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Data Mechanical Engineering

Peoria, Illinois, United States
April 10, 2018

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Manoj Kundrapakam phone:309-***-****


Bradley University, Peoria, IL, United States May, 2018

Masters of Science, Computer Science

Overall GPA: 3.83

Jawaharlal Technological University June, 2014

Bachelors of Science, Mechanical Engineering

Overall GPA: 3.75

Technical Skills:

•Programming Languages : R, SQL, Java, Python 3, C and C++, ASP.Net with C#.

•Databases : Oracle, MS SQL Server

•IDE : R studio, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Jupyter Note Book, Spyder

•Scripting Languages : HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript and ReactJS.


R, Machine Learning, SQL (Stanford certified), Python, Tableau.

Work Experience: 2014-2016

Business Solutions International: (Associate Data Scientist)

Data Science/Analytics experience with R and python (numpy, pandas, matplotlib, scikit-learn):

Projects: machine efficiencies, financial analysis of companies, Weather analysis, machine learning models for various applications.

Responsibilities Involved:

Identify, retrieve, manipulate, relate and/or exploit multiple structured and unstructured data sets from various sources, including building or generating new data sets as appropriate.

Built and maintained SQL scripts and complex queries for data analysis and extraction.

Dealt with missed data in the data set and replacing data using various analysis methods.

Applied multivariate statistical methods and machine learning techniques using R, python (numpy, pandas, matplotlib, scikit-learn) and its packages for statistical analysis and built high quality prediction systems.

Visualized results using ggplot, matplotlib and tableau.

Data preprocessing of datasets and applied model selection techniques like k-fold cross validation and grid search on datasets in improving accuracy.

Built various linear and non linear regression models which include simple, multiple, polynomial, decision tree, random forest, SVR regression models on various datasets and predicted the results accurately.

Constructed classification models like logistic, KNN, SVM, kernel SVM, Decision tree, random forest on the business application datasets.

Built association learning models like apriori and eclat on datasets in optimizing sales of the products.

Built reinforcement learning models like upper confidence bound and Thompson sampling on advertisement optimization dataset and predicted the best ad among all the ads provided

Applied dimensionality reduction techniques including backward elimination, principal component analysis, linear discriminant analysis and kernel PCA on datasets.

Academic Experience:

Built NLP model for analyzing text reviews and predicting the category of review.

Built ANN (Artificial neural networks) deep learning model using tensorflow API and keras for predicting customer churn.

Constructed CNN(Convolutional neural networks) deep learning model using tensorflow and keras library for image classification in python

Developed Web application using technologies like HTML, CGI, PHP, JavaScript and Java.

Developed web applications using with C# in visual studio.

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