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Senior Environmental Assessment Officer

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
120,000 - 135,000
April 04, 2018

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Obtained a Master of Science Degree in Environment and Management

Obtained a Certificate in Public Participation

Obtained a Masters Certificate in Project Management.

Supervision of technical and non technical staff.

Decision making and policy development in a highly regulatory environment.

Acquired five years of management experience including a position focusing on project management:

Analyzed, revised and implemented processes, policies, and computer systems that resulted in significant improvements in efficiency, cost savings, accuracy, resource allocation, organizational structure, and public relations.

Expertise in project planning, decision-making, problem-solving, organization, execution and evaluation.

Extensive experience in providing staff leadership, training, and supervision.

Developed and managed project and operating budgets.

Conducted research, managed data, developed reports and publications.

Communicated and collaborated effectively with internal and external stakeholders.

Delivered presentations to management, staff, general public, and clients.

Organized logistics of complex projects requiring detail-orientation, thoroughness, and the ability to prioritize and manage a demanding workload within deadlines.

Positions have required superior analytical, communication, rapid decision-making, mediation, human resource management, and interpersonal skills.

Computer skills: Proficient in Word, WordPerfect, PowerPoint, Excel, Windows XP, customized databases, Outlook, Microsoft Project and Internet Explorer. Keyboarding: 50 wpm.


MB Hydro • July 2007 to present

Senior Environmental Assessment Officer, Licensing and Environmental Assessment (Transmission) Winnipeg, MB (March 2009 to present)

Prepares project budget estimates and environmental assessment plans based on the need for, timing of, scope of, and estimated costs of environmental assessments required to obtain project environmental licenses.

Manages environmental assessment programs and preparation of Environmental Impact Statements and guides multi-disciplinary consultant teams and internal technical staff in gathering, organizing, evaluating and reporting environmental impact evidence.

Manages environmental consulting services, including work specification, evaluation of proposals and contract administration.

Organizes and leads inter-departmental project teams providing input into environmental assessments.

Develops collaborative working relationships, internally and externally, necessary to identify and incorporate best practices in areas of strategic importance to environmental assessment and successful licensing of capital projects.

Organizes, develops and leads public consultation programs, internal inter-divisional project assessment teams and participates in government environmental reviews and public hearings.

Manages and/or conducts the preparation of environmental protection and monitoring plans and provides support to construction and maintenance staff in the implementation of said plans.

Writes project descriptions, assessment summaries, position papers and correspondence at a high degree of accuracy for a variety of internal and external audiences.

Prepares environmental screening documentation for sub-transmission facilities.

Manages schedules and budgets for project environmental assessments and protection and monitoring plans.

Maintains awareness of contemporary environmental assessment methods and processes that may be employed in assessing and quantifying and potential for environmental impacts including addressing concerns that arise during stakeholder consultation.

Evaluate, strategize and coordinate activities related to Manitoba Hydro participation in federal Species at Risk Act – Recovery Planning.

Environmental Specialist. Major Project Department, Winnipeg, MB (October 2008 to March 2009)

Represent the major Projects Department in activities related to the procurement of environmental licences and approvals required to meet federal and provincial regulatory requirements

Lead the development of Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) as required related to the three major projects – Keeyask, Conawapa and Pointe du Bois

Provide and assist the project leads with understanding the environmental requirements, guidelines, and constructability impacts created for the individual projects based on reports, and information provided by the environmental teams

Maintain a liaison with local, Provincial and Federal environmental agencies

Liaise with technical staff and assist in the interpretation of environmental and socio-economic information

Review and clarify with Major Projects Department (MPD) the schedule and cost estimates on all environmental related activities provided by the environmental teams

Participate in internal and external multi-discipline project teams

Represent MPD on external committees and working groups

Prepare and present written and verbal reports regarding projects and activities to MPD

Provide environmental advice and assistance to MPD for various Power Supply projects and activities affecting aquatic resources and habitat

Biophysical Analyst, Major Projects Licensing, Winnipeg, MB (July 2007 to October 2008)

Provide support to the Environmental Specialist in coordinating the activities of various internal departments and the Environmental Consulting Team for the socio-economic impact assessment portions of the environmental impact assessments.

