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Engineer Civil Engineering

Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
April 07, 2018

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Enrich Enclave, Plot no:11, G1,

2nd Street Rajesh Garden,

Noombal, Puliyambedu,

Chennai- 600077.

Tamil Nadu, India.

Mobile : +91-996*******

Email : ram_


Skype : ramalingambose2011

Career Objective:

To establish myself as a good Engineer by working in a stimulated environment that encourages continuous learning and provides exposure to new ideas for personal and professional growth.

Academic Profile:

B.E. Civil Engineering in St,Peter’s Engineering College, Avadi Chennai, Board / University- Anna University Chennai, Year of passing April 2008 with 1st Class.

Diploma in Civil Engineering at Alagappa Polytechnic College, Karaikudi-Tamil Nadu (DOTE), Year of passing April- 2005, 1st Class with Honors.

Work Experience:

Total Years of Experience: 9.7 years with ISO 9001-2008 QMS INTERNAL

AUDITOR & TQM (Total Quality Management) Certificate Holder.


Designation: Assistant Manager (QA/QC)-Civil



Package: 220/66/11KV & 66/11 KV Substation Building

Name of Consultant: Energoprojekt Entel Ltd

Name of Client: KAHRA-MAA(Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation)

Period of working: July 2015 to January 2018

Nature of Job:

1) RFI preparation and submission for regular inspection of site and third party laboratory test activity, 2) Incoming material inspection and Making Reports(MIR), 3) Drawing revision/status follow- ups, 4) Preparation of Checklist, Method Statement, Material Submittal and ITP, 5) Conducting the Internal Audit, 6) Raising Non-conformance report(NCR)/Site Note and closing it based on the corrective action and preventive action, 7) Co-ordination with Consultant/Client for inspection and Technical discussion, 8) Developing system for document Control, 9) Witnessing of 3rd party laboratory test. 10) Attending weekly and monthly construction meetings and discussing the issues belongs to quality and bring the solution in/from respective level, 11) Design co-ordination for drawing issue, 12) Conducting QC induction, Method statements and ITP briefing to the newly joined project staff and workers and MS orientation for each activity, 13) Preparing and Reporting the Monthly Quality Report (MQR). 14) Audit document preparation, 15) Maintaining the Master list of Records and Documents. 16) Total QA/QC activities involved in the substation. 17) Follow-up for closing of NCR & CAR. 18) Conducting the Post pour inspections of the concrete structures, preparing the defect concrete reports and ensuring those defects are repaired as per approved materials and method statement.

2) Structures Handled:

a) 66KV GIS room, b) 11KV Switch gear room, c) Battery room, d) LVAC/DC room, e) Control room, f)

Fire Pump room, g) Guard room, h) 40MVA Power transformer, i) Auxiliary Transformer, j) Ground

Water and Fire water tank. k) Underground cable basement, l) 200MVA transformer, m) Shunt reactor.

3) Activities done:

a) Substructure water proofing, b) Roof water proofing, c) Floor screed with Epoxy floor paint works(self

leveling), d) False floor/Raised floor work, e) Substation internal and Access Asphalt road works, f) Water

sealing works for Basement cable with and without sleeves, g) Anti-skid epoxy paint work, h) SS Hand rail

installation, i) Fire rated steel doors installation, j) Terrazzo tile work, Ceramic tile work and Acid/Alkali

resistant tile work, k) Plumbing & Drainage work Erection & Pre-commissioning SAT inspection, l)

External drainage works (Storm/Foul Water) like Manhole, Catch pit, Down pipe CP, m) RCC

Works (Basement, GF and FF with Upper & Lower Roof).


Designation: QA/QC Engineer

Project: Design & Construction of Underground Stations and Associated Tunnels (UAA01 & UAA05)

at Chennai Metro Rail Limited

Package: Precast Segments Casting

Name of Consultant: EGIS rail, Maunsel, Barsyl, YEC & Egis India (EMBYE)

Name of Client: Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL)

Period of working: September 2012 to April 2015

Nature of Job:

Total QC activities involved in casting of Precast Segments and Over Track way Exhaust Duct (OTE Duct)

Checking of Universal Korean mould dimensions (i.e; Width, Arc length, Diagonal length, Thickness)

Checking of Pre pour Segments & OTE Ducts inspection( Cleaning of mould, Spacing of bar, Size, Shape of bar, Spacer, Dimension etc.), Post pour inspection of Segments, Crack repair works as per MS(Method Statement) and maintaining the records

Before start the concrete pouring Checking of workability, temperature of concrete and maintaining the records.

Monitoring the Steam Curing temperature throughout the steam curing process.

