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Test Cases Selenium

Illinois, United States
April 06, 2018

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Rajini Patwari



Over 7 years of experience in Software development and testing including Automation and Manual testing using Selenium and QTP. Expertise in Selenium Web Driver Automated testing & Frameworks, TDD, BDD, Web testing and Functional testing.

Experience in testing Web Applications, Web services/message testing, and Client-server applications

Expertise in writing Selenium Webdriver automation scripts in Java for Cross browser testing.

Experience in using Selenium Webdriver, Eclipse, Java and Testing, Cucumber test frameworks in creating test scripts, test suites and HTML reports.

Proven ability in developing Behavioral Driven Development (BDD) scripts with Cucumber and writing step definitions for behavior using Gherkin

Good experience in RDBMS such as Oracle and Sybase.

Automated regression test cases using Jenkins build jobs, Selenium IDE, Web Driver, Testing and Maven.

Experience in configuring and maintaining Defect Tracking system and preparing project reports for end-to-end testing using tools like QC/ALM and JIRA.

Experienced in using Test Management tools such as TFS, JIRA, Bugzilla and Quality Center (ALM) bug reporting tools to track test progress, execution and deliverables.

Extensive experience in analyzing requirements, writing Test Plans and Test Cases for positive and negative testing, using test techniques like boundary value and decision table, generating the Test Reports using generic functions, building the Test Environment.

Hands on experience in using build and project management tools like Ant, MAVEN and Configuration management tools like SVN, GIT.

Strong working experience on Agile Methodology.

Experienced in Continuous Integration using Jenkins.

Extensively used SoapUI, Advanced Rest Client to validate Soap/WSDL and Rest API Web services

Exceptional ability to quickly master new concepts, applications and a good team player

Good technical, communications and interpersonal skills. Able to work reliably under pressure. Committed team player with strong analytical and problem-solving skills, ability to quickly adapt to new environments & technologies.



Agile/ Scrum, Waterfall

Automation Tools

Selenium IDE, Selenium Webdriver, Selenium RC, Selenium Grid, Quick Test Pro, JUnit, TestNG, Soap UI.


TDD, BDD, ATDD, Hybrid.

Bug/Test Management Tools

Quality Center, JIRA, ALM, TFS, Clear Quest

Programming Languages

Java, JSP, HTML, XML, JavaScript, VBScript, Perl & Shell Script, SQL.

Web Services

SOAP, Rest

Continuous Integration Tool

Jenkins, JIRA

Test Managements tools

Bugzilla, share point

Build Management Tools

ANT, Maven


Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera

Operating Systems

Windows variants, UNIX, Mac.


Oracle Java Certified Java Programmer


B. Tech, in Information Technology, JNTU, India


Client: Havi Global Solutions, Downers Grove, IL Apr 2017 – Present

Role: Senior Selenium QA Tester


Havi Global Solutions is a third largest supply Chain Company in the world, one of its major clients is McDonalds. Havi ROP & Non ROP web applications play major role in logistics, tracking, reporting and forecasting the sales for Mc Donald’s. These applications are accessed by McD Restaurants owner/operators as well as demand and supply planners. Through these applications restaurant owner/operators would edit or approve the order proposals and send them to the Distribution centers for logistic.


Developed Web Client Test Cases based on Business Rules.

Performed functional, negative, positive, Integration, Regression, End to End and User Acceptance Testing.

Developed and Executed Automation Test Scripts using Selenium and Testing framework.

Setup Selenium GRID to run Selenium scripts on different browsers.

Performed BDD (Behavior Driven Development) with Data Driven Test Automation Framework using Cucumber Features, Scenarios and Step Definitions in Gherkins format.

Analyzed testing results, identified issues and reported to the developers and project managed through JIRA

Worked with developers and the testers to verify test cases.

Involved in executing the SQL Queries for Data Validation, Record Counting and Non-Duplication Testing.

Extensively tested Web Services using SOAPUI (SOAP/REST) for EID creation for the new restaurant users.

Develop test automation framework based on Page Object Model, TestNG and Selenium Web Driver for ROP and Non ROP web applications

Design and build automation framework for different web-based software products using Page Object Model (POM) Design to reduce code and for better maintenance

Implement Test Automation Framework based on Page Object Model, Java, Selenium &Testing.

Recorded and plays back test in Fire fox using Selenium IDE.

Created and executed multi-action scripts based on test script/scenario flows

Involved in querying using SQL and updating records and validate database records as expected

Used JIRA for tracking defects and notifying developers

Involved in Task Estimation, Prioritization, Creation and Communication to Onsite & Offshore teams

Developed manual test scripts and automation test scripts using Selenium to evaluate Security of Web based user authentication apps

Coordinated user acceptance testing with final users & prepared end user documentation for the new system.

