyzing more than ~1000 of large data samples produced by molecular modeling simulations

• Eight years experience developing, testing, commissioning and maintaining data

• Excellent problem-solving skills in both independent and team environment

• Experienced with building deploying and troubleshooting web services and independently learning new equipment.

• Adept Communicator – the ability to synthesize and present complex technical information and concepts to both expert and lay audience in verbal and written form.

• Collaborative – Work in several cross-discipline partnerships, and Capable of working within specific timelines and deadlines

MohammadMahdi Shafiei


Ph.D. Candidate

VCU Department of Chemistry

101 West Main St. Richmond VA.



• Strong leadership – mentored more than ~1000 students in learning techniques and guided research. WORK EXPERIENCES

• Developing and maintaining web applications for small businesses. I have used HTML, CSS, JSP for front-end and java scripts for the back-end, and MySQL for the database.

• Research assistant at Virginia Commonwealth University. Simulations and analyze the simulation datasets by developing efficient post-processing programs.

• Participating in some Hackathon competitions: Developing an idea for an automated health system, developing an idea about for a modern date match system.

• Teaching assistant at Virginia Commonwealth University, teaching general and physical chemistry.

• Several volunteering jobs as scientific judge and assistant in Virginia high schools. MOLECULAR DATA ANALYZE

• Analyzing molecular simulation data, computing a wide range of statistical variables like correlations and regression.

• Molecular Dynamics and Monet Carlo Simulations.

• Applying models on data, modifying and even introducing models by critical thinking for solving complicated statistical problems.

• Presenting data by plotting meaningful figures, writing reports, communicating with peers. EDUCATION

Graduate Student of Computational Chemical Physic

Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA.

Data Science Specialization (Online certified course) Johns Hopkins University

Aug 2013-Present

March 2017-Present


Communication and leadership development

March 2017-Present

M. Sc. in physics

The University of Zanjan, Zanjan, Iran.


B. Sc. in physics

The University of Zanjan, Zanjan, Iran.



• (Under Preparation) A Generalized Model for the Dynamics of Hydrogen Bond.

• (Under Preparation) Investigating the Effect of a Static Electric Field on the Structure and Dynamics of Bulk Water.

• (Under Preparation) On the Dynamics of Hydrogen Bond of Water Molecules Under Strong Alternating Electric Fields.

• Shafiei, M.; Bratko, D.; Luzar, A. Dynamics of water under an electric field, 4th Virginia Soft Matter Workshop, Oct 29th, 2016, Richmond, VA.

• Shafiei, M.; Bratko, D.; Luzar, A. Kinetics of Hydrogen Bond of Water and Application to a Water-Surface, Sep 4th, 2017, Harrisonburg, VA.

• Foulaadvand, M. E.; Shafiei, M. One-dimensional Brownian motion in hard rods: The adiabatic piston problem. Europhys. Lett. 2013, 104, 30002.

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