Provide support to the Department in the coordination of data collection activities and related consultation activities for the biophysical analyses of the environmental impact assessments.

With the Environmental Consulting Team and First Nation partners, contribute to the implementation of public information and consultation programs for the environmental impact assessments.

Liaise with technical staff and assist with the interpretation of biophysical information.

Assist with project-related information databases and schedules detailing project-related activities.

Provide support for the licence application and regulatory processes, as required.

Support the Major Projects Licensing department in the review and administration of the various technical/scientific studies that provide information for the environmental assessments, as required.

Assist with the preparation of briefing materials, correspondence, discussion papers and reports on issues related to the environmental assessments, as required.

Participate on project-related multi-disciplinary teams working to support the environmental assessments.

Government of British Columbia • July 2006 to July 2007

Director, Regulatory Affairs & Policy, BC Oil and Gas Commission, Victoria, BC

Manage and supervise technical staff

Development and implementation of memorandums of understanding between both government and non government agencies.

Development and implementation of external and internal audit processes for the oil and gas sector.

Provide recommendations and advice to senior management including reviewing and analyzing issues and providing options to resolve.

Prepared briefing notes, correspondence, memoranda, responses to Ministerial correspondence, agreements, and policy drafts.

Prepare, recommend policy, procedures and decision points for the Oil and Gas Commission to ensure compliance with legislated requirements as well as policy direction and implementation.

Federal Government • April 1990 – June 2006

Fishery Officer, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Conservation and Protection Branch, Winnipeg, MB, Barrington Passage, NS, & Bella Bella, BC (November 1997 – June 2006)

Enforce Acts and Regulations related to conservation and protection of aquatic species.

Conduct investigations. Prepare investigation, management and statistical reports.

Responsible for conducting patrols and surveillance activities.

Develop and deliver public education programs on conservation.

Collaborate with international and national law enforcement agencies.

Detachment Supervisor, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Conservation and Protection, Prairies Area (AB, SK and MB), (July 2005 to December 2005)

Responsible for operational decision-making and administration for the Area (AB, SK, and MB)

Contributed to revising policies and procedures in a multidisciplinary setting.

As senior Fishery Officer for the Area, was responsible for liaising with various law enforcement agencies (i.e. RCMP, Environment Canada)

As senior Fishery Officer for the Area, was responsible for overall direction in major events (i.e. Wabamun Lake oil spill)

As senior Fishery Officer, was responsible for direction of four field supervisor as direct reports and ten general duty Fishery Officers

Field Supervisor, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Conservation and Protection Branch,

Winnipeg, MB (August 2002 – July 2004)

Responsible for operational decision-making and administration for the unit.

Contributed to revising policies and procedures in a multidisciplinary setting.

Introduced administrative systems and computer technology improvements to increase staff productivity and reporting accuracy.

Provided leadership, training and supervision to three new Fishery Officers.

Coordinated assignments, work priorities and schedules.

Developed and administered an annual operating budget of $100,000.

Performed reporting, purchasing, and inventory control functions.

Management Biologist (Project Manager), Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Fish

Management Branch, Prince Rupert, BC (July 1999 – May 2001)

Managed multiple projects of varied sizes including a $1.5 million project to research the viability of a potential new fishery off the West Coast of Vancouver Island:

Identified and secured study participants.

Trained and supervised employees. Resolved operational and employee issues.

Analyzed audit and research data to determine project progress.

Liaised between scientists and fishermen.

Revamped an Aboriginal clam fishery:

Analyzed fishery operations and created an excellent structure for data collection, harvesting, reporting, and validation.

Improved efficiency, accountability, relationships between government and Aboriginal community, and capacity for self-management.