Maintained bug lists for critical issues using Quality Center & reported the same in status meetings

Environment: Quality Center, Selenium, HTML, Bugzilla, JIRA, SAOPUI, SQL server, Internet Explorer, Microsoft outlook, PowerPoint and Visio, HP Quality Center ALM.

Client: T – System Inc., Dallas, TX June 2016 – Mar 2017

Selenium Automation Tester


The T-System Electronic version (TEV) provides the services in emergency departments of the Hospitals. The product ‘T-System EV’ is the leader in emergency department clinical business and IT solutions, offering point of care tools to streamline processes and improve workflow efficiency. The ‘T-System EV’ is comprehensive point-of-care emergency department application. More than 240 hospitals are provided the services of the product ‘T-System EV’ as their ‘EDIS’ solution. The ‘T-System EV’ Tracking Module makes patient management more efficient by monitoring patient location and status from anywhere in the ED.


Preparing Test Plan, Designing & Reviewing the test cases based on functional specifications.

Selenium Web driver with Testing NG framework.

Created user stories, test cases, tracking defects using JIRA (Agile Project Management Tool).

Used Selenium RC to run test cases in multiple browsers and Platforms.

Responsible for review business requirement, customer requirement document to design test plan

Designed and developed automation framework, detail test plan and test cases using functional requirements, design specification.

Worked closely with Product Manager, Development team, Scrum master to write tests for Test Driven Development.

Created functional automation scripts using open source tool Selenium.

Worked on writing automated test script to the test scripts in eclipse using Selenium IDE.

Worked with deployment team, release management to create automation scripts for regression testing executes in midnight builds.

Coordinating with IDC team to ensure daily automated regression testing running and completing successfully.

Created scripts using Selenium, Testing, GRID and setup with Jenkins to run after deployment is done.

Used SoapUI to test soap services and rest API

Configured Selenium and GRID scripts on Virtual machines.

Created common methods useful for different customers testing using Hybrid framework.

Performed multi browser testing to check application can work on IE, Firefox and Chrome browsers.

All issues are reported through JIRA defect and also registered in QC for internal purpose.

Participated in formal reviews and walkthrough for preparing test cases.

Attended daily standup meeting/daily scrum to discuss about the work progress and any outstanding issues.

Attended daily sprint planning, sprint review meetings to discuss about the sprint backlogs, work progress, and outstanding issues.

Attended weekly meetings with manager to discuss about day to day activities.

Preparing work status matrix, rally defect list, QC defects, and sprint backlogs to automation team and Testing Manager.

Created test input data and expected results using Java programming.

Created understanding documents for training new resources.

Worked with manual testers and provided demo on automation scripts and prepared work instructions.

Coordinating the testing team and giving daily updates on regression testing.

Environment: Selenium IDE, Selenium Webdriver, Selenium GRID, Testing, JAVA, Junit, XML, MS Excel, HTML, Jira, Jenkins, Team track, QC, Incident Management, Perforce, Eclipse IDE, Ultra Edit, Windows 10, Firefox, IE, Chrome, Firebug.

Client: Limited Brands, Columbus, OH July 2015 - May 2016

QA Automation Engineer

Description: Limited Brands is an international company that sells personal care and beauty products, apparel, and accessories. As a part of the QA testing team I’m involved in carrying out several types of testing and executing test cases for different modules of the project. Responsible for writing and executing manual, functional and regressions test cases for Point of Sales Application (POS) application. Validating discounts, sales, coupons, gift cards, promotional cards and credit/debit cards transaction types. Perform black-box and white-box POS functionality with internal and external systems.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Involved in preparing Test Plans, QA metrics and mentoring the team in testing methodologies.

Manage life cycle of automation project involving in hosting the automation meetings, coordinating, gathering the automation requirements, defining the scope of automation testing.

Performed QA Automation testing, Integration and Regression testing activities for new releases in an End-to-End environment for Point of Sale application.

Performed functional testing of various components of POS system.

Developed the automated test script for regression test suite in an application by using Selenium tool.

Created automation using Data Driven Framework with POM to test web application.

Worked on Selenium Grid for automation script in Java for cross browser testing. Used testing annotations to group the test methods and for cross browser.

Developed test scripts to automate process of testing in Selenium WebDriver.

Developed Selenium scripts to find, verify, select, edit and perform various operations on web elements. Used Select class to perform operations on the dropdown list.

Developed Selenium scripts to get the data from the webpage by using the methods like getUrl, getTitle, getAttribute.

