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Software Engineer Test

Bellevue, Washington, United States
April 09, 2018

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Jay Roy Charters



** ***** ** ********** ** test engineer

Background in multiple technologies and equipment

Demonstrated quick study in new programs and application

Ability to work alone and in teams

Adept problem solver; motivated


H10 Capital (at Microsoft) Redmond, WA 06-2017 to 12-2017

Software test engineer

Technologies used: TFS, Babco Mobile Mark, Babco Sysmark, GProbe, VerifySigs

Tested Surface Tablets 3 Pro, 4 Pro, Pro, Book, and Laptop

Performance tested using Babco tools (Mobile Mark and Sysmark)

Performed DisplayPort BER (Bit Error Rate) testing using GProbe 7

Assembled and functionality tested two types of Surface Books in DevKit form

Monitored signing of drivers using Verify Sigs.

Reported bugs in TFS

Independent Contractor Bellevue, WA 05-2014 to 05-2017

Technical support engineer

Technologies used: depended on assignment

Provided technical support and assistance to small businesses and private individuals.

WIPRO (at Microsoft) Redmond, WA 08-2014 to 04-2016 Senior software test engineer

Technologies Used: TFS, WTT, TMMI, SWIM

Ran monthly (MTP), and detail (DTP) tests on Windows Media Center, precision touch pads, and Surface tablets.

Tested TV tuner cards and Xbox consoles as extenders to WMC

Device testing: Ran tests on Surface and other tablets

Automatically set up test machines using TMMI

Manually set up test machines, including PC BIOS

Researched bugs as part of the testing process

Monitored test execution with WTT; Ran tests specified in SWIM tickets.

AdaQuest (at Amazon) Seattle, WA 03/2013 to 04/2013

Software test engineer

Technologies used: JIRA, SPIRA

Device testing, localization testing: Ran manual localization tests of firmware on two versions of the Kindle e-reader (using instructions from SPIRA)

Device testing: Performed manual tests of the UI on two types of the Kindle e-reader

Recorded results in SPIRA & recorded bugs in JIRA

VMC (at Microsoft) Redmond, WA 06/2012 to 12/2012

Software test engineer

Technologies used: Project Studio, WTT, TReX, IMT, Excel, debugger, Win 8, KVM switches

Device testing: Tested firmware (Win8) on Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Intel, and TI tablets

Scheduled tests & edited templates using TReX

Monitored test runs in WTT and TReX.

Used WTT, TReX, IMT, KVM switches, and kernel debuggers to triage test failures and generate triage emails

Researched bugs using Product Studio as part of triage process

Recovered machines remotely using WTT or physically in the lab

Produced daily reports of tests runs scheduled and blocking issues encountered.

Followed up with devs regarding blocking issues and machine recovery

Infosys Bellevue, WA 12/05/2011 to 05/01/2012

Test coordinator

Technologies used: Oracle, HP QC, SQL Navigator, Excel

Wrote tests in HP QC.

Ran tests on the UI & functionality of the payroll system; recorded results in HP QC.

Validated tests in Oracle

Managed an offshore team

Participated in triage meetings with stakeholders

Wrote test plans from technical specification documents; wrote test cases from plans

Wrote test cases from the test plans

Volt (at Microsoft) Redmond, WA 09/2008 – 01/2009

Software test engineer

Technologies used: XTS, AutoDRI, Source Depot, Project Studio

Directly Responsible Individual for all Windows Live Search User Experience Team test environments

Used XTS, Source Depot, and AutoDRI to determine the availability of servers for testing

Investigated test environment problems, such as not returning responses for video searches or ads

Determined source of test bed crashes and wrote appropriate bugs

Assigned bugs to responsible developers

Followed through, with regard to bug closures, with developers

Re-started dead machines

Wrote daily report of each environment’s availability, with follow-up report when damaged machines were repaired

Ran UI tests and functionality tests of theb Windows Live Search software

Software test engineer Redmond, WA 09/2007 – 10/2007

Technologies used: Product Studio, WTT(manual testing only), VISTA, XP Pro, 2003 Server

Tested setup and storage of Windows Home Server for OEM and builder versions

Performed UI and functionality testing of WHS software

Localization testing: Performed localization testing on English, German, and Japanese versions of the WHS software

Software test engineer Redmond, WA 04/2007 – 08/2007

Technologies used: Product Studio, VISTA, XP Pro, Mac OX 10.4 and 10.5, 2003 Server

Tested installation, removal, and upgrade of Microsoft Silverlight on PC and Mac platforms

Tested on XP Pro, VISTA, and several Mac OS

Performed ad hoc tests of functionality, and performance

Wrote test cases. Ran test automation

Software test engineer Redmond, WA 06/2006 – 09/2006

Technologies used: Product Studio, Tactics 2.04, VISTA, XP Pro

Tested functionality of Rights Management Add-on on VISTA with or without Office 11 or 12

Reported bugs in Product Studio

Maintained/updated test cases in Tactics 2.04. Ran test automation


Software test engineer Redmond, WA 03/2005 – 03/2006

Technologies used: Product Studio, MadDog, Swan, Excel, VISTA, 2003 Server, XP Pro

Performance testing: Tested performance of VSTS SKU using Swan

Modified tests in Swan

Analyzed and reported results using Excel

Used imaging software to install OS before installing Visual Studio

Tested on VM and local machines

Reported and tracked bugs in Product Studio

Performed install/uninstall testing on English and Japanese language versions of Visual Studio on English and Japanese version on the OS

Other Experience

Comforce (at Boeing) Everette, WA 2008

Staff analyst

Technologies used: Excel 2003, Access 2003, PowerPoint 2003, BLUES, FacView

Gathered and analyzed data for facilities management & projects for computing equipment inventory

Created management library database

Presented at team meetings


compTIA Project +


University of Arizona, MBA – concentration in statistical analysis, 1980 – 1986

University of Nevada, Las Vegas, BA (Economics), 1977 – 1980

Addendum - Technical Background

Testing Tools: Product Studio, RAID, WTT, MadDog, HP Quality Center, TReX, IMT, JIRA, SPIRA

Testing Types: Regression, black box, localization, globalization, compatibility, stress, performance, functionality, sanity, BVTs, load, usability, install/uninstall/upgrade, migration, backward compatibility, UI, back-end

Languages: TSQL, HTML, batch files, SWAN

Technologies: .Net, Agile/SCRUM, Oracle

Software: Visual Studio, MS Office, OpenOffice

Data Analysis: Excel, Access, SQL Server (2000 through 2008), Oracle, SQL Navigator

PC Setup: Configure BIOS, attach peripherals, internals


Experience: Java, C#, TSQL, HTML

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