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Full-stack developer

Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States
April 03, 2018

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Richard Lanham

Chattanooga TN

Full-stack development in Asp.Net Core 2 and Framework 4.7 with SQL Server/Express.

Streaming Server (Wowza Engine) integration. Expertise with encoders, encoding, players and related services.

Experienced with various languages including C#, Javascript and PHP, using Visual Studio, Eclipse, Jetbrains IDEs, APIs such as Google Visualization API, Wowza Rest API, and databases including MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle, and various services such as AWS, Azure and GCE.

Requirements and systems analysis and documentation. Writing proposals and use cases. Agile experience.

A CMS for video content

Asp.Net Core 2/Sqlserver Express

Wowza Streaming Server, video.js player /w HLS

Manage content, add notes.

Build playback with chapters, captions and synchronized display (html and images).

Concatenate file assets on-the-fly with HLS or MPEG-Dash delivery

July 2016 to present, Independent. Recent projects: GoCoder application.

ASP.NET 4.5 MVC & Web API C# with JQuery Datatables.

SQL Server

Azure deployment

Azure storage

Wowza Streaming Server, Java extensions: HTTPProvider and Application Module, and Wowza Rest API

Wowza GoCoder (mobile encoder)

Twilio SMS service

Azure deployment

Send SMS messages (via Twilio) to mobile phones with links to install Wowza GoCoder and configure a GoCoder session: connect to Wowza Server with session settings defined in the app by the operator. The end-user of this application is the operator, the message is sent to their customer. The customer installs GoCoder if not installed, then configures and starts a session. The operator views the live stream until the customer stops it on the encoder side, or they force stop it by a button click on the player page. Wowza records the session and does a GET back to the app to add a row for the recording. Deleting that row sends a GET back to Wowza to delete the recording, handled by an HTTPProvider. Recordings can be played in the application. Recordings are moved to Azure storage.

PHP, MySQL, Java, Amazon Web Services (EC2 and S3), Wowza Streaming Engine is an Irish company that live-streams and records services and events for about 100 Irish churches. During peak usage many of recordings were corrupt, and others were not automatically moved to S3 storage for on-demand playback. I fixed these problems by revamping their system, simplifying to enable easy scaling and flexibility by centralizing their scheduling and monitoring, integrating recording uploads into Wowza an application module, automating EC2 startup. This eliminated fragile and redundant (on each origin) systems, making the system robust, easy to scale and deploy on any EC2 instance type.

Grace Episcopal Church Chattanooga

Javascript, CMS integration, Wowza Streaming Engine

Setup and manage live streaming, recording and playback of services and other events. Complete setup from cameras, live encoder (Wirecast), a streaming server (Wowza) to a player (Video.js integrated with Joomla then Weebly) and pushing to Facebook and Youtube.

2009 - 2016, Wowza Media Systems, Engineering

Java, Javascript, C#, AWS (EC2, S3), Google APIs

Developed Javascript applications geared to testing Wowza Engine and the Wowza cloud service using their Rest APIs and using Google Visualization API. C# app to work-around CORS constraints.

Built example players (Flex, OSMF, Silverlight).

Wrote support articles and code examples.

Tested new features and bug fixes.

JavaScript apps to walk the Wowza Engine and Cloud Rest APIs to output cURL commands.

Answered questions on the forum ranged from helping admins to coders to architects.

Extensive experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) especially EC2 and S3. And familiar with Google Compute Engine (GCE) and Microsoft Azure.

IDEs: Eclipse, Visual Studio and JetBrains WebStorm. Some experience with Android Studio.

Dec 2007 – 2009, Independent consultant

Worked for at least a dozen customers referred to me by Wowza, and answered questions on the Wowza forum. Work included custom players in Flash/Flex and custom Wowza application modules and server listeners for customers in a variety of businesses.

Stromberg Consulting Inc. (of Ketchum Communications) 1285 Ave of the Americas., New York, NY. Senior Developer, Project Mgr Dec 2000 to March 2007.

C#, Javascript, MS SQL Server, various databases and languages.

Develop browser based applications for Fortune 50 companies. Various CMS solutions, Issue tracking, survey engine, knowledge library/doc catalog system, performance mgmt systems, a seminar registration & admin system.

Workflow app for Universal Home Video. C# app. PM role. Working with consulting resources, client PM and IT.

“Team Site” (CMS) for Pfizer Global Business Technology (GBT). C# application, originally MS SQLServer database, then added postgres support and extended for other other uses, including e-commerce, registration. IE and gecko browser editors

Survey engine to produce, publish, post and analyze web-based surveys. ASP3, mssql.

Supplier Performance Review system for Pfizer, WMO. Collecting and analyzing of Pfizer buyers regarding their suppliers. An extension of the survey engine.

Strategic Sourcing system for Pfizer. Collecting and analyzing data from Pfizer offices in Europe on vendor expenses related to clinical trials.

Issue tracking system. Features user defined ticket attributes, roles, attachments upload, search, saved queries, mail alerts, data export, audit trails, cross browser dhtml enhancements for internal use for project management and collaboration, but also sometimes with client’s as users.

Strategic Staffing system. Scheduler for forecasting staff requirements. Used internally to analyze managers’ requests for staff resources; to enhance utilization.

Communications Plan management tool for Dupont Textiles & Interiors (DTI). Tracks and moves story ideas from idea solicitation to assignment and development.

Seminar registration and admin, an c# application with an Oracle database for Altria. An extensive administrative interface to serve an intranet for the marketing team.

Knowledge Library. Using IIS Index Service and Oracle, with hybrid catalog/database search, user folders to manage items for Altria.

Extranet builder (CMS tool). To quickly build demos of existing work. Features a drag&drop layout tool. For intenal use.

USi Staff Consultant ACE Web Development Team December, 2000

Developed custom ASP solutions with SqlServer databases. Some projects where e-commerce sites using MSSiteserver, but mostly custom applications.

Developed content management systems for VMS and Desktopcars.

Developed Javascript applications for Venaca, a media and asset mgmt company. Major contributions to several team efforts.

Technical Advancement, Inc. Programmer 5/98-6/99 360 7th Avenue, New York, NY

Developed browser based inventory and order fulfillment system for Exeter Inc.

Developed. Inventory system for Mantex Fabrics (VB/SQLServer)

VB applications for Liaison Photo Agency.

NYLCare Health Plans (a subsidiary of NYLife, below) Programmer 1/96-11/97 One Liberty Plaza, New York, NY

Gupta SQLBase, SQLWindows, MS Access, MapInfo Responsible for supporting Mid-Market Proposal System, an SQLWindows application that produces group health insurance rate quotes for mid-sized companies. Debugging, adding networks and products, user support and documentation. Developed application to process data for publication of Provider Directories using Visual Basic.

Developed utility to convert Excel files to structured text file to import into NYLCare's Large Group Proposal System. Exception process, data massage.

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) mapping.

Developed application with MapInfo and MapBasic to sort provider records by distance or select within an area to provide members with a short list of nearby doctors.

Many small, nameless projects. New York Life Insurance Co., Managed Care Division. Programmer. 51 Madison Ave., New York, NY 2/92 12/95

MS Access, Gupta SQLBase, Visual Basic Responsible for restructuring and massaging data for provider directories. Wrote library of SQL updates to standardize provider data. Got all my background experience in handling data here.

Developed system to track 'number of lives' (insured members) of the Group Health Department using MSAcess.

Developed tracking systems to support dental, member reporting and service excellence (complaints) with Visual Basic and MSAccess.

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