Participated in working groups that addressed departmental and interdepartmental issues.

Prepared briefing notes, correspondence, memoranda, responses to Ministerial correspondence, agreements, and policy drafts.

Developed, created and implemented fishery management plans.

Program Implementation Officer, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Aboriginal Fishing Strategy, Prince Rupert, BC (January – July 1999)

Negotiated funding agreements with First Nations groups in the Central Coast of BC.

Forecasted fish allocation requirements for food, social and ceremonial needs of each community.

Consulted with clients to identify future projects and ensure compliance with legislation and policy.

Audited funders’ project and financial reports to ensure compliance with agreements.

Liaised between government senior officials and First Nations band and council.

Fish Inspection Officer, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Fish Inspection Branch, Victoria, BC (June 1996 – October 1997)

Held an inspector role, ensuring fish plants and fishermen compliance with Fish Inspection Regulations and related legislation.

Audited and conducted investigations on facilities to ensure adherence to industry Quality Management Programs. Determined corrective actions to breaches.

Customs Inspector, Revenue Canada Customs Border Services, Pacific Highway &

Victoria, BC (April 1990 – June 1996)

Enforced legislation at border crossings involving extensive public relations with travellers and importers.


During university held positions of: Marine Animal Trainer/Diver, Herbarium Assistant, Open Water Scuba Instructor, Biologist/Collector, Teaching Assistant, Administrative Assistant, and Research Assistant.


Master’s of Science (MSc in Environment and Management)

Royal Roads Univeristy • 2013

Certificate in Public Participation (IAP2)

May 2008

Masters Certificate in Project Management

University of Winnipeg (Schulich School of Business, York University) • 2005

Bachelor of Arts (Major: Biology, Minor: Environmental Studies)

University of Victoria • 1988 – 1993

Bachelor of Arts (Major: Political Science, Minor: Canadian Studies)

University of Manitoba • 1984 – 1987

High School Diploma

St. John’s Ravenscourt • 1980 – 1984

Completed a variety of professional development courses related to media relations, conflict resolution, staff supervisory, leadership, training and selection Skills, and numerous programs pertaining to government career.

Completed WHMIS, First Aid, CPR, and Emergency Response Courses.


Scurrah, F. E. (2012). Gray wolves (canis lupus) movement patterns in Manitoba : implications for wolf management plans. (Thesis).

Scurrah, F. E., and D. W. Schindler. 2012. Towards a Manitoba Hydro boreal woodland 63 caribou strategy: Outcomes from Manitoba Hydro boreal woodland caribou 64 workshop. Rangifer 115–124.

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Gillespie, G.E., T.C. Norgard and F.E Scurrah. 2001. Status of Manila clam (Venerupis philippinarium) stocks in Area 7, British Columbia, with a proposal for active management of a data-limited fishery. CSAS Res. Doc. 2001/098. 59p.

Workman, G. D., A. C. Phillips, F. E. Scurrah, and J. A. Boutillier. 2000. Development of a fishery for Tanner crab (Chionoecetes tanneri) off the coast of British Columbia. CSAS Res. Doc. 2000/169. 71.

Gillespie, G.E., T.C. Norgard and F.E Scurrah. 1999. Review of the Area 7 Manila clam fishery. CSAS Res. Doc. 99/197. 66p


Pan Am Boxing and Athletic Club

Contributed to and co-authored four scientific papers published in a book, journal and government publications.

Chaired management advisory, consultative, research and technical committees, 1999 – 2001

Board Member, St. John’s Ravenscourt Alumni Board, 2003 – 2010

Organizing Committee Member. Organized the Silent Auction component of the Victoria General Hospital’s Gala Fundraising Dinner, Feb. 2005

Organizing Committee Member. Organized the Silent Auction component April 2003; Organized Dinner component donations May 2008 of the Nature Conservancy of Canada (Manitoba Chapter)

Coached girls volleyball and basketball, 2002 – 2003; JV girls basketball 2007 to present


Available upon request.

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