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Computer Engineering Software Engineer

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
April 04, 2018

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+1-224-***-**** Salt Lake City, Utah EDUCATION:

University of Utah August 16-May 18

Master of Science (Electrical and Computer Engineering) GPA- 3.2 Related Graduate Coursework:

Machine Learning Embedded Systems Programming for Engg(with C++) Computer Architecture Digital VLSI Design Advanced VLSI Systems Northern India Engineering College (GGSIP University) July 12-August 16 Bachelor of Technology (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) GPA-3.6 TECHNICAL SKILLS:

Scripting/Programming Language: Python, C++, Embedded C, Verilog, Unix Shell Script Tools and Technology: Keil μvision, Eagle, PyCharm IDE, Visual Studio, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, RTOS, Multisim, Logic Analyzers, Digital Oscilloscope, GitHub, MS Excel, Jira, SAFe PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:

1) Intern at Sofcon private India limited May 14-July 14

Applied object oriented programming knowledge, and develop and debug firmware of modules

Participated in product definition, design, implementation, debugging and testing on Windows and Linux environment

Performed technical documentation of embedded codes 2) Industrial Trainee at Bharat Electronics India limited May 13-July 13

Participated in high performance circuit boards design requirements and specifications

Responsible for Writing, problem analysis and Documenting embedded codes of modules on Windows environment

Participated in technical communication with other parts of the company including hardware development and marketing ACADEMIC PROJECTS:

1) 2-Wheel Balancing Robot:

Designed schematic, Footprint and PCB Layout of temperature sensor module using Eagle tool

Incorporated SPI and UART communication protocols in Firmware using Embedded C

Implemented Gyroscope and Accelerometer on ARM Cortex M0 processor 2) Autonomous Robotic Car

Programmed in Python: SoC based on Broadcom BCM2836 which includes ARM Cortex A7 Processor (Raspberry Pi)

Traverse a path to destination, provided by the user with the application of GPS.

Developed an optimized algorithm to handle various edge cases for road drive using sensors: IR, accelerometer, Ultra-sonic

Incorporated Special features like speech recognition and video control. 3) Search for Twitter Spam-bots – Machine Learning

Programmed in Python: Implemented machine learning algorithms for the prediction of spam accounts on Twitter

Implemented different variants of Random Forests, Perceptron, Support Vector Machines, Logistic Regression

Compared the accuracy and time complexity among variants of algorithms (Best Acc achieved: 96.3458%)

Incorporated k-fold Cross-Validation to prevent overfitting 4) Plagiarism Checker – Machine Learning

Programmed in Python: Prediction of the plagiarism, by checking for overlap in words and phrases

Implemented and compared Naïve Bayes, Bagging and Ensembles over decision Trees and Neural Network

Performed Data handling: missing attributes, very large dimensionality of dataset (Best Acc achieved: 93.3636%) 5) Improved Amazon’s Product Rating Mechanism

Designed an enhanced, intelligent and scalable emoticon based product rating mechanism using the reviews

Handled missing values efficiently using Pandas package, used NLTK library and AFINN dictionary for sentimental scoring

Used Fast-Min Hash and Cosine similarity algorithm to determine the sentimental similarity among reviews EMBEDDED SYSTEMS COURSEWORK HIGHLIGHTS:

1) Worked on ARM Cortex M0 processor

2) Microcontroller Architecture and Embedded Software Design 3) Interrupt handling and Hardware interfacing

4) Model based Design along with reasoning about concurrency and timing 5) SPI, I2C and UART Communication protocols in Embedded Systems

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