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Data Project

Miami, Florida, United States
April 08, 2018

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Email: Cell: 614-***-**** 6001SW 70th St, South Miami, FL 33143 LinkedIn: EDUCATION

The University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL May 2018 School of Business Administration, Master of Science in Business Analytics Overall GPA: 3.85 Specialize in Business Statistics, With GA Scholarship of $25,000 The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH May 2017

Fisher College of Business, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Overall GPA: 3.33 Specialize in Information Systems of Management and Accounting College of Arts and Sciences, Minor in Mathematics SKILLS

Software Languages: Proficient in Python (Numpy, sns, matplotlib and pandas), R (Shiny interactive R package, ggplot), SQL, SAS (SAS Base Programming Certification) and COBOL; Knowledgeable in C#, Java Application/ Methodology: Tableau, Excel, SQL Service 2012, SQL Server Integration Services, Hadoop File System, Hadoop (Hive, Spark), Databricks, Command line, Minitab, Dimensional modeling, ETL., OLAP, Access, Agile/Scrum Processing, SRS formatting, MS ASP.Net CLASSES

MAS-629: SAS Programming for Business Analytics October 2017

• Project: Imported environmental csv data from the Kaggle; investigated seasonality and trend specifically at the state of Arizona, constructed an accurate data structure for fitting into a linear regression model and conducted ANOVA to examine the model; practiced macros to generate dynamic graph and reports.

• Course DES: Utilized SAS as a programming language to access data, create data structures and generate the report; practiced on SAS procs for ANOVA, logistic regression and measurement of model performance. BTE-601: Programming for Distributed System August 2017

• Project: Built social network application with features of adding, deleting, finding common friends, finding people who have common friends with you, etc. Constructed menu ordering system, with the flexibility of adding and deleting dishes in the menu list.

• Courses DES: Came into the possession of fundamentals of programming logic and structured programming principles, algorithm design, and program development using Python, including fundamentals of algorithms, flowcharts, classes and methods, arrays, and strings, data structures and object-oriented programming.

MAS-637 & MAS-646: Applied Regression Analysis and forecasting August 2017

• From numeric outcomes to binary, multinomial and time-to-event data, inquired the relationship between response variables and predictors by fitting in different models. Compared the efficiency and precision using stepwise variable selections.

• Implemented the concepts on different datasets on R statistical software; fitted in different models and visualized the prediction through the ggplot package.

MAS-632: Management Science Models for Decision Making October 2017

• Utilized matrix to transform practical problems into optimization models and solved by using MATLAB and Excel Solver program. The problems include Linear. Non-linear, Binary, Network Optimization and Markowitz portfolio selection.

• Glanced Markov Decision Processes, which used frequently in the modern-day reinforcement learning process. EXPERIENCE

The University of Miami, Miami, FL January 2018 – Present Capstone project with Visa Consulting & Analytics

• Classified and segmented the communes of Country Chile by the potential of opening credit card service.

• Extracted data from five other government excel sources and joined with companies’ own data. Applied Data cleaning methods in R.

• Utilized Tableau to create dynamic worksheets and dashboards, applied k-mean clustering to classify the communes by population, poverty rate and calculated fields. Built trendlines to understand the clusters.

• Practiced the unsupervised classification machine learning algorithm in R. The University of Miami, Miami, FL January 2018 – February 2018 Chewy Company Project

• Decided the key components in the Chewy’s inventory dataset and predicted which products will be out of stock in 30 days.

• Loaded and cleaned the training data through R. Applied text mining to separate the name and find keywords for the marketing campaign.

• Fitted with 4 models (glm, knn, random forest and penalized regression). Utilized Cross-validation method to find the best model (89.4% of accuracy and 0.791 AUROC in final model).

• Visualized the ROC curve and confusion matrix. Built user-defined function and for loop to increase efficiency. The Buckeye Badminton Club, Columbus, OH August 2014 – May 2017 President and Coach

• Organized the top 5 ACS score sports club in the university, with an annual profit of $3800.

• Work with coaches to make final decisions regarding weekly practices & game days.

• Managed team funds & organize team travel, devised cross-campus badminton tournaments and periodical community services.

• Established strong relationship with the OSU Recreation & Physical Activity Center faculty members. INVOLVEMENT & Certification

SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9 2016

OSU Badminton Open men’s single Champion of Group A 2015 Spring UIUC Badminton Open men’s double Champion of Group A

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