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Transmission Engineer

Karnataka, India
April 03, 2018

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Mohammad Asif


H. No 1-5-93 Near Godown Road Kamareddy, Dist.-Kamareddy, Telengana-503111.







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Listening to the guts and visualizing Telecom at the brink of an extraordinary revolution made me want to be a player instead of a mere spectator. And nothing like joining an invincible market leader of Telecom "Ericsson"!

I have been associated with a telecom professional with Ericsson India for 6+ years now, with an ability to deliver the Transmission and Transport needs of GSM/UMTS/LTE Mobile Communications.

My job profile encompasses a varied scope including greenfield design and optimization for access and backhaul transport networks.

During my career with Ericsson I have got opportunities for knowledge transfer in the United Kingdom in the year 2012 and to work in two Technologies GRAN and WRAN and on products such as ML-TN, ML-SP, ML-CN (E// Microwave Portfolio) and SPO1400(E/// Optical Portfolio). I have a solid exposure to Planning, Implementation, Integration, Commissioning, Link Expansion, Field Support, Troubleshooting, (LAN, WAN, VLAN configuration), execute test cases, and verify the configuration and integration of a Node, Project Management, Technical Support, Lead Generation, Change Management.

Business Skills: - Communication skills, Time management, Goal setting, Relationship building, Desire to learn, Flexibility and adaptability, presentation skills, Maintain KPI to end customer and Optimize their network to improve QoS.

Preferred Time Zone – India / Pan Europe / UK, Open to Domestic and International Travel.


Won a Star Performer Award for Excellence delivery in NBN Australia Project 2015.

Won ACE Award for doing Automation in IUB Congestion Project 2013.

Done Automation for Pre-activity Performance report in NBN Australia Project 2017.

Done Automation in RFA Project for CCT Pack uploads over ADC Build 2014.

Got Long Service Award for completing 5 years at Ericsson in 2016.

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Electronics & Communications Engineering

Shadan College of Engineering and Technology

Bachelors in Technology



Upper Secondary School

Maths, Physics and Chemistry (M.P.C)

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Secondary School

Secondary Education

10th Class


Ericsson Technical Certification Program (ETCP) in IP Technology.

Ericsson Technical Certification Program (ETCP) in Microwave Technology Associate.

Ericsson Technical Certification Program (ETCP) in Optical Transport Associate.

Ericsson Technical Certification Program (GIAP) - BUGS Associate.

Trainings and courses



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MINI-LINK SP R1 Operation and Maintenance

Ericsson Academy

2 Days


MINI-LINK TN Advanced Troubleshooting

Ericsson Academy

3 Days


IP Networking Advance

Ericsson Academy

4 Days


Ericsson SP415 & 420 Overview and MLPT 6020

Ericsson Academy

1 Day


MINI-LINK TN R5/LH R1 Operation and Maintenance Training

Ericsson Academy

3 Days


MINI-LINK TN Advanced Ethernet Operations

Ericsson Academy

2 Days


IP Quality of Service and MPLS

Ericsson Academy

2 Days


IP Networking

Ericsson Academy

5 Days


GSM Basics

Ericsson Academy

1 Day

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Dec, 2011

Till Date

Bangalore, India


Integration Engineer


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Nov 2015

Till Date

NBN Australia

Network Deployment Integration Engineer

Mini Link TN /SP

-Supporting FE for NBN MLTN/MLSP commissioning via Solidus.

-Generating Pre-configuration file for MLTN / MLSP and uploading it in SH.

-Troubleshooting MLTN/ MLSP nodes before going ahead for testing.

-Performed New Build Integration, MW Link Expansion of MLTN nodes from 1+0 to 2+0, 2+0 to 3+0, 1+0 to 4+0 etc. and Capacity Upgrade for Existing nodes.

-Performed Expansion upgrade from SP110 to MLTN 6PC migration.

-Maintaining Mini-Link Transport Node (6PC, 6PD,20P) and ML SP (110,310) in Networking.

-Performing LAN, WAN, VLAN and RL-IME configuration.

-Performing RF/IF Loops to check Equipment / IF Cable Faulty.