Conducting Tests for Precast segment Cube Compressive strength, RCPT (Rapid Chloride Ion Permeability Test), WPT (Water Permeability Test) and maintaining records for the same.

Checking of incoming materials Cement, Fine and Coarse Aggregates, Admixture, Binding wire, Reinforcement, Cover Blocks, Shuttering oil, Grout sockets & Radial sockets at the time of arrival.

Conducting concrete trial mixes of different grades.

Conducting the aggregate test like sieve analysis, Impact value, Los Angeles abrasion, specific gravity.

Conducting the Soil test like sieve analysis, Moisture Content, Maximum Dry Density, specific gravity, Liquid Limit test.

Conducting the Fresh Concrete test like slump, Initial Setting Time and Final Setting Time by Penetration and Air Content.

Conducting the Hardened Concrete test like Compressive Strength, Flexural strength test, Split tensile Strength test and Shrinkage bar test.

Perform Regular Internal Equipment Calibrations and maintenance.



Project: 3X500 MW Vallur Thermal Power Project.

Package: External Coal Handling System.

Period of Working: November 2010 – July 2012.

Name of the Client: NTPC LTD (Joint Venture of Tamil Nadu Energy Company Ltd).

Nature of Work:

A) Executing Quality Control checks as per IS standards, B) Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) Preparation & Checking, C) All supply materials checked as per IS before executing the works (Steel, Cement, Coarse aggregate, Fine aggregate, Admixtures, Bricks, Concrete Blocks, Shuttering oil) and familiar with all materials testing, D) Level, alignment, and coordinates marking as per drawing, E) RCC structures execution in field, F) Preparation of protocol, Billing & Quality Documents witnessed by client, G) During execution any deviation observed the same communicate to department manager and rectified the same. H) Reviewing of test certificates and submitting to client. I) Conducting the trail mixes, Calibration of all Instruments & Preparation of Standard Deviation, J) 2400 Nos of RCC Bored Cast-In-Situ Piles was completed in two types of diameter; K) Vertical, Lateral & Pull out Load test executed as per IS, L) SPT (standard penetration test) and pile integrity test were executed as per IS. M) To maintain the Documents and Records as per ISO 9001:2008.

2) Structures Handled:

a) Pipe Conveyor Foundations- 4.5Kms, b) MCC Buildings(Sub Stations)-2Nos, 3) Drive House-4Nos floor slabs up to 44.0m height


Designation: QC ENGINEER.

Project: 3X500 MW Vallur Thermal Power Project.

Package: Desalination Plant

Name of the Client: NTPC LTD (Joint Venture of Tamilnadu Energy Company Ltd).

Period of Working: May 2008 – October 2010.

Project Value: 127 Corers

Quantum of Work: 1) 440 Nos of RCC Bored Cast-In-Situ Piles & Civil structures which include

20000 Cum. of concrete.

2) Structures Handled:

a) RCC of Sea water storage tank, b) Clarifier water storage tank (CWST),

c) R.O Tank d) Effluent collection tank e)Sludge pit tank f) Control Room Building, g) Switch gear room, h) Chemical house, i) Pre-treatment system(Lamella clarifier, Flocculation, Flash mixer, Partial Flume & Stilling chamber were constructed by different height and diameters; j) Horizontal Dual media filter & Horizontal Pressure and filter (HDMF & HPSF). k) R.O Shed (Building), L) DM, Permeability, Potable water storage tank,

3) a) All supply materials checked as per IS before executing the works, b) Preparation of protocol, Billing & Quality Documents witnessed by client, c) Various diameter of Pile Vertical, Lateral & Pull out test executed as per IS, d) Reviewing of test certificate and submitting to client.

Field of Specialization:

Quality Control in Civil works

Preparation of Method Statement, Material Submittal & Quality Documents

Preparation of ITP

RCC Re-bars Checking

Extra-Curricular Activities & Activities Participated:

Completed the Training Programme on ISO 9001-2008 QMS INTERNAL AUDITOR conducted by MSME Development Institute-Chennai

Completed the Training Programme on TQM- (Total Quality Management) conducted by MSME Development Institute-Chennai

Participated in the ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARENESS CAMP organized by EMD cell of Alagappa Institute of Management.

Computer Literacy:


MS Office

Personal Profile:

Age : 31 Years

Sex : Male

Nationality : Indian

Father’s Name : Mr.Bose.P

Marital Status : Married

Passport No : R9727799, Date of Expiry: 22-03-2028

Hobbies : Listening Music, Playing Games

Languages Known : Tamil, English & Hindi

Present Address : Enrich Enclave, Plot no:11, G1, Noombal,

Puliyambedu, 2nd Street Rajesh Garden,

Chennai- 600077.

Place : Chennai.


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