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Waitress and cashier

Carletonville, GP, 2499, South Africa
April 04, 2018

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premium *



amount **

Due by

General Savings Paid Up R21.20

General Savings Paid Up R148.40

R169.60 R169.60 17 June 2018***

*If there is no value in the total premium or total outstanding amount column(s), you must contact us to find out what they are.

**If your policy(ies) has(have) automatic premium increase(s), your premium will increase from 1 July. If the due by date is on or after 1 July, you must contact us to find out what the correct outstanding amount is.

***If your premium(s) are not received by the above due by date, you can still restart your policy(ies) by paying in the premium(s) as shown in the table below; but the longer you wait, the larger the amount you must pay to restart your policy(ies).

Policy Number

Due by

19 July 2018

Due by

19 August 2018

Due by

19 September 2018

69668P025494709 R848.00 R1017.60 R1187.20

What you need to do

To report unethical behaviour, call the Anonymous Reporting line 080*-***-*** or visit Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (South Africa) Limited. Reg No: 1999/004643/06 Licensed Financial Service Provider

PG de Beyer (Chairman), BM Rapiya (Deputy Chairman), MP Moyo (Chief Executive Officer), Ms NT Moholi, Ms CWN Molope, PGM Truyens (Dutch) and IG Williamson. Company Secretary: EM Kirsten


§ Pay the outstanding amount at any South African Post Office (SAPO). Please take this communication with you; or

§ Pay the outstanding amount into our Standard Bank account:

- account number 070042047

- branch code 051001

- please use your policy number(s) as a reference

§ Once your policy(ies) has(have) been restarted, you must continue to pay your premiums to keep your policy(ies) up to date. You must contact us to restart your stop order or debit order. In the meantime, continue to pay your premiums at SAPO or into our bank account until the stop order or debit order starts.

What will happen if you do not restart and keep your policy(ies) up to date?

§ Risk benefits (funeral and life plans) will remain cancelled, which means that you are not covered and you will not be able to claim for any benefits; and

§ Savings benefits (investment, retirement and education plans), will remain paid-up (savings continue to grow with future bonuses but premiums are no longer paid) and the final maturity value available to you will be lower than if you had continued to pay your premiums. You can claim the money of your savings benefit. If you decide not to claim it, we will deduct a monthly administration charge of R5.00. This charge applies to each savings plan until:

- you cancel it and claim the remaining value; or

- the value reaches zero, and the benefit will be cancelled. If you had a premium waiver, it has fallen away. The premium waiver option would have paid the outstanding premiums (after charges), or the outstanding Long Term Pocket premiums (after charges) on your 2-IN-ONE SAVINGS PLAN, into the plan if you died or we recognised your disability in the first 10 years of the plan.

Our contact details

If you have any queries, please contact us:

By phone: 086*-**-**-** (Monday to Friday between 7:30am and 5pm, excluding public holidays) By email:

In person: Go to your nearest branch. Visit for a list of our branches under the contact tab. Our operating hours, excluding public holidays, are: 8am – 5pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

9am – 5pm Wednesday

8am – 1pm Saturday

Please use your policy number(s) as a reference in all communication. Do we have your email address?

Please email and put your policy number(s) in the subject line. 000657

Kay Jardine

Head of Operations

Yours sincerely


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