-Measuring performance intervals, RSL, and QAM drop before Expansion.

-Expansion Configuration of Nova, ENodeB, Chassis change, QAM upgrade and Link upgrade.

-Radio Link Configuration as per LER for near and far end nodes.

-Verifying GPS/IF cable results in Line sweeps tool.

-Software Baseline upgrade of MLTN to R5.3FP2 to 5.4 FP.1 and Radio upgrade from R4E02 to R4F02.

-License generation and uploading for MLTN from ELIS.

-Manage SAU External alarms over MLTN, Carrying visibility and traffic over VLAN’s.

-Regular update in Site Handler related MLTN, MLSP work

-Verifying Commissioning Checklist prepared by ASP for MLTN and MLSP.

Jan 2015

Sep, 2015

France Bytel and MTN Benin

Baseline Upgrade of


SIU Upgradation

MLTN/MLCN and SIU/TCU Upgradation

-Pre-and post-health check logs

-Configuration Node backup

-Generating and Uploading License over the node.

-Performing Warm and Cold restart before Software Download.

-Performing Software Upgrade of MLTN and MLCN nodes and SIU/TCU nodes.

-Node (MLTN/MLCN) Define in SO-EM based on planned DD (Detail Design).

-Configuration of LAN, WAN ports on ML TN.

-Confirm remote connectivity - Ping end node (SO-EM to ML TN).

-Confirm remote connectivity from SO-EM to near and far end of radio link.

-Verifying Sweeps results in line sweeps tool.

-Software Baseline upgrade of MLTN to R5.3FP2 from SO-EM/MLTN.

-Performing RAU upgrade from R4E02 to R5B02.

-License generation for MLTN from ELIS.

-Manage SAU External alarms over MLTN.

-Carrying visibility and traffic over VLAN’s.

-Regular update of Site Handler with any update related MLTN work

-Verifying Commissioning Checklist prepared by ASP for MLTN.

-Step Upgradation for MLTN (4.4 to 5.4) and MLCN (2.3 to 2.4)

-Step upgradation (10B --11A --13B)

-Pre-and post-alarm check

-Coordination with NOC to confirm radio sites availability

Dec, 2013

Dec, 2014

Ready for Activation (4G – EE_LTE)

Transmission Planning and Implementation Engineer

-Forecast sites on quarterly basis and drive till 4G services activate on site with 100% quality and agreed SLA.

-Review sites on daily basis and drive site to activation by providing Transmission path as agreed with customer.

-Provide alternate solutions by considering BW availability on MW path and BW delivered at Tellabs 8605/ATN 910(LL delivered by BT).

-Coordinate with Planning team, DCN Team, CPT Team, CX600 team and liaise with Field engineer on site regarding VLAN mapping or cabling issues.

-Inter-Working with British Telecom, Virgin Media, Small work contractors and Ericssion UK to progress Ethernet delivery, Remote Cabling and Management scheduling works.

-Review for Optimisation of Existing Bandwidth delivered at Hub sites and confirm if site 4G can be activated.

-Scheduling sites for Remote Cabling and Management.

-Owe complete responsibility with respect to Transmission and drive other teams till the site goes on air.

-Provide technical support to different teams in the project.

-Update site daily progress and completed results in tools.

-Attend calls with customer on daily basis.

Mar, 2012

Sep, 2013

IUB Congestion

Transmission Engineer

-The primary responsibilities include network planning, deployment and optimization activities of all transmission networks for all MS customers.

-As a IUB & D&I member I owns responsibility of deriving the solution and implementation to optimize the congested sites for MBNL-UK

-Giving Solutions to newly congested sites to remove congestion.

-Responsible for site progress for Ethernet solution /Legacy Upgrades and ensuring the process is managed and followed properly.

-Constantly working with other Transmission Teams within Ericsson and other 3rd Party Vendors (BT, SIAE, VM) for progressing of site to relieve congestion and providing an Ethernet solution

-Co-ordination with the vendors and Ericsson-UK.

-Updating Tools like ADC Build, Athena, Minerva, Cramer, Nemesis and Circuit Manager about the progress of congested sites.

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