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Software Developer Engineering

San Jose, California, United States
April 11, 2018

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Chaitanya Deshpande

San Jose, CA 971-***-**** OBJECTIVE: Seeking full time job in Embedded Systems / Firmware Development from spring 2018. EDUCATION

Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering GPA – 3.72 /4.0 Portland State University, Portland OR Spring 2018


Fundamentals of Operating System Embedded System Programming System On- Chip Embedded System Design with FPGA Computer architecture Advanced Computer Architecture

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication GPA– 3.69/4.0 Pune Institute of Computer Technology (Affiliated to Pune University, India) spring 2015 TECHNICAL SKILLS

• Programming: C, C++, Java

• Tools: Git, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Xilinx Vivado, Arduino IDE, Xilinx SDK, JTAG

• Operating Systems and Embedded Linux: Linux, Windows, PetaLinux, Yocto, RTOS

• Scripting: shell, Python

• Protocols, Micro-controllers: Practical Implementation of I2C, UART, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, ARM, Xilinx FPGA


Embedded Software Engineering Intern at Xilinx Inc. Fall 2017- Present

• Developed user space application in C for Linux GPIO driver and run on Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSOC (ZU+).

• Developed latency measurement C application and run on Zynq board using PetaLinux (U-Boot, BSP) distribution.

• Developed shell script power management application using PetaLinux distribution (U-Boot, BSP).

• Implementing and applying power management kernel patch (git) using Yocto custom Linux distribution. Firmware Engineering Intern at Shalaka Technologies Pvt. Ltd Fall 2014- Spring 2015

• Interfacing of HC-05 Bluetooth module to ARM Microcontroller using UART protocol.

• Interfacing of relay to the ARM Microcontroller through ULN2003 for glowing bulb.

• Interfacing of ADC and LM35 temperature sensor to ARM LPC2148 microcontroller.

• Interfacing of LCD to ARM LPC2148 using I2C protocol and displaying temperature on LCD display. Consulting Software Developer at Axis Technical Group India Summer 2015-Summer 2016

• Writing SQL queries for storing and updating patients’ health related data in database.

• Fetching data from C# API and binding the data to the html pages using AngularJs. ACADEMIC PROJECTS

Real Time Kernel Programming on Nexys4 Xilinx FPGA Artix-7 (C Programming) Winter 2017

• Implementation of PID logic for controlling speed of DC motor using Xilkernel OS and Xilinx API.

• Multithreaded application with IPC using semaphore and message queue. Controlling Robot using hand gesture recognition on Xilinx FPGA Winter 2017

• Implementation of sending captured gestures from Python script to FPGA (FPGAArduino core) through UART.

• Implementation sending gestures from FPGA to ESP 8266 Wi-Fi module through UART.

• Communication of ESP 8266 and Robot (ESP 8266) using Wi-Fi Protocol. Implementation of an Operating System Kernel Fall 2017

• Implementation of Operating System with multithreading and synchronization primitives such as Mutex, Semaphore.

• Developed solutions for producer-consumer, dining philosophers and sleeping barber’s problem. Character Device Driver using Linux Kernel Programming Fall 2016

• Implementation of Character device driver for virtual device by allocating memory to character device.

• Implementation of reading and writing into device by writing application level program. Microprocessor-based closed-loop motor-control using Xilinx FPGA (Embedded C) Winter 2017

• Designed embedded system using Micro blaze Processor to control output speed of motor through hall sensor.

• Designing custom IP and implementing of device drivers for Pmod Hbridge. (Xilinx Vivado) Design and Simulation of L1 Cache Simulator in C Winter 2017

• Implementation of 4-way set associative cache with LRU replacement policy using array of structures.

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