Developed scripts to navigate to various iframes and to handle multiple windows and performed operations on the web elements.

Dealt with Accessing Links & Tables using Selenium WebDriver.

Experience dealing with Ajax requests in Selenium Web Driver using Synchronization

Performed operations on the database using JDBC APIs

Performed Structural Testing, Functional Testing and Non-functional Testing Database Testing

Used Selenium WebDriver API with TestNG to automate tests on cross browser and cross platform environment

Setting the priority to the test cases using the TestNG framework

Used various TestNG annotations like @Test, @BeforeSuite, @AfterSuite, @BeforeTest, @AfterTest, @BeforeClass, @AfterClass, @BeforeMethod, @AfterMethod

Performed browser (IE, FIREFOX, Chrome, Safari) and platform (Windows 7/8/XP) compatibility testing in virtual machine environment

Wrote Selenium script for taking screenshot and also used Actions class to perform mouse and keyboard events

Involved in using Maven build tool to manage framework dependency jar files

Used Apache POI to read data from external sources and provide them as parameter to the locators in the test script

Generated test logs using Log4j for various log levels

Used SVN to maintain and manage the build scripts, test data used and other documents related to the

Regression testing, rollout planning. Solution release & Post-release Production maintenance.

Schedule and prioritize work and plan a sequence of testing activities that accomplish the planned targets. Set priorities and provide reports to the management.

Mentor team members in design and analysis activities.

Assist in the training and orientation of other staff and end users.

Environment: Java, Selenium WebDriver, Testing, Selenium Grid, Maven, Jenkins, Eclipse, SQL Server, SVN and Cucumber, AutoIT.

Client: First Bank and Trust, Springfield, IL. Dec 2014 – June 2015

Role: QA Automation Engineer


Application facilitates corporate clients to make Payments, ensure effective Cash Management, keep record of Account Balances, and manage Liquidity in terms of Cash Concentration and Pooling, Manage and Control Accounts. Web finance is a web-based system used by Retail Services Merchants to support Credit applications, authorizations, and Settlement processing, Dual approvals for Power sports merchants, Online Contracts and dealer sign off and many more.


Involved in writing and executing detailed Test cases, Test plans and Test design documents.

Identified test cases to automate. Automate those test cases using Selenium RC, Junit and Java (7Eclipse IDE) contributed in framework creation.

Configured selenium grid in order to execute the parallel script.

Implemented Modular Frame work for Selenium RC scripts using Java in Page Library model.

Developed a Data Driven Framework using Selenium RC/IDE.

Performed functionality and regression testing during the various phases of the application using Selenium RC.

Automated suitable test cases for Regression Testing using Junit for back end automation.

Identified Test cases based on the requirements, participated in implementation of Test Cases, and Test Script according to the Business Requirements, System Requirements.

Tested request and response XML's based web services interfaces using Soap UI.

Execution of Automation Test scripts using mercury tools (Test directory/Quality center, load runner and QTP),J meter based on Business/Functional specification

Created Requirement Traceability Matrix and also updated the Requirement traceability matrix timely with the changes in HP Quality Center.

Involved in providing the efficient locators strategy like XPath and CSS to run Selenium RC script in stable condition.

Used JIRA for Bug Tracking, Bug fixing, and Bug Reporting.

Involved in the Database Testing using SQL Quires of the Application like checking all the Tables in the Database and checking whether the data is moving in their Respective Tables.

Used Selenium IDE for Open source web testing.

Environment: Selenium RC/IDE, Eclipse, Windows, Agile Methodology, SoapUI, MS Office tools, JIRA, Oracle, SQL Server, HTML, XML, VSS Windows and UNIX.

Client: Logistics Trust Inc. CA. Nov 2013 -June 2014

Organization :Eminosoft Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad, India

Role: Senior Software Test Engineer

Project: Doobster Super Admin Application

Doobster Super Admin Application has users like Super Admin (SA), State Licensee (SL), County Licensee (CL), Vendor Licensee (VL), Driver Licensee (DL), Customer Licensee (CU) and Sub User (SU) for SA, SL and CL. The main functionality is registering users of all categories, editing user details, generating invoices, viewing invoices, authorizing users. In order to be authorized user has to upload social security documents and role based login for SA, SL, CL and SU. SA authorize user by viewing user registered information and documents.


•Performed Functional, Regression, Ad Hoc on Web based applications.

•Developed and maintained test suites, test cases.

•Analyzed the user/business requirements, functional specs and Use Case documents and created the Test Plans, Test cases.

•Coordinated with the business analysts and developers, and discussed issues in interpreting the requirements.

•Involved in providing the Testing Effort estimates and provided the timely feedback on progress of the testing activity Involved in executing the selenium scripts and analyze the test reports.

•Generated the execution results and sent it across to the team, by way of gathering and analyzing the Test Metrics for reporting.

•Automates Smoke and Functional test cases using Selenium Web driver, Testing, Java and Java script.

•Developed automation test cases using TestNG framework and Selenium Web driver.

•Created test cases and tested them based on the Business Requirements, Test Scenarios and analyzed the actual results against the expected results.

•Attended weekly defect report meetings and presented progress updates.

•Coordinated with developers and system engineers to fix application defects.

•Implemented and worked on Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) methodologies completing releases ahead of schedule.

•Tested application compatibility for dynamic and static content under various cross browsers using HTML IDs and XPath.

•Updating the framework for integrating the smoke script with Jenkins for CI(Continuous Integration)

•Used Maven, Selenium Web driver, Java and Selenium Grid to create nightly automation scripts.

•Cross-Browser Testing both Manual and using Selenium.

•Executed various SQL Queries to perform the backend testing.

•Used JIRA as the defect-tracking tool. Updated JIRA with all the changes made to the test case and closed it when all the requirements were met as specified.

Environment: TestNG, Eclipse, SOAPUI, Java, Selenium Web Driver, JIRA, HTML, XML, XPATH, Firebug, SQL, Oracle, Windows

Client : CenturyTel Inc. USA Mar 2012- Oct 2013

Organization: NE Technologies, Hyderabad, India.

Project: LSOA(LocalServiceOrderAdministration)

Role : Manual Test Engineer

The ezNumberPort gateway is a LSOA (Local Service Order Administration) Carrier Gateway, ezNumberPort gateway makes it possible for customers to switch from one telephone service provider to another telephone service provider without changing telephone numbers. The process of porting the information for a telephone number from one service provider to another is known as Local Number Portability or LNP.The ezNumberPort is gateway software that communicates ported number data to NPACs (regional Number Portability Administration Centers). This gateway has created in accordance with the specifications provided by the NANC (North American Numbering Council) requiring common interfaces for the transfer of number portability information. The ezNumberPort gateway system supports the retrieval and update of subscription, service provider, and network information.


Responsible for writing Test Scripts, Test flows and Test Performance documents, using MS Word and MS Excel.

Involved in implementing QA methodology and Test Metrics.

Expertise in Smoke Testing for overnight builds and reported the critical issues to the developers.

Involved in documentation as to how to maintain and run scripts for future enhancements

Prepared a detail test schedule and test metrics on a weekly basis to know the status of the application.

Interacted with users for execution of test cases in UAT.

Constantly involved in the team to adopt QA Testing Standards. Logged and Traced defects using Test Director.

Attended weekly status meetings showing progress and future testing efforts.

Detect defects, communicated to the developers using bug reporting tools and tracking the defects.

Actively attend meetings with fellow testers and other groups to evaluate the progress and performance of the application.

Good Experience on Selenium IDE and creating Scripts in selenium-RC by using Java.

Environment: JAVA, Manual Testing, Agile testing, JavaScript, Shell scripting, XML, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle, and Windows.

Client : Citibank Aug 2010 – Feb 2012

Organization: Polaris Financial Technology, India

Project : CITI Warrants

Role : Java Developer

Warrants is a derivative security, playing CITI a role of Market Maker, which gives the holder the right to purchase securities (usually equity) from the issuer at a specific price within a certain time frame. Being Market Maker Citi contributes live price feeds from Reuters to those exchanges via a Market Contribution Infrastructure (MCI) framework and also performs trades via Quote-driven interfaces: TIQS, CATS-LS, CATS-OS, and Order-driven interface NYSE Euronext/STO/HEL markets.

This project covers all corners of technologies starting from Socket programming, Messaging, J2EE, .NET in various components. MCI framework is based on Socket programming and TIBCO RV for receiving prices and publishing to related exchanges and market contributors like Reuters in various messaging models like customized FIX Protocol for Euronext and CATS and TIQS specific messaging model. The system is continuously enhanced with new functionality by a series of small size agile projects.


Worked on DDIKO adapter and developed an application which retrieves the prices from VIPER through TIBCO EMS

Written jdbc classes to retrieve the data from the database.

Used collections like Array List and Hash Map to store and traverse the objects.

Implemented Test cases for WARP Application.

Written SQL scripts on Sybase database.

Used Autosys for daily job scheduling.

Worked on configuration changes of VIENA in UAT.

Environment: Core Java, Tibco EMS/JMS, Tibco RV, Oracle, Windows, Linux

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