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West Covina, California, United States
April 04, 2018

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West Covina, CA 91791 • Home: 626-***-**** • Cell: 626-***-**** • Versatile Programmer versed in various languages. Self-directed leader who fosters a collaborative and supportive team environment to ensure tasks are completed on time. Application Support Specialist, 11/2016 to 12/2017 Medinformatix – Los Angeles

Received, researched, and resolved customer questions and problems within the software Troubleshooting Microsoft Operating systems, networking issues, and SQL Programming Used SQL in SQL Server Management Studio 17.2 to construct concise reports dealing analytically with charges, payments, appointments, names, doctors, etc. These were to be used in Clinics, Diagnostic, Imaging, and Cardiovascular centers, and even Retinal institutes. To which their client base exceeded the millions Strengthened client relations by using customer relationship management tools that uses predictive analytics based on the clients history

Maintained and fixed crystal reports to ensure quality performance. Able to quick fix on short notice and still deliver quality timely work Marketing and Design Assistant, 02/2010 to 04/2013 CENTURY 21 West Covina – CA

Was responsible for marketing and designing outbound campaigns such as newsletters, mailers. Coordinated the distribution of these marketing campaigns as well maintained the corporate outlook database.


Creating video games

Self teaching C# in Unity game engine to build fully functioning games from scratch. Using directories and housing scripts to execute when program is ran. Tic-Tac-Toe game/ A game of Tic-Tac-Toe with computer player Designed and created a fully working GUI Tic-Tac-Toe game with AI The user can choose their own settings before they start the game. Settings such as making the first move and deciding whether or not to play against the computer Rezodiac/A User-Friendly Chinese Zodiac

Constructed a website using PHP,CSS, and HTML for the purpose of viewing their zodiac PHP was used to build the infrastructure. HTML and CSS were used to make it more eclectic and lively

Smart Pacman AI

Implemented various search algorithms for pacman to intelligently collect pellets in the most efficient path possible

Created algorithms that gave Pacman survivability against the ghost which led to him completing Skills

levels without colliding with ghosts.

Library Study room web app

Helped developed a web application software for study room reservations to increase connivence Lead the database section by developing the database from scratch, hosting it on a cloud server, and making the queries necessary to put into the back end to ensure correct data flow. Control Structure fundamentals

Developed several tools from scratch to that could sort an array of integers, analyze a unique string of characters (palindrome),

Mortgage Calculator

Created an algorithm to calculate a mortgage payment for the end user for the purpose of increased convenience.


AI developer lead, led the programming methodologies and developed the necessary algorithms to create a successful team project

Community outreach partner. Taught middle schoolers college math concepts in an one on one environment.


Currently pursuing a certification in Comptia A+


I have used Java SE 6 Update 91 with the Eclipse Luna IDE SR2 for several different applications. From processing alphanumeric input casting to a string to perform calculations along with others in its method. To using recursion in data structures to have its data outputted in reverse. In more complex utilizations of recursion I would use a brute force algorithm to solve a giant tower of Hanoi while making sure not to go into stack overflow In majority of my programs I utilized boolean logic to compute the end users input of an either or conditional question.


I used the Pydev plugin in Eclipse Luna as a Eclipse IDE to run numerous searching algorithms for AI purposes.

Breadth-first, Depth-first, A*, Greedy, Uniform Cost search, Iterative Search, Simulated Annealing were part of the list of searches I performed. I made sure to optimize my space and time complexity through regression testing so as to lower the branching factor for the given search. I was able to lessen the number of nodes from 20,000+ to around 4,000 through such tests. Developed an algorithm for an AI for pacman to navigate a maze and to avoid the ghosts with the Education

search methods above


Using phpMyAdmin 4.2.11 I constructed calculators, online carts used to check out items palindrome generators and even websites with databases using MySql lite since MySql and PHP can interact easily with each other.

By using forms the program is able to add, delete or modify existing data to represented aesthetically appealing pages that applied custom cascading style sheets. Normally the source code repository would be on github but since it was used on my local host SQL

I used MySQL server 5.6.26 on the DOS prompt for MAC. From there I constructed queries that involved : joins, inserts, updates, drops, alters and indexes. When I performed regression testing here I was able to eliminate dead code to decrease processing time to streamline the output. Developed relational databases from scratch and linking tables together by using the most unique identifiers as primary keys. All this was done in Cloud SQL from the Google Cloud Platform Maintained data integrity and removed any redundancies through troubleshooting Bachelor of Arts: Computer Information Systems, May 2016 Azusa Pacific University - Azusa, CA

Coursework in Web Design and Development

All my base code for all projects listed can be seen here.

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