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Manufacturing Technician, Process/Engineering Technician, Cleanroom.

San Jose, California, 95124, United States
60,000 Yearly
April 12, 2018

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Highly skilled and dedicated Senior technician with experience in silicon wafer processes for medical device ASIC’s micro-fluids, fiber optics MEMS, and integrated circuit micro-fabrication seeks position in manufacturing and/or R&D at a company where versatility and reliability are valued.




Sunnyvale, CA

Job Title: Engineering Technician

Responsible for the daily tracking of yields on all manufacturing lines, working with collaboration consisting of 6 Engineers.

Data Entry using Excel, Minitab, Power Point.

Testing of product in various stages. Pressure testing, Vacuum Leak testing, measurements of height, diameters, and thickness.

Routing of PDR’s, NCR’s for signatures on specified manufacturing lines.

Publishing of weekly yields of each manufacturing line for the Quality Board.

Publishing weekly of reports of equipment down/up times.



Proteus Digital Health

Hayward, CA

Job Title : Sr. Process Technician

Full range of silicon micro fabrication in GMP medical device environment; Evaporators, sputter, photolithography, wet etch, plasma etch, metrology, visual defect inspection, manual electrical probing, safe handling, and documentation.

Trusted technician performing Failure Analysis processing and Engineering/Development experiments, as well as special projects.

Performed end of line Quality Control testing for ingestible sensor product lot release.



Fidelica Microsystems


Job Title : Wafer Fabrication Technician

Responsible for all photolithography: resist coating on Solitec 820 spin track, alignment and exposure using Quintel 7000 ultra line equipment.

Performed wet and dry etching of Au, Cr, TiW, and silicon.

Provided inspection and evaluation of all processes and recommended process improvements. Recorded data to spread sheets daily.

Responsible for probing and annealing of wafers, maintenance of chemical wet etch and solvent work stations, and disposal of used chemicals. Ordering and inventory of chemicals .

Helped in work flow scheduling and tracking.



Redwood Microsystems

Menlo Park, CA

Job Title: Wafer Fabrication Technician

Fabrication related to micro-valves, silicon flow orifices, and silicon capacitive pressure sensors: wafer cleaning, positive resist photolithography ( Coating, alignment, exposure, evaluation), wet dry silicon, metallization, insulator etching (plasma, KOH, HF, nitric, acetic, wet metal), sputter metal deposition, metrology for film thickness and critical dimension achievement, silicon shadow mask making, conventional contact printer mask making, anodic and silicon fusion bonding, high temperature furnace oxidation, nitration, and annealing.

Work flow scheduling and tracking.

Contributed to process evaluation and improvements.




Fremont, CA

Job Title: Applications Engineer

Responsible for on-site customer visits to install and optimize wafer track photolithography and resist development systems. Confirmed systems met AMI and customer specifications.

Design, implemented and evaluate photolithographic coating processes to achieve process specifications.

Procured all fab chemicals and safety equipment, clean room uniforms and supplies. Setup and maintained all MSDS files.



Crystal Technology

Palo Alto, CA

Job Title: Wafer Fabrication Technician

Fabrication related to optical waveguide technology: photolithography ( coating, alignment, exposure, evaluation), wet and dry crystal etching, metallization: sputter, e-beam, electroplating, diffusion of gold into crystal substrates, and metrology for all thicknesses.

Assisted in mask design with engineer and CAD technicians.



Censtor Corporation

San Jose, CA

Job Title: Technician, Supervisor

Fabrication related to read-write heads for hard disk memory: masking and plating processes, ordered chemical, products, supplies.

Responsible for supervision of six operators.

Assisted in facility relocation and bring up clean room and new equipment on line.

Created Process specifications. (Manufacturing Process Instructions)

Academic Education

1972 Diploma

Branham High School, San Jose CA


GMP documentation and training.

Training of new hires.

MS outlook email/calendar

Electronic production record (MES)

Data Entry.

MS Excel and Word.

Power Point

Minitab 17


References are available on requests

Carmen Meza / 408-***-****

Peter Bjeletich/ 408-***-****

Daniel Bucher/ 510-***-****

Rommell Arayata/ Cell 510-***-**** WK 650-***-****

Nan Iyer/ 602-***